There is extreme danger in having a media section. The Internet is pretty much irrevocable so everything in this section pretty much rules out any chances I have for ever running for public office (thank God) or being respected by my future children.

Politickin' Radio Show

My husband Andre and I host a weekly internet radio show/podcast on Thursdays at 7:30 am PST. You can stream the show live, call-in and even chat with us. It's a mixed bag show where we discuss any and every issues/topic. Show info and archives at and listen live Here

NPR's "News & Notes" Appearances:
"The McClendont Report" on WVON 1690 in Chicago
Jun 02. 2007
~1 hour interview with my husband and I. I lost the audio link, sorry. Will find it soon.
The Capital Region People Radio Show (WYJB B95.5 FM in New York)
May 8. 2005 [audio]
Runtime: <5:00
A brief interview I did regarding my "How to Blog Like a Rockstar" series.
Republican Radio
Apr 30. 2005 [audio]
The show's theme was "The Conservative Movement Is a Big Tent." I got to play token black for a day. The joy. Not a fan of "republican" (or "democrat") radio stations, in general. Audio link is broken, hallelujah! There will never be proof tha tit happened!
The Toward Tradition Radio Show
Jan 29. 2005 [audio]
Runtime: ~45 minutes
This was to be an interview with Rabbi Daniel Lapin on KTTH radio in Seattle, but his younger, less radio-experienced daughter interviewed me for most of the show. I discuss my decision to leave college and all that jazz. This is an old interview so the link may no longer work.


The Cheap Gospel
Mar. 2004 [audio]
Runtime: 33:21

An address to a group of college and high school students on the perils of lifting up the standard in a loose culture. This was recorded when I was 22. That's all I'm gonna say. Youth, it does things to you.
The Spirit of Sonship
Oct 03. 2001 [audio]
Runtime: 45:41
I had the privilege of being a guest speaker an inner city church in Seattle during the turbulent times in our country known as post-September 11th. This was recorded when I'd just turned 20. Seriously, listening to yourself babble at age 20 is the stuff that keeps a person humble.


The Tyra Banks Show
Aired August 2007 (add link)

Writing things on the Internet will find you in some strange places. This time around, my husband and I were invited on to the Tyra Banks Show to discuss my heavy luggage addiction. I wrote a piece about what a horrible packer I am. The funny thing is, I spent most of 2008 and 2007 on airplanes so I'm a much better packer now than I was when I went on the show. Much of what they did was just theatrics anyway. Nevertheless, here is a clip from the very end of our third segment. They didn't put our first two segments on YouTube, and I surely didn't tape it. To this day I haven't seen it though most of our friends have.


Blogging Black Brothers and Sisters
The National Review Online
Blog On!
Seattle Magazine
The Crossover
Seaspot Magazine (my former bi-monthly column)
New Black Magazine (will add links)
Modesty Zone (will add links)




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