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I adore hearing from readers, editors, other bloggers and anyone who feels compelled to write. Please direct any and all correspondence to any of the following channels:

Email: ambra [at]
I read every last one of my emails (except the ones offering to enlarge my non-existent penis), but I can only respond as I'm able and by matter of priority. I have what is called acute delayed email response syndrome. I can also be contacted via traditional mail at my post office box. Please send any non-powdery-substance-filled correspondence to:
Ambra Nykol
1122 East Pike Street #1486
Seattle, WA 98122-3932
On occasion, I can be found on instant messenger under the following aliases:
Yahoo: ambranykol
AIM: nykolaDOTcom
Lastly, people often ask how they can contribute to Nykola. This site will always be free, but donations are graciously appreciated. Graciously. You can contribute to this site via Paypal:



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