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My name is Ambra Nykol and I am a not-quite-thirty-year-old living in Seattle, Washington -- land of Starbucks, Microsoft, grunge, people who wear Teva sandals to black tie weddings, white people, and my two personal enemies: apathy and passive aggression. You should come visit. It really is beautiful here. I started this website when I was twenty-one with lots of lofty ideas, superfluous time (and income) and a lot of parenthetical expressions. I no longer have superfluous time (thanks to a toddler) or income (thanks to mortgages and my penchant for overpriced jeans). I will however, forever remain a lifelong fan of the parentheses.

I started writing after I dropped out of my very prestigious college and abandoned my plans to become an attorney. My blog was a means of expression and self-discovery which oddly found its way to politics. Now I write about life, worldview, social commentary and sometimes that includes politics.

After college and a few years of climbing the corporate ladder, I landed in the most unlikely of professions - I became a College Recruiter for top fortune 500 companies. That's right. The girl with no degree flew all around the country, to the top colleges and universities, to sell students on Corporate America. There truly are few things more gratifying for a college dropout such as myself than giving business case presentations to Harvard MBA students.

This blog has led to all kinds of intriguing opportunities such as radio interviews, op-eds, columns, magazine features, guest speaking, book inquiries, and even an appearance on the now defunct Tyra Banks Show (and yes, I was fierce). I find all of it totally hilarious considering I started this website because I was too lazy to write in a journal.

I'm happily married to a man who insists on putting ketchup on his tacos and washing sippy cups with filtered water. Nevertheless, he's my best friend and together we plan on taking over the world one less apathetic person at a time. In 2009, we welcomed our first son who pretty much rocks.

The rest of me can be found in my memoir. (If you're a literary agent or an editor, call me.)

For kicks (and to manage my randomness) I discuss my daily life, thoughts, and musings in less than 140 characters on Twitter.


Likes, Loves and Obsessions:
I love Jello, cilantro, Bill Cosby, Kix and eating cereal without milk.

I have an affinity for used bookstores, black & white photography, Bill Cosby, raggedy Bibles, dogs with hot breath, Macs, Tracy Reese, crepes, Steve Jobs, Pixar, retro t-shirts, Chick-fil-A, cello, bacon, white space, over-priced jeans that sound like hippie non-profit organizations, shopping for things I don't need, Bill Cosby, bananas foster, guitars, Crate & Barrel's packaging, Whole Foods, lip gloss, Nutella, reading the first 3 chapters of books and then losing them, The Cosby Show, peach cobbler, parenthetical expressions, and television shows that are beyond their expiration date (and Bill Cosby). I do sudoku in pen. I think meat is one of God's gifts to mankind. Eat of it daily and you will be blessed :-)

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  1. Bill Cosby will always be my most favorite celebrity.
  2. Voicemail stresses me out.
  3. Email does too.
  4. Text messaging rules.
  5. I watched my little brother die when I was 3. I remember it all.
  6. As such, my siblings mean the world to me.
  7. I am cursed with expensive taste.
  8. I drop my blackberryphone about 5 times a day.
  9. Therefore, no iPhone for me. The iPhone 4 is amazeballs.
  10. I usually eat my cereal dry.
  11. I am allergic to dairy, but I love cheese.
  12. If I were a superhero, dirty dishes would be my nemesis.
  13. Emelda Marcos ain't got nothin' on me.
  14. Someone once named one of their pet hedgehogs 'Ambra' after me.
  15. Then next week 'Ambra' ate the other hedgehog. Story of my life.
  16. I love the smell of drywall, wet cement and neoprene.
  17. I am an Apple enthusiast. I think Steve Jobs rocks.
  18. I am a dog luvah.
  19. I carry around at least 2 moleskine journals at all times.
  20. I hate journaling.
  21. Jesus is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
  22. I've been to the continent of Africa twice, which isn't nearly enough.
  23. I adore throwing lavish parties.
  24. Unless it's REALLY good, I rarely finish a book cover to cover.
  25. Quite simply, I'm a prude.
  26. If it's trendy, I usually want nothing to do with it.
  27. I do not enjoy fiction. Memoirs are better.
  28. I am not a fan of Halloween. Ever.
  29. I have superhuman reflexes.
  30. My favorite cerebral film of all time is "Finding Forrester"
  31. I am short. So very short.
  32. Most days, I can be found in 4-inch heels.
  33. I love going to the movies solo.
  34. I'm not a girly girl. I will get dirty if need be.
  35. I think the Cosby Show was the best television show in the history of the universe. Period.
  36. I own lots and lots of random websites.
  37. If I didn't believe ADD was a fabrication, I'd say I had it.
  38. Political parties make me nauseous.
  39. I am married to my very best friend and perfect companion.
  40. I have zero attachment to hair. I will cut it all off on a whim.
  41. I was spanked as a child. Like milk, it did my body good.
  42. I am an east coaster at heart.
  43. I am the hippest mom I know.
  44. I refuse to own a minivan.
  45. I am so clumsy, I trip UP the stairs.
  46. I am most productive when everyone else is sleeping (between the hours of midnight and 4am)
  47. I still refer to my parents as "Mommy" and "Daddy." Don't hate. The Brits do it too.
  48. Despite my husband's mocking and my own theological inaccuracy, I firmly believe my dog is a Christian dog.
  49. I learned to play piano in a summer.
  50. I cannot sing. Ever.
  51. I used to be a professional dancer.
  52. I am almost always running a few minutes late.
  53. I am a hugger.
  54. My Seattle sports teams loyalty=0
  55. I am a bargain shopper to the point of obsession.
  56. I think driving is overrated. I'd kill for a chauffeur.
  57. I taught myself HTML.
  58. Food is my love language
  59. I am slightly nocturnal.
  60. 3 years on the road turned me into a hotel snob.
  61. I love baseball and tennis. Every other sport can bow down.
  62. I remember strange facts like every single wedding gift we received and who gave it to us.
  63. We had ~400 people at our wedding.
  64. According to Meyers-Briggs, I am an ENTJ.
  65. I am an extrovert unless I don't like/trust you.
  66. There are a few things for which I would actually give my life. It makes living great.
  67. I cannot stand to even look at mold.
  68. I truly detest Seattle about 50% of the time. It's so gorgeous here though.
  69. I love Seattle.
  70. I can't seem to make up my mind about if I want to stay in Seattle.
  71. Marriage was the second best decision I ever made.
  72. I enjoy folding clothes. Putting them away? Not so much.
  73. I look nothing like my mother as an adult, but I sound just like her. It scares me sometimes.
  74. I had braces but I never wore my retainer. That was dumb.
  75. My son rocks my world
  76. I believe converts make heaven, but disciples make history.
  77. I am allergic to pineapple but I eat it anyway.
  78. I think food allergies are for nerds so I reject them.
  79. I never want to plan another wedding ever again in life.
  80. My shoe size is way disproportionate to my height.
  81. Few foods in life beat bacon.
  82. I dislike Facebook.
  83. Mavis Beacon taught me typing, but AOL chatrooms taught me to type quickly.
  84. I am the oldest child in every sense of the word.
  85. I am easily addicted to puzzle-based video games (e.g. Tetris, Snood, Brickbraker, Bejeweled)
  86. Angela Davis gave me $20 on my tenth birthday.
  87. I'm a Broadway/Musical Theatre fanatic. Thanks, mom.
  88. Thanks to speed dial, I don't even know my husband or my parent's phone numbers.
  89. I once slept for 18 hours straight. It was glorious.
  90. Forget tuna, salmon is the chicken of the sea.
  91. Even when I try not to, I have a really loud voice.
  92. I celebrate the Jewish feasts.
  93. Given what I know of my genealogy, my ancestors were never slaves.
  94. I have no desire to scuba dive, bungee jump, or sky dive. Ever.
  95. I think sushi is overrated.
  96. I am a dork.
  97. I've never had been in public school.
  98. Some days I regret that. Most days I don't.
  99. I never carry cash. Not even change.
  100. I am a die-hard carnivore. Meat makes me teary-eyed.
  101. I'm glad you're here.