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Friday's Missive: Laws the should be but aren't
February 18, 2005

In light of Virginia's "Droopy Drawer Bill," it occurred to me that we can legislate nearly anything these days. So I ask, in a perfect world, what laws should be enforced? I'll start with a few:

  1. It is therefore made law that men (as defined anatomically) are prohibited from wearing spandex outside the house, heretofore, therein, wherein, ubiquitously, forever and ever, amen.
  2. All teachers, professors, and educators with direct contact with children, especially those who lean over shoulders to help with math equations must pass a halitosis test before every school year.
  3. Slow moving pedestrians who block the entire sidewalk will be fined $15 and required to log 6 hours of speedwalking class.
What else?

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February 18, 2005
  • Political Bias Laws on Campus - Some Ohio state lawmakers are trying to pass a law that outlaws political bias on college campuses. Are you kidding me? They'd be better off trying to tell Richard Simmons that he's a man. At least Ward Churchill has nothing to fear.

  • Kanye, the Messiah - In a backstage MTV interview, says rapper Kanye West on his Grammy win: "It's not so much particularly getting the Grammys, it was the opportunity to speak at the Grammys that I wanted. It just felt like I served God with this album. And He gave me the world tonight. He gave me the floor. That's all I wanted, I wanted the floor." Man, that's almost as good as the people that tell me they're fasting from cussing.

  • Jackson Drama - Michael Jackson was discharged from the hospital today after being treated for "flu-like symptoms." The masks, the umbrellas, dancing on top of cars, dangling kids off balconies, and now "flu-like symptoms"--okay already, enough drama please.

  • Chris Rock and the Oscars - Rock (who will use a 7-second delay to avoid foul language) recently caused a furor when he said only "gay men" watch the "Academy Awards." This is what happens when you get a loose cannon like Rock to host an uppity event...people get their glass houses broken. Isaiah Z. Sterrett, a conservative thinks Rock promotes race-based hatred towards whites. What I'm wondering is when we started taking anything that Chris Rock says seriously. He's like the lunatic cousin everybody lets stand by the punch bowl at the family reunion.

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Caption This Please
February 16, 2005

Al Sharpton and outgoing Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe

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Prayer for the President
February 10, 2005

It occurred to me today that no aspect of my being can comprehend the type of spiritual warfare (yeah I said it) that the President of the United States faces in his position of authority. Heading up the most powerful nation in the world (and professedly a "Christian" nation at that) is no small feat, and if we're wise and take heed to the words of 1 Timothy 2, we'd spend less time berating our leaders and more time praying for them. It'd only be to our own benefit if we did. And yes this would apply if Clinton were still in office as well. The real war in this world can't be seen with human eyes.

No need for comments. If you know God, just pray.

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Crack is Whack
February 9, 2005

When Whitney Houston told us all last year that "crack was whack," I don't think anyone realized her foresight. A recent Virginia law is requiring people (youth specifically) to pull up their pants:

VIRGINIANS who wear their pants so low that their underwear shows may want to think about buying a stronger belt.

The US state's House of Delegates passed a Bill yesterday authorizing a $50 fine for anyone who displays his or her underpants in a "lewd or indecent manner".

Delegate Lionell Spruill Sr, a Democrat who opposed the Bill, had pleaded with his colleagues to remember their own youthful fashion follies.

He said the measure was an unconstitutional attack on young people that would force parents to miss work to take their children to court just for making a fashion statement.

The Bill was approved 60-34 and now goes to the Senate.

I take this a bit more seriously because the state capitol Richmond, Virginia is my second abode, and with at least a 50% black population it's fairly clear who this Bill is aimed towards. While support for this bill has been bipartisan, Delegate Lionell Spurill Sr., a Democrat has been outspoken against the "Droopy Drawers Bill" because he thinks it unfairly targets black men. The Washington Times reports:
It's not clear if the fine would apply to plumbers, carpenters or other laborers who have problems with low-riding pants. The bill states the fine would apply to those who display their below-the-waist underwear in a "lewd or indecent manner."

Several lawmakers and civil rights groups said the legislation — sometimes referred to as the "droopy drawers" bill — is excessive and would encourage racial profiling, arguing that exposed underwear is simply a fashion statement by mostly black youths."

I'm mixed on the issue. Inevitably, people will try to make this some assault on free expression. They will use lots of flowery words and claim the state legislature has unfairly become arbiters of good taste in order make a case for why the entire world has to see somebody's underwear. Quite frankly, I don't buy it. It's disgusting. Considering the negative history behind sagging, asking young people to pull their pants up certainly doesn't take anything away from society. I say it all the time to my brother and his friends. They usually comply.

If young black men are the target, the Bill might be misdirected. In reality, the hip hop generation's gone more preppy these days and the new "saggers" on the block are the skater dudes. Lawmakers were unable to pass a similar Bill in Louisiana. This will undoubtedly continue to be an issue in certain states.

That said, racial tension in Virginia is palpable. My concern here is two-fold. One, I feel police officers will be given another platform to inappropriately harass people. Two, I worry about if this type of legislation will be wholly enforced. As in, will Miss "Busted Can'o Biscuits" in the too-small t-shirt with her thong showing also be fined? Only time will tell.

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Tavis Smiley on the State of the Union Address
February 3, 2005

In a sentence:

"These next four years ain't g'on be cute."

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Iraqi Sovereignty
February 1, 2005

Much like those who opposed Bush's decision to invade Iraq, I too have little to say about Sunday's election. There's a reason the Seattle P-I asked me not to write about the war on Iraq. Discussing foreign policy and international affairs gives me a headache. Plus, I think we tend to overcomplicate the issues. But I will say this: Americans suffer from selective amnesia.

You see, we forget.

As Americans, our opinion of Iraq's new democracy should really be taken with a grain of salt because we've been a "free country" for so long that we forgot about the blood that was spilled on our behalf. The majority of us all haven't even the faintest idea of what freedom from tyranny feels like.

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The Presidential Inauguration Benediction
January 20, 2005

Just got finished watching President George W. Bush's inauguration. I won't comment fully on his speech yet because I need to read the transcript first. Despite great content, you may recall my frequent inability to stay focused when our dear president gives formal addresses. I need Bush's typical Southern twang and mispronunciation of words to keep me engaged.

What I will comment on is the benediction. If I had to sum up my sentiments of Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell's prayer in one sentence, I'd say, "Now THAT WILL PREACH." With much respect to Franklin Graham, and those who've delivered the benediction in the past, I'd say Rev. Caldwell's words were more unadulterated than benedictions past. In it, Caldwell called Americans to be held accountable to their purpose in life. He also sought repentance on our behalf for exalting partisan politics above the God of the universe (haven't I been saying this for months?).

I especially appreciate that he ended his prayer "In the name of Jesus". To many that may not be significant, but in the era of vigilant opposition to the very name of Jesus, I take great courage in seeing people in high places who quite simply, don't care what fickle Americans think.

I've always greatly admired Rev. Caldwell, pastor of Houston's Windsor Village United Methodist Church (probably the most unorthodox United Methodist Church in the entire country). He's remained a close personal friend and spiritual advisor to the president throughout the last four years.

Many may recall that Rev. Caldwell gave the benediction four years ago as well. He caught a bit of backlash at 2001's inauguration because he ended his prayer with the words, "Let all who agree say, Amen."

Many found this to be offensive for its exclusion of those who "don't believe". Nevermind the fact that the word "Amen", which loosely translated means "it is so", is itself a statement of affirmation and agreement. Americans just like to complain. If you don't agree, don't say Amen. It's really not that deep.

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Cursing Kids
January 19, 2005

At last night's Youth Inaugural Concert, hosted by Jenna and Barbara Bush, and packed full with the Hillary Duff crowd (also known as the "tweens"), one of the performers dropped a choice word that no parent wants their child to hear at a presidential celebration (or period for that matter). The AP reports:

"You might say the Janet Jackson moment of President Bush's inaugural festivities came Tuesday at a youth concert with hundreds of preteen Hilary Duff fans in the audience.

No nudity was involved, but the Vince Neil-style profanity probably didn't win rock band Fuel any fans at the Federal Communications Commission, nor from the parents at the concert. Now the Pennsylvania band is just hoping the concert, "America's Future Rocks Today," wasn't aired live.

Borrowing a word from Motley Crue's Neil, the lead singer of Fuel proclaimed, "Welcome to the greatest ----ing country in the world." Brett Scallions followed with a quick apology of "excuse my language."

How Classy of him. Call me crazy, but I think it not the least bit unreasonable to assume that people know better than the curse in front of children, and certainly not at an event with the word "President' attached to it.

Can we say Tacky?

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Washington's New Female "Governor"
January 14, 2005

If she looks evil, that's because she is. And I don't accuse individuals of being evil all that often, but I've watched as Washington's political decorum has gone to shambles during this last election and I'm convinced that this woman will be the bane of our existence for the next four years.

A few of my thoughts on Washington's Ukrainian election: I watched recently as news reports confirmed that our new "Governor" Christine Gregoire's husband's official title is "First Gentleman".

Riiiight. I am so not calling anybody a "First Gentleman".

Am I the only one who thinks that to be completely out of order? Perhaps I'm just old fashioned like that, but "First Gentleman" just seems like a fake title to keep the feminists happy.

If you hadn't heard, Washington finally inaugurated our new "Governor" (quotes indicate some foul play) this past Wednesday. Why is this big news you ask? Well, as I'm sure most of you are aware, Washington state has been on a two-month-long quest to show the utter wickedness and incompetence of our state government. In other words, the Democrats cheated. For the last two months, they've been re-counting the ballots.

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