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The Real Tragedy of Gay Marriage
February 22, 2004

So I caught a bit of the Screen Actors Guild Awards tonight. I wasn't paying attention much, but I caught a statement made by the president of "the Guild" that struck me, "We have the ability to foster tolerance through new insights and the deep understanding of eachother." Eww, how I hate that word tolerance. Tolerance goes on my list of "Top 10 Loads of Crap Taught in Education". There has long been a prevailing Liberalism in Hollywood. I didn't really watch much of the awards, but I could only guess that the remainder of the show would find award acceptance speeches laced with some mis-guided political opinion on current events. One perhaps, being the legalization of same-sex marriages. As Mercy Me said, "I can only imagine"......

I don't live in the Bible Belt. I live in Seattle, Washington. Home of the tree hugging, Curt Kobain/Jimi Hendrix listening, granola-eating, fake-protesting, ultra-liberal. Surprising? Probably not. I will say that God is doing a new thing here and the title of "un-churched" region will soon be passing away so take my comments in the spirit they're intended. Seattle wishes it was one Will & Grace show away from being San Francisco. Thanks be to God it is not and never will be. Not even close. I say all this to say, the stance many Christians here take on the issue of same-sex marriages is not exactly as well received as it would be in say, Georgia, where you can yell out "God is a good" in a grocery store and a least one or two people would respond unequivocally, "All the time!". That said, the debate over states' rights is not what captivates my emotions. I decided against law school for that very purpose (lacking captivated emotions that is). I do however, believe the City of San Francisco completely usurping authority is completely unacceptable and bastardly at best.

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Well It's About Time...
February 18, 2004

Dean quits the race. We need to get this guy into the body of Christ. He's tenacious. LOL

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Too Much Allegiance
January 28, 2004

Last night I fell asleep on the couch while watching NBC. Word to the wise, never allow yourself to sleep with the television on. It hinders your rest big time. Plus, you take in whatever it is that may be on the TV (awake or not). Based on what type of programming tends to come on television during the wee hours of the night, this is not good. In any case, this morning I woke up to the Today Show (I slept in), which I usually watch while getting dressed. Coverage was of course, the New Hampshire primaries. Even in my half asleep state, I was coherent enough to hear some irritatingly true words uttered from the mouth of Hard Ball's Chris Matthews, (and I paraphrase) "The African-American community has a long history of always voting for the Democratic candidate". His statement was in reference to speculation around who will win the North Carolina primary. North Carolina of course, having perhaps a larger Black population than oh say, my home state, Washington, Chris' inference was that Democrats should court the black vote in order to win that state. I say, "baloney" (different from bologna).

Hear me. Mr. Matthews' words are very true. The African-American community has virtually branded "Democrat" on their butts permanently with hot irons. My observation has been that any black person who even dares to venture slightly out of voting hardcore Democrat is essentially a traitor to the race. Doing so could get you called a number of things, namely, "Uncle Tom". A reference to Harriet Beecher Stowe's portrayal of a docile slave character named Tom. More can be said there, but that's another post. What I call "Baloney", is the concept that politicians actually do something to get the black vote. It seems that every year or so, right around election time (state and local elections included) the African-American community becomes this group of people that need to be "won over" by social programming and legislation. However, not too long after voting day, the "Black agenda" (whatever that may be) is pretty much lost. Or so it seems.

This is the problem I have with political party allegiance. It seems to me that when a group sells itself out to one party over another, they have to be won by no one because their allegiance had already been determined. Personally,I think the collective bargaining power of a group of people is lost this way. I've stated in the past that I consider myself neither Democrat nor Republican, Libertarian (although they've got some good points) or Green Party. I'm just Jesus. Even as I type that I laugh. No you have not discovered the anti-Christ silly.

[Caveat] My friend Tiffany and I had a discussion not long ago and she mentioned how in the Christian inner circles of what I call "deep people" there are those who want to identify you by your theological standpoint on controversial issues. They'll ask, "Are you pre-trib or post-trib?" Trib=the tribulation, "Are you baptizing in the name of the 'Father, Son, & Holy Spirit?' or are you baptizing 'In Jesus Name'?" Then there's, "Are you rapture or no rapture?". A question to which Tiffany answered, "I'm neither. I'm Jesus." In other words, I'm only concerned about what He thinks and my relationship to Him. All that other stuff will work itself out. Now understand, this is not an excuse for Biblical ignorance, but simply a reality check for those of us that like to exist in our own deep little worlds of Biblical exegesis and hermeneutics, stand on our mobile soapboxes espousing our "pet doctrines" that the most important thing to be concerned about when Jesus returns, is whether or not you're in right standing with God. Period.[/Caveat]

That said, this is somewhat the view I have on politics. I'm about as interested in political party allegiance as I am with Greek Letter Organizations. It's all false allegiance anyway. I'm interested in where God is working at whatever particular time and occasion an issue or candidate may arise. Now, if it so happens that some of the politicians whose views can most closely be aligned with what I see in scripture, and what I feel God is saying happen to be Republican, fine. But you will never hear me call myself anything but a son of God. Which is where my allegiance lies. I'd like to see us African-Americans use our heads more when we vote. I'll tread lightly when I say this, so I'll speak for my generation only when I say that the majority of black young adults who are so feverishly democrat could hardly stand and defend their reason for being so without some major smoke screens. It seems there's a common lie whose roots cannot be traced that has been perpetuated throughout the years in the African-American community: "We only vote Democratic because democrats are for us and no one else is." It's like a mantra. A mantra that needs to be broken. To think that former President William Jefferson Clinton has been touted half-jokingly as the "First Black President" is an insult. Hardly. If the black community is ignorant enough to further perpetuate the myth seen on film and television that black people "can't keep their pants up and their legs closed" by co-signing and concurring with an association to President Clinton, I'd have to object and say we have some serious denial going on amongst ourselves.

So Mr. Matthews' comment has once again reminded me how strongly I feel about this issue of political parties. There is some fault that can be found in all political parties. It's the inherent flaw in "people groups" IMO. Some have more flaws of course than others. I believe votes should be earned, not guaranteed. Call me idealistic, but the collective voting power of a group of African-Americans, but namely the body of Christ is far too important to just be "given over" to a single party. That's a trivialization at best. And besides, it will be a cold day in Hell before I cast my vote for that joke "Rev." Al Sharpton because he is black, a democrat, or a Christian. Now that's a mess.

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Idiot Pundits
January 12, 2004

It bothers me when people make illogical political statements. For example, people who say, on national television, "I'm taking this all the way to the Supreme Court". No! You big fat dummie. Let me school you. You don't just "take" things to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court decides what cases they will accept based on certain criteria. In fact, most cases that attempt to go to the SC are stacks a mile high and it's be years before they even looked at your application. Don't be ignorant and say stuff like that. Most cases will never make it to the SC. There's a much bigger fish to fry when it comes to the SC, like deciding a woman should have a right to "choose". Yeah whatever.

Another example would be "Impeach Bush" signs. I see them all over Seattle (I'm sure this is not surprise in granola town). This is such an erroneous statement it bothers me. Because I like Bush? No. I'd say the same for any president we've ever wanted to impeach. That's not how presidents get impeached. You don't just impeach a president because you don't like them or their policy. READ YOUR GOVERNMENT TEXT BOOKS PEOPLE It's much bigger than that. In fact, "the people" have very little say in if and when a president gets impeached. Seriously, whenever I see people carrying those signs in protest I laugh because honestly, they're beating the air. But hey, "Let them eat cake". If they want to spend 3 hours of their Saturday carrying around a sign that makes no sense, so be it. Also, a word to the people who still feel the need to display their "No Iraq War" signs in the window of their VW van. It's still not working. This is the beauty of America. You can say whatever the heck you want to. Hmm, I could debate that last sentence, but that's another post. In the same category as illogical idiots, the guy who runs across the baseball field naked, holding a sign that says, "Jesus Loves You". What the?

I remember back in high school, I was taking a class called World Peace or Global Village or some totally peacy title like that. I mean the class was a tree-hugging nightmare. No joke. For one assignment, we all as a class had to camp out overnight in a Yurt (a glorified tent/woodframe structure), play drums, do yogo and eat injara (Ethiopian Bread). I didn't have a problem with the food, but it would've been a cold day in hell before I'd sleep on the campus lawn in a YURT, chant, do "Salutations to the Sun" with those suburban white kids, AND get up the next day and go to class. Yeah right. Seriously, these were exactly the words I thought in my head. And indeed, I skipped that assignment and still managed to get a B+ in the class.

In any case, it was around that time that the World Trade Organization was holding their conference in Seattle and the riots and protests were planned. Well, my entire Global Village class planned on skipping class to go; including the teacher. Yes, the teacher. He even brought his gas mask with him to school that day. (These are the people educating your children folks). So here's what got me, we were expected to just go protest. Nobody ever bothered to ask if you wanted to go. It was a silent assumption. This is when I thought to myself, "Self, you will not allow your perspective on politics and world issues to be influenced or shaped by the masses nor by media." Needless to say, I didn't go to the protest that day or any day. I didn't choose not to go because I was "in favor" of the WTO. I chose not to go because I refused to be a trendy protester. Political and world issues are not trendy. This is serious stuff. I wanted to get to know the issues. I wanted a better understanding. I love the scripture that says, "In all your getting, get understanding". That was my mantra in high school and college. And they hated me for it.

In other news...I can't believe we're nearly half way into January. This is nuts. Time waits for no one. Not even my lazy bum. This weekend was predictable. I made it to Sunday exhausted. I had some great conversation this weekend.

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