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Striking Resemblances
July 1, 2004

Juliette pointed out to me a strange resemblence. Yes I realize they are far from each other on the evil spectrum, but these photos are good for a laugh.

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Sad-Him Hussein
July 1, 2004

These days everyone has their opinion on war. Those caught in an ideological utopia would that it never take place. These are some of the same people who preach peace, tolerance, and social justice. Perhaps someone should explain to them that peace is not the absence of conflict, tolerance has low standards, and justice isn't fair. Then there are those who realize that freedom isn't free, nor is the obtainment of peace a fabulously elegant process whereby people march around the city, blocking streets and chanting in rhythm. Someone please tell me the last time in history, any international conflict was solved through some well-written prose? World peace through poetry? Let's not be that naive. Even the philosophy of Mattie Stepaneck can't give this world what it needs.

We can succumb to these lofty ideas that human beings can "talk" through situations, but history tells us this just isn't so. What a privilege it is for many to enter into a courtship with the idea of peace without the historical baggage of what that's meant in this world. "World Peace" isn't just an answer in a beauty pageant. World peace should be the last thing at the bottom of our national laundry list. As long as there's wickedness on the earth, there's not going to be peace. There is a time for peace, and a time for war. War is necessary.

To say whether this war was right or wrong right now is just human opinion. Only time will gauge the answer to this question. I can only presume that some years from now, overpaid tenured historians will be analyzing and writing about the War on Iraq. Even then, many of them will still be wrong.

I don't pretend to know the historical implications of the capture of Saddam Hussein. I certainly will not gloss over his pure wickedness, his coward-like behavior, and his manipulative sorcery that held an entire nation in bondage. When I saw him on trial this morning, the first thing I thought was, "he looks sad". Foolish me. He is sad. Sad, indeed. He's only going to grow more sad as the days go by. As I listened to his words, I remembered, consciousness is sometimes terribly temporary. How soon we forget, being swayed by popular opinion and political agendas, that WMD's or not, this man is wicked. I have not a shred of compassion for the man. His fate is between he and God. Let justice be served, God be true, and every man a liar.

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Al Sharpton Has a New Gig
June 30, 2004

It was announced yesterday that Al Sharpton has a new gig as television host/career coach. He will be hosting a new reality show airing on Spike TV called I Hate My Job. The jokes around the title alone are just too easy. In order to leave myself ample room to effectively bag on him when the show airs, I'll just be silent for now.

The show's concept is actually rather interesting. An all-male cast of contestants will quit their jobs and work with two "Life-counselors" who will give them guidance, advice and weekly assignments. One of those counselors is Al Sharpton. Yeah. Credible counselor.

In an interview, Sharpton called himself the "the working man's Donald Trump". Now that's a comparison I can get behind. He even has the hair to boot!

When asked, Sharpton's reasons for doing the show seem noble (key word: seem),

"I like the concept of trying to have people discover their purpose in life, and not have the world define them or settle for less than who they want to be just to pay their bills"
Seems to me Al would do better as a conestant than the host.

To pacify my urge to comment harshly, I focused my energies elsewhere. I present to you, my photo montage:

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Why I Am Not a Republican (Part One): My unsuccessful quest to become politically mainstream
June 29, 2004

I've never been one to fit in a box. Although I've tried, my legs usually get cramped and sooner or later, I'm bound to start kicking. This describes my plight with political party affiliations. Perhaps one of the necessary evils of the world, political parties and all that they entail give me an enormous migraine headache. I can certainly understand why Bill Gates gives equal donations to both the Democrats and the Republicans. When you're rich, you don't have to be affiliated with a political party. My ultimate decision to wallow in the shade of seeming political ambiguity is not without pretext.

I grew up in a home with Christian Democrat parents. I couldn't even explain that one to you if I tried (and I will). However, when asked at one point by my high school history teacher about my family's political affiliation, without hesitation, I answered, "We tend to vote for Democrats because although we are against many of the things for which Democrats stand, we think the racial issues supercede the morality issues." At the time I don't think I understood what I was saying, but even now, I agree that most Christian Democrats think this way.

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Political Slogan T-Shirt Contest
June 28, 2004

In response to a news story on celebrity t-shirts encouraging young people to vote, columnist & author Michelle Malkin has a contest going on alternative t-shirt slogans. Her suggestion for Ashley Judd's t-shirt:

If my mom practiced what I preach, I wouldn't be here. THREE CHEERS FOR FEMINISM!

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Comment Bag
June 25, 2004

A kind reader has brought a slight correction to my attention in reference to my "Tools of the 21st Century Part Deux" post, and I figured it warranted a public comment:

Ruthie Wrote:

I was surprised that as lovely a blog as yours could be so poorly researched. But then my husband reminded me that people with fine design skills don't necessarily have fact checking skills as well. I can't find any instance of the ACLU endorsing a political candidate. I see that they have endorsed some ballot initiatives. Could you tell me where you found ACLU endorsing candidates?

By the way, if you want to know how non-profit organizations are financed, you can check their IRS 990 forms online for free at Guidestar.org.

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Immigrant Blacks More Successful than African Americans
June 24, 2004

(Preface: Am I on some black stuff today or what? I think it's a coincidence, but every bit of news that's struck my fancy today just so happens to explore some hot topics. Also, I had to hotlink the New York Times photo from the article to your right for this post because this Marques J. Redd character, a recent Harvard Graduate is not exactly hard on the eyes...whew!)

A New York Times article published today explores the growing discrepancies among black college students born in America versus those whose families were immigrants. According to the article, 8% (around 530) of Harvard's undergraduate student population is black. I should have been included in that number but that's alright, I'm not bitter...anymore (for more clarity read my bio). At a recent Harvard black alumni reunion, the issue of the type of black student being accepted to Harvard and other top universities was raised. It seems now there is a growing concern among many affirmative-action proponents that the wrong students are reaping the benefits. Statistically, only 1/3 of those black students are what Harvard African American studies professor and author Henry Louis Gates, Jr. would call,

"disadvantaged by the legacy of Jim Crow laws, segregation and decades of racism, poverty and inferior schools, who were intended as principal beneficiaries of affirmative action in university admissions."
Before I get all fidgety, let me just say, I renounce the notion that every single black undergraduate student at Harvard University is there by the help of affirmative-action. Gates' statement implies this and it just ain't so. This is only one of the many issues about which Gates and I differ.

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My General Distaste for Bill Clinton
June 23, 2004

I generally try to refrain from commentary about "Slick Willie". A good fifty percent of the general public has done a fair amount of ripping him to shreds. At this present time, I don't see the worth and to be completely honest, it's just not fun any more. It's kind of like stealing from the ice cream man. It just gets old and after awhile, the ice cream doesn't taste as good. These days, Mr. Bill has perfected the role of miserable sap so I figure, why kick a guy who's down? Maybe he's learned his lesson. Maybe he's had a rebirth. Maybe he found Jesus. Then again, maybe he's still faulty. Yep, definitely faulty.

I find something utterly detestable in the fact that Clinton has decided to "come clean" on the cusp of the release of his new autobiography. No doubt, all these shenanigans were scripted to say the least. While interviews abound, the most publicized was not 60 minutes, Nightline or the Today Show. It was Oprah. And boy was it ever Oprah. I was privileged not to see this mockery of "truth" take place. I only caught bits and pieces of the "After Show" last night. When I got a chance to review the transcript, I was surprised to see that good old biased Oprah maintained a steady flow of probing questions on why Clinton lied:

Oprah: "But, ultimately, why didn't you tell the truth?"

Bill: "I was afraid that if I did it, at the time, that (a) he would go out and indict a lot of people, falsely, and (b) the hysteria would cause me to be run from office, and that the bad guys would win, yeah."

The portion I caught was a pseudo-remorseful Clinton, pointing the finger at Kenneth Starr and the evil Republicans for bringing him to a place where he had to lie. He remarked that even Hilary knew of their scheming to oust him out of office and for that reason alone, she was accepting and forgiving of him. According to Bill, the issue of his infidelity was to be handled within the family and not a matter of interest to the American people. At this comment, the audience broke into applause. If I were in the audience, I would sat in my seat with my hands folded.

Sorry buddy. When you're the leader of the free world, your infidelity affects everyone. It comes with the territory. Things flow from the head down so you better believe that "choice" you made to disgrace your family left us wide open and vulnerable to the enemy--quite literally. I cannot tolerate the blame game. With all due respect (sorta), grow a spine. The logic of blaming your lies on defense against your "enemies" just doesn't fly. I gave you a chance Willie and once again, you let me down.

(Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt)

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The Inevitable Demise of Method & Red
June 22, 2004

Reviews have not been good for Fox's latest attempt to ride the popularity of hip-hop culture. The new show stars current B-list rappers Method Man and Redman, portraying get this, two rich rappers (ingenious). Now that's deep. The show is centered around the "comedic" trials as these two move into an affluent white, suburban neighborhood. I know, you're probably wondering how they ever thought up such a creative storyline. This stuff just gets old.

According to Method Man, the show is not what he truly envisioned. A recent interview with the LA times revealed Method's true desire,

"I'm trying to keep this show ghetto, and there's a way for it to be both ghetto and intelligent...but it's not going that way."
Must. Restrain. Sarcastic. Comments. He continues,
"I hate the title because it locks both of us right in, rather than just calling it something like 'Two Guys in the 'Hood.' We've got a lot on the line here. I'm a musician. At the end of the day, if this show fails, all these other people can go on to other projects. We'd have to go back to where we came from, and they'd be saying, 'Oh, there goes Method Man and Redman, they went Hollywood.' Where are we going to go?"
Cry me a river. The show's premiere received fairly good ratings, thanks to that Soulplane brand of success. Some critics are calling the show "coonish". An accusation to which Method replies,
"We can't all be the Cosbys. There needs to be a yin and yang as far as what is shown of black people on television."
Earth to Method Man, Earth to Method Man, where are you? These people are not even on the same planet let alone the same page. Much to Method's dismay, the show's producers have laced it with hokey jokes and laugh tracks. And they believe this is the reason to blame for the show's potential failure? Someone please, shoot the horse. Estimated time on the air: two more months.

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Southern Blacks Swing Right
June 16, 2004

According to this article by Dick Pettys, it seems that more blacks than ever are running as Republicans in the state of Georgia. Petty reports,

"A record 14 black Republican candidates are seeking legislative seats...More black Republicans are running for office in Georgia this year than ever before, and black candidates in other Southern states are also finding that declaring for the GOP is more accepted than it was just a few years ago."
This is of course a welcomed turn of events for the Republican party. In my home state, Washington, it would be a record just to have 14 Republican candidates. Period. Forget skin color. Although I doubt blacks will be running to the polls to vote "GOP" en masse, it is certainly telling that the tides are slowly shifting as more blacks realize the Democratic party once familiar to the civil rights movement has gone off the moral deep end. Black people have commonly voted Democrat, but have been historically conservative on key issues. GOP pollster Whit Ayres notes however,
"But if you can move the percentage of blacks who vote Republican from 5 percent to 15 percent, you will change the outcome of a lot of close Southern elections."

The author of the article cites hope for improving economics of black households as one of the main reasons Southern black s are abandoning the Democratic Party. If Atlanta, a notably black mecca of flourishing businesses and families, is any indication of how Goergia's doing economically, I say Georgia's on to something.

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