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Let There Be Joy!
August 6, 2004

An unnamed source captioned this picture, "Whoever Smelt it Dealt it". Now I don't presume to know what type of stress one subjects themself to when they become the President of the free world, the Secretary of State, and the white guy that stands next to the President and Secretary of State (I assume he's important but again, political aversions require me to embarrassingly admit that I don't know who this dude is although he looks too young to be Rumsfeld sans the glasses or maybe it's Tom Ridge), but really though, a little joy would be nice don'tcha think?

Maybe they're in desperate need of a Michael Moore-covered bullseye at which to throw rubber tipped Slim-fast darts.

Maybe like me, last night they once again refused to recognize they just might be lactose intolerant.

Maybe someone double-dog-dared them to see who could go the longest without blinking during a press conference.

Maybe an ugly naked guy just streaked across the White House lawn.

Maybe Colin Powell really did "pass gas".

Maybe they're off partying and the figures we see are Madame Toussieau's wax stand-in doubles configured to look the way these three looked at the exact moment Janet Jackson thought up the phrase "wardrobe-malfunction".

Or maybe, just maybe, they have some of the most diffcult jobs on the face of the Earth. I don't envy these fellows. Not. One. Bit.

Shall we start a fundraiser to get a joy therapist on staff at the White House? Hey, the Democrats would have done it (along with a masseuse, a reflexology specialist, yoga teacher, acupuncturist and Buddhist chanter) and charged you for it too by the way.

By the way, unrelated thought: as believers we ought to pray for those who rule in authority over us that we may live a quiet and peaceable life. That's it! Maybe they're praying!

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Best Black Seattle Conservative Blogger?
August 5, 2004

Funny. I think I was one of two nominated for this award by Seattle journalist and blogger Matt Rosenberg of Rosenblog. Was there really any competition? I mean seriously...was there? If somebody knows another black conservative Seattle blogger, let me know. Chances are, even if there was, they're somewhere in obscurity.

Rosenberg listed off his picks in response to our local Seattle magazine's annually published (and somewhat authoritative) "best of" list which included "Best Liberal" (they voted our U.S. Rep. Jim "one nation under G**" McDermott) but managed to leave out a "Best Conservative" category. I guess there's nothing good about conservatives right? Nope, not in Sea-town. But as Rosenberg said, what do we expect from the,

[...]"20- to 50-something readership of hemp-wearing, bicycle-riding, tofu-snorting, childless, 113-pound Trustafarians, and unreconstructed Deaniacs."

UPDATE: How very un-classy of me not to include a link to the other famed Best Seattle Black Blogger: Reason and Mechanism by Kevin Leo. He's a cool cat too! (Apologies Kevin)

UPDATE II: I'm an idiot. There is another Black Conservative blogger I left out, Robert at The Mulatto Advocate holds it down consistently for the Pacific Northwest.

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There Are 59 Falsehoods in Fahrenheit 9/11
August 5, 2004

Former Colorado state attorney general and crusader for common sense, Dave Kopel of the Independence Institute, released a fascinating report on the falsehoods in Michael Moore's latest concoction. A volunteer filmmaker reproduced the movie to include captions stating where Moore was deceiving. People these days sure do have a lot of time on their hands. Although, I understand the goal. I've already stated my issue with "Frump boy" aka Michael Moore.

But wow. Only 59? Seems rather low. Then again, just one falsehood would be just cause to expose the man. Apparently, people who want to get their hands on this new edited version must download it via Kazaa, an internet file sharing program (think Napster). So in order to view the shadiness of Michael Moore, people are supposed to illegally download an illegal bootleg of an illegally edited copy.

Sounds so virtuous...and ironic.

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My Stance on Affirmative Action
August 3, 2004

Fellow member of the Conservative Brotherhood, and someone who continues to show us all how critical thinking is really done, Michael D. Cobb Bowen does a far more eloquent and pointed job of almost nailing my stance on the heated topic of Affirmative Action in his piece "A Conservative Review of Affirmative Action". I'm not against affirmative-action, but I'm not tooting the horns of its "greatness" either. This is usually where Republicans and I part, although I really don't think it's the most pressing issue of the 21-century but more a means of treating a symptom without getting at the root--and if I haven't made it abundantly clear, merely treating symptoms is not my preferred method of government. Cobb writes

"The soundest criticism I hear about Affirmative Action is that it essentially fights fire with fire. That it establishes a racial preference and that this sort of discrimination is flatly wrong. I accept that criticism, but only in the case of integrated applicants. A black kid from the integrated 'burbs doesn't need to be integrated again. A kid from a segregated neighborhood is defacto discriminated against on the basis of race (which established the ghetto in the first place) and that needs to be countered. This is important point. I'll return to it.

On balance, however, I still support Affirmative Action. It's still a good idea and it's still useful. However I don't think it is as important an issue as many folks make it out to be. It's not as important, for example, as school vouchers which would affect a great deal more people. It is not as important as the minimum wage. It is not as important as amnesty for illegal immigrants, tax reform, health care reform or (of course) our occupation of Iraq and War on Terror. It's not as important as the continuing debate over abortion rights, civil liberties vis a vis Homeland Security, police abuse, the drug problems, HIV/AIDS or the separation of powers."

More on this in part four of my endless dissertation on why I'm not a Republican...maybe.

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The Democratic National Convention in 60 Seconds
July 30, 2004

Much hype has been made over the fact that many prominent bloggers were for the first time, given exclusive press access to the Democratic National Convention. I think the idea's ingenious since often, bloggers can be some of the more blunt reporters around the internet. From what I've read, no reporting thus far has been earth-shattering. Instapundit has a pretty good round-up of opinions. However, I must say, I'm a little surprised if not shocked and embarrassed that no one even bothered to contact me about reporting on the convention. Surely there were some fashion faux-pas going on up in that place. I could've had a field day taking pictures and doing fashion critiques alone. People never believe me when I say it, but you can learn a lot about a politician by the way they dress. But alas, my feelings are not hurt and I have moved on.

Confession. Save the news and various transcripts, I didn't watch one bit of the DNC. Double confession. I probably won't watch a whole lot of the Republican's Convention either. Why? Because they are dry, typical, boring, and at times, I can have the attention span of an underdeveloped, ADD gnat. My aversion to politics kicks into high gear any time I see too many power-ties and blue pin-striped suits. And what is it with the fanfare? Yeah yeah yeah, so John Kerry got the nomination. And? We all knew that seven months ago so I realize it's tradition and all, bu talk about anti-climactic! No matter what party, I just can't get with the "hip-hip-hooray" celebration. Bill Clinton? In the words of Michelle Malkin, "Bill. Hill. Ill." Barack Obama? Aside from the fact that I just can't say his name without thinking "Osama", I'd say he gave a good speech, had some good thoughts, and well, he's for Kerry so I guess that's where we part. Al Sharpton? Aside from his vapid pseudo-sermonizing and this here "halleluiah" picture, I'll give him credit for waking up the front row and bringing a little "spice" to what otherwise seemed to be a dry concoction of conservative bashing.

Newsweek is reporting that among the "Gen-Next" (people under 30) crowd, John Kerry is the leading candidate over our dear incumbent president. That's all and well, but just four and a half months ago, Newsweek was saying that my generation was voting for Nader. What is it with these polls anyway?

"For the NEWSWEEK GENEXT Poll, Ipsos-Public Affairs interviewed 350 registered voters age 18 to 29, from July 5 to July 22"
Well golly gee, there's a healthy cross section of the youth population eh? Interestingly enough, 53% of those polled felt Democrats were too liberal. Now there's a novel idea.

With the work of various campaigns geared towards young people like "Rock the Vote" and "Citizen Change", along with unabashedly liberal, young, celebrities coming out against Bush, I wouldn't be surprised if the "Gen-Next" vote becomes way more important this time around. As a result, both candidates have brought their children onboard to rally the younger voters.

My piece of advice, if you want to engage my generation, throw some neon lights on that there convention podium (actually, the proper term is lectern), because the rhetoric gets dull and you need a sieve to get to any semblence of honesty and truth.

That's my piece at least.

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Who Needs Abortion T-Shirts?
July 29, 2004

When you can wear clothing with these phrases on it:

- I Had an abortion

- I Sold drugs to support the Taliban

- I Threw a chunk of concrete off of an overpass

- I Loostened the fittings on the workout equipment at the gym

- I Pushed an old man into a busy intersection

- I Stabbed a man in the back of the neck

- I Looked into my neighbor's daughter's window last night

- I Set fire to the hospital burn ward

- I Killed a dog with a bat

- I Kicked a 12 year old in the groin

- I Pee'd on a woman walking down the street

- I Cheated on my wife with a crack hooker ... without using a condom"

Lets all revel in our failures an exhalt them as if they were sacraments.
(Credit to: The Brilliant Commenting Genius of Reader "Byron")

I say, down with censorship, up with idocracy!

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The Case for Why I Won't Join a Political Party. Exhibit A:
July 28, 2004

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They're Raising Up Seventh Graders Now
July 28, 2004

Being that I remained silent throughout approximately 50% of high school about my dissention on key politcal issues, I know what it means to do have these type of guts. Although it's much easier to do public speaking with a popular message and a crowd full of partisan-folk, I must give credit where credit is due. Last night at the DNC, 12-year-old Ilana Wexler, founder of "Kids for Kerry" (that's right, the chick started her own 501(c)(3). Deal), chided with great passion and convicition,

"When our vice president had a disagreement with a Democratic senator, he used a really bad word. If I said that word, I would be put in a timeout. I think he should be put in a timeout."
To which the crowd of course stood to their feet. Can't say I agree that Cheney was in the "right" for his choice expletive. But really though, when's the last time you heard a young Conservative publically speak up with such conviction? If we keep raising sissy, weak-minded thinkers, it will be a long, long time. Take notes Republicans, them Dems are onto something.

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Freedom & Democracy
July 23, 2004

Caught these thoughts on the Flag-Burning Amendment and freedom and democracy by way of Hot Abercrombie Chick (ugh, dislike that name intensely) and thought it was on point,

Let's not be so simple-minded as to think that freedom and democracy always go hand in hand. Democracy has allowed laws promoting slavery, segregation, eugenics, and a whole host of other gross violation of individual freedoms because the voting majority was in support of them. If Democracy is such holy and unequivocally good institution, why do we have courts that can strike down majority-approved legislation? Right is right, wrong is wrong, and freedom is freedom no matter what a democratic majority supports. Is preventing people from telling me that I can't burn a flag on risk of imprisonment antithetical to democracy? Sure it is - so was Brown vs. the Board of Education. But to say it is antithetical to freedom is silly. It's that simple.
That's heat. Ya'll know how I feel about democracy...

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Dumb Quote of the Day
July 21, 2004

"I'm a stick my non-partisan foot up John Kerry and George Bush's [early form of donkey]" - Sean "Puff Daddy/P.Diddy" Combs

"Citizen Combs" is at it again. This time, Combs' newest voter-registration endeavor is called Citizen Change whose slogan "Vote or Die", is geared towards the 18-30 year-old crowd of voters of color, or what Combs refers to as "the forgotten ones". Seriously though, where would we get our entertainment from without this man?

The always credible VH1 reports,

" As political press conferences go, it was unusual to say the least. Backed by a DJ and surrounded by chanting kids and giant monitors, P. Diddy vowed to make voting "sexy" on Tuesday as he announced his newest exploit...the media mogul/athlete/actor/fashion designer said Citizen Change's goal is to champion the cause"
So now we're making voting sexy? Okay. Am I the only one who hates that word? I must say howver, I have to give it to Puffy this time. As much as he bothers me, he's managed to do more to rally my generation around politics than anyone on the right side of things. Oh but that's right because Combs' most recent endeavor is said to be non-partisan. Not everyone is convinced,
"Despite his insistence that the group is nonpartisan, its staff consists of mostly liberal political advisors, such as James Carville, the outspoken liberal co-host of CNN's "Crossfire." The group plans to split its time "50/50 for both candidates to speak to the people." Puffy has already sat down to talk with Democratic candidate John Kerry, and he began talks with Republican Chairman Ed Gillespie on Monday night. Toward the end of his address, Puffy issued an open call to all other leaders interested in joining him, specifically imploring Republicans to become involved, saying, 'I give you my word that this is not about the party, it's about the people.'"
Puffy has promised to give Republicans equal face time. Last week, after attending Philadelphia's NAACP convention at which Kerry spoke, Puffy caught a helicopter to meet with young Republicans gathering as part of the Bush campaign.

Interestingly enough, this week marked the official addition of both Barbara and Jenna Bush to their father's campaign. I heard on the news this morning that campaign leaders are hoping to leverage the "Sex and the City" vote with the twins' effort. Um, this shall be interesting.

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