Pigs Are Surely Flying
April 29, 2009

swine.jpgCount me among the infirmed in this country. I just spent the last two days completely down for the count and banished from the bedroom for fear of infecting my dear husband. I haven't had any type of flu in a very long time and now I remember why. I'm very, very bad at being sick. Forgive me for being melodramatic, but there were a few points this week when I thought I was dying. No really, I was. The sign that things are bad is when 24 hours pass and I haven't accessed the Internet. And to think, I was just one fever short of potentially being diagnosed with the swine flu. No seriously, I was. But look, I'm almost all better now and just in time to comment on the hype.

The entire world seems to be atwitter right now with this "Swine Flu" madness that is sweeping the news reports. I understand health to be a serious matter and all, but forgive me for thinking this whole thing is just a tad bit...suspect. Conspiracy theorist I am not, but I can't help but wonder why this mild spread of a new strain of flu virus is the top news story everywhere.

  1. People die from the "regular" influenza virus every year. Not to minimize those deaths, as death of any person for any reason is a sad reality, but normal flu deaths certainly aren't sensationalized or made top news stories in the same way these swine flu deaths have been.

  2. It's an influenza virus. New strains of influenza pop up every year, many of which can be traced to other countries. There are so many strains of influenza, even the pharmaceutical industry can't keep up with them. Sometimes even the flu shot is rendered useless. People who have the flu spread the flu to other people. It's a fact.

  3. People who die of influenza usually do so because they already have a weakened immune system. It's not usually the flu itself that causes death.

  4. Many schools around the country shut down every year due to influenza spreading rapidly throughout the school.
The level of intensity and fear-mongering taking place at the hands of our national government and the media has reached levels of absurdity. Sure I can understand folks changing vacation plans to Mexico (I wouldn't do it, but to each their own), but the facemasks, airport lock downs and the widespread panic is entirely unnecessary.

I've read that some folks speculate this is a ploy to tighten up border control. Not sure I buy that theory, but I am convinced this mayhem is being orchestrated for a specific reason we may never know. Maybe that makes me sounds like a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but I don't put anything past anyone these days.

Not to draw any correlations (well maybe a little bit of a correlation), but I find it very interesting that former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius was just confirmed as the Obama administration's new Secretary of Health and Human Services last night. The logic behind rushing her swearing in stemmed from the reality that with the potential Swine Flu pandemic on our hands, the country needed someone in this position as soon as possible. President Obama remarked following her swearing in ceremony:

I am thrilled to have Kathleen Sebelius as my new Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Obviously, we have a lot to do to make sure that health care is affordable for the American people, to deal with critical issues like food safety. But we wanted to swear her in right away because we've got a significant public health challenge that requires her immediate attention, and that is the H1N1 flu outbreak that we've seen initially in Mexico and we now see over at -- got some cases here in the United States.

For quite some time there has been some turmoil around President Obama's nomination of Governor Sebelius to the highest healthcare post in America due to her incredibly strong pro-choice views. By incredibly strong, I mean that as Governor of Kansas, Sebelius consistently vetoed restrictions against late-term and partial birth abortions that are performed on babies from six to nine months. What Sebelius endorses goes far beyond the normal (read: shoddy) logic of those who support early abortion when the baby is considered a "fetus" and not an actual human being. Late-term abortions from six to nine months are treading on a very shady and shaky path. Concerns about Sebelius' record and less than ethical relationship with the notorious Dr. George Tiller of Wichita, Kansas, one of the most prolific abortionists in the entire United States, had halted confirmation hearings up until recently. This Swine Flupalooza has given detractors and supporters just the right level of distraction needed to push through Sebelius' confirmation. I wouldn't normally point something like this out except that as the new HHS Secretary she is poised for tremendous influence of the wrong variety. Activist Lou Engle writes on his blog (it's long but good stuff):
"Not only has Governor Sebelius supported Dr. Tiller’s practice, she has walked in political collusion with him, dined with him in the governors mansion and has received major funding for her democratic gubernatorial association from his extraordinarily lucrative business. Dr. Tiller’s wealth comes mainly from his expertise in the abortion of pre-born babies in their 6th-9th month of gestation.

Further, Sebelius vetoed bills that would have stopped Tiller’s practice, including one bill that would require Tiller to present medical justifications for all his late-term abortions (SB 389, titled the Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act) and another that would enable prosecution or prevent illegal late-term abortions. It is very obvious when you see the funding stream from George Tiller’s lucrative practice to the political coffers of Governor Sebelius, $12,450 personally given from him and his wife and $120,000 from Tiller donated to the Democratic Governors Association in 2006. Interestingly, $200,000 from that same Democratic Governors Association went to a political action committee that Sebelius controls. She vetoed Bill HB2176 that would have demanded abortion clinics to attain to required health standards. She also voted to lesson restrictions on parental notification and informed consent.

President Obama wants a woman who has systematically disregarded the health of thousands of women and their unborn children by allowing late-term abortions to take charge of the nation’s health? How can someone so dismissive of human life be a health advocate for it?

Now, extraordinarily and providentially, Governor Sebelius’ Senate confirmation hearings will be held this week just as a case against Dr. Tiller goes to court in Kansas. Tiller is being charged with 19 counts of illegal late-term abortions after he claimed ignorance of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, a federal bill signed into law in 2002 that protects children born alive from infanticide by abortion doctors.

Just as the Kansas-Nebraska Act was the turning point that fueled the Civil War, so now this present “Bleeding Kansas” could be another flash point to subpoena the conscience of the whole nation in this civil war over the horror of late-term abortions. Oh the irony of Tiller being tried for criminal wrongdoing, and Governor Sebelius who has sought to protect him from prosecution is heralded as a champion of healthcare.

Why should an abortion doctor be found guilty for criminal activity and a governor who has done everything to cover and protect that crime be exalted? Was it only the Auschwitz death camp workers who were guilty of killing the Jews or were the political leaders who sanctioned it guilty as well? The answer is obvious to anyone who has a heart.

Maybe in these two hearings America is really the one being brought to the high court of eternal justice and it is the nation’s conscience that is on trial. Certainly many senators will not compromise their convictions and vote against her confirmation. But, more importantly the American people will have eyes to see this most amazing juxtaposition of these two hearings and will be confronted with the appalling reality that is in the heartland.

Governor Kathleen Sebelius has shown her brazen support of late-term abortion in condoning the death into the 9th month of pregnancy, well beyond viability. If given a chance, these babies would be born and would live with breath in their own lungs! Health Secretary Sebelius won’t let that happen.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, 'Indeed I tremble for my country when I consider God is just, and His justice will not sleep forever.'"

None of this should come as a surprise given that President Obama has never minced words about being one of the strongest proponents of abortion we've seen in a president in quite some time. I can't help but think that folks on both sides of this debate have to come to terms with the reality that there is a very shady and unethical side of the abortion industry that needs to be called out. Unfortunately, I don't think Sebelius' confirmation is going to help the matter in the least. Let's hope I'm wrong. Until then, I'm riding out the sympathy I'm getting from my husband as I battle the regular old flu.

(Update 4/30): I just noticed my spellchecker accidentally replaced "Sebelius" with "Rebellious" in a few instances. Um, wow. Didn't know spellcheckers were capable of freudian slips. I think my spellchecker is on to something though.

Posted by Ambra at April 29, 2009 6:29 PM in Abortion ,Current Events
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Yet one more reason Senator Brownback needs to be booted too. He supported Sebellius...had all sorts of nice things to say about her. What kind of pro-life conservative can ignore her bloody record? I ask you, who is more guilty? The one who says openly they support late term abortions, or the one who openly denounces the practice, but then helps their pro-death colleague into the White House? Brownback has no guts. He should have stood up and told the people the truth. Sebellius is an unrepentant baby killer who has no business being in charge of America's "health".

So, did you have all the symptoms of the flu?? And he kicked you out of the bedroom? What kind of a gentleman is that? You need the bed. You need the rest. I read somewhere online today that getting the flu helps you immunity for it when it comes around again. I hope that is comforting.

Yes M. Fox!! Anyone who supports Sebellius is extremely suspect. Her dealings are beyond shady. I'm not even sure why Democrats even support her quite frankly. She pushes way past the line of decency.

Joyce: I had nearly every symptom of swine flu except only a mild fever and no nausea (thank God). Fevers are the worst. Also, I self selected out of the bedroom. That's how we do it in our house. I prefer to be out of the bedroom anyway when I'm sick. Makes me feel claustrophobic and less like I'm infecting our private space. My husband is plenty a gentleman, thank you very much.

Maybe democrats support Sebellius precisely BECAUSE she 'pushes way past the line of decency'?

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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