Caught in a Fashion Faux-Pas: The Modified Mullet
August 12, 2007

Earlier this summer while attending my brother's all boys private prep school high school graduation, I couldn't help but home in on something incredibly tragic. It wasn't the sea of khaki and bowties or the overabundance of navy blue sport coats and Lacoste boat shoes present. It wasn't even the fact that my brother's graduating class had all of like ten black kids--or the tragedy that ten black males is actually quite impressive for the average private east coast school. No my dear friends, this offense was far more egregious. Seated in the crowd of proud parents, I spotted a modified mullet.

Seriously, people does this really need to be said? Apparently so. It didn't work for Steven Segal or Michael Bolton so what pray tell makes people think this look is even remotely attractive? Sure we can all agree that the mullet of the 80s was scandalous in its own right. We all prayed to God that trend would never ever return. Unfortunately, the next iteration of that fiasco can be seen above. So for all who have ever wondered, here are my two cents: if you are a man at no point and again I say at no point whatsoever should your hair be at varying lengths such that certain sections can be put into a ponytail while others cannot. Not only is it not acceptable; it's not cute. Let it go brotha...let that back bit of hair go.

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Posted by Ambra at August 12, 2007 11:30 PM in Fashion Faux Pas
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Alas, the mullet appears to be forever. Perhaps a reflection of the Fall.

Could the mullet be the Mark of Cain?
Naaaaaaaaah. MacGyver wouldn't have the Mark of Cain.

Idiomatic faux pas: "I couldn't help but hone in"

The phrase is "home in", as in a homing pigeon, or a missile homing in on Steven Seagal's mullet.

We can HOPE....

A Mullet, at a prep school graduation. WOW

even more disheartening than the modified mullet: the gheri-curled mullet that I have seen on some kuntri boys around the way.

If you cannot picture it in your head, consider yourself blessed

Isn't Russian blogspam GREAT?
I had to turn on the evil verification thingie at my blog 'cos of junk like that.

Can you post more often, please? i was SO excited to see you back online, but now you're not on anymore. PLEASE??? I love your stuff!

Funny! Not necessarily as faux pas as the mullet but perhaps just as painful and annoying, especially for men, is the continually emmerging Culture of Cleavage in this country. I document my feeling on it here:

Navigating the Culture of Cleavage

I read your bio. The only thing that separates us is about ten years and 10 states. Jack and Jill, prep school, etc. But, as one sister to another, please go back and get your degree. Believe me, the higher you go, the more doors you will find open; and the easier they are to kick open.


I have been a frequent visitor to your blog for some time now. Just as I was really getting into your blog, you disappear. I have been periodically checking and was delighted when you seem to finally return. What is now going on?? Where are your hard hitting posts? Why do you take so long to post anyway?
There is so much going on in the world right now. What are you thinking about it??

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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