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June 5, 2007

This past weekend we flew to Virginia for a graduation. At my parent's house, we're all sitting around the family room and the following discussion takes place. Another to file under disappointingly humorous conversations with my beloved mother:

Mom: Hey Ambra, remember that Cap'n Crunch Commercial you filmed?

Me: Totally. Would you believe I called Quaker Oats a few years ago to try to track down the tape?

Mom: And?

Me: They were very helpful. I described to the them the commercial, the production company, the year, and the cast: a little black girl and a white boy. They quickly sent me a tape. I popped it in and unfortunately it was ANOTHER little black girl and a white boy. Who knew Quaker Oats had such diversity.

Mom: Did you tell them it was for the Christmas Crunch cereal commercial in particular?

Me: Yes, but maybe I got the year wrong. Oh well. One day when I'm famous and on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno", they will track it down for me and play it as one of my "embarrassing clips."

Mom: Did you know you made like $8,000 from shooting that commercial?


Me: Um, all I ever got was a $1,500 check.

Mom: Yeah that was union pay for the actual day of the shoot. Your residual income was like $8,000 for the holiday months.


Me: What the heck? I never saw or knew about that money.

Mom: I know. We spent it on your private school tuition.

Me: Without my permission? What if I didn't want to spend it on that? I mean, I was in 8th grade; I wasn't exactly a little kid.

Mom: Private school was expensive. The money was invested well.

Me: Man, I feel like Gary Coleman up in here.


Me: Gary Coleman, Emmanuel Lewis, Macaulay Culkin, and Ambra Nykol on the next E! True Hollywood Story

Posted by Ambra at June 5, 2007 3:02 PM in Life
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8 grand for 1 day's work? My kids are pretty cute. You still got the name of your agent ?

LOL... I gotta see that commercial now. If you track it down, put it on YouTube! :)

Alas- the child is always the last to know.

Ha! I remember seeing that commercial! I do remember wondering how much you got paid for something like that, interesting to find out.

I have to say though, there was a time in middle school that I wanted to go switch to a public school like Garfield, but I'm glad my parents overruled that idea in the end.

Very funny story indeed. Parents just don't understand...

Keep posting!

It has been over ten days since...

It has been over ten days since...


As someone with a daughter almost your exact age, let me try to interpret the parent-ese for you.

"We spent the $8,000 on your private school tuition so you could have every advantage we could give you. And then you failed to get into Harvard, dropped out of Wesleyan, got fired for writing hate speech on you stupid blog and have generally screwed up. Just a teensy reminder."

Laura Harold
Bothering pompous a*s*s*e*s on the Internet since you were in diapers.

Many years ago when I started dating my father advised me to always take a good look a girl’s mother to gain insight into the woman the daughter would become. I would suspect that either Laura’s daughter is not married, or her daughter’s husband was without the fatherly advice provided to me by my dad. If the latter happens to be true, then I truly hoped he is not without a pre-nup.

Ambra, you are still a star. Keep up the good work.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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