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May 14, 2007

Where to begin? I don't expect too many to be viewing this post just yet as I haven't made the official rounds or notified those who used to frequent this site that it's back up and running. In many ways that's a very good thing as I have a bit of time to ramp up, spell check, and flex my writing, er.. typing muscles. I don't want to spend a great deal of time discussing why the year long hiatus, but I am happy to report this blog will live on.

So much has happened in my life between now and the last time I posted. Good stuff, but granted nothing I could've anticipated would keep me from one of the loves of my life for such an extended period of time. I am now 25 (a young twenty five though dangit), married and still pretty much as rebellious as ever just perhaps a bit wiser, more mature, slightly darker, and most definitely humbled. Much of the last year off has been spent planning a humdinger of a wedding (approximately 400+ attendees and if you're thinking of doing the same let me spare you the stress and just yell "DON'T!") and trying my best to adjust to a new husband (still feels weird typing that) who vehemently insists on putting ketchup on his tacos. I mean honestly, have you ever heard of such a thing?

That thing my parents used to tell me about time and how quickly it flies when you're older; it's amazing how proportionately true that statement gets over time.

The thing that utterly blows my mind is that we're coming up on another election year. Where in the WORLD did four years go? This blog really first started taking off around the 2004 election. I donned my Bush t-shirt with the rest of 'em and honestly, I don't regret for one second casting my first and second votes for George W. Bush. I don't pretend to understand the entirety of what's taken place over the last four years. To be quite honest, it kinda gives me a headache and only reaffirms my deeply held conviction that I am no political junkie and this is not exactly a political blog; it's a worldview blog. What I can say is that the political climate has very much changed. The culture has changed. Dare I even say the agenda has changed as well?

I myself am interested to see what opinions and ideas once again take shape on this here blog. I've gone back to read some of the older posts and it's somewhat like a time capsule -- equivalent to pulling platform shoes and bellbottoms out of an old dusty chest. I mean, who the heck is talking about Alan Keyes anymore? Is he even still alive? What about Bill Cosby's pound cake speech? That was so two years ago.

Needless to say, I have some catching up to do and it's hard to know where to start. One thing is for sure, when you haven't written anything in well over a year, there aren't a heck of a lot of people who still subscribe to your feed or even stop by to see if you have anything to say. It's kinda cool because it's like starting this blog all over again. That's all from me tonight. Lots more on the horizon.

Hope you'll stick around (again). I'm glad to be back.

P.S. It's 11:15 pm PST on Monday, May 14th so I still made my deadline. Ha!

Posted by Ambra at May 14, 2007 11:14 PM in Blogging
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So you made the deadline...pfft.

And, I can put ketchup on ANYTHING that is cooked.

Welcome back.

Welcome back, Ambra! I've kept you in my feeds subscriptions just in case, and am glad to see you pop back up on the radar. Congratulations on entering married-dom...you'll get used to writing the "h" word.

Welcome back! Glad I didn't delete you from my Bloglines feed. Looking forward to reading more about your view of the world.

I've been married eight half years and I still can't get used to the H word or calling myself Mrs. LOL

Welcome back! Of course, it was 1:15AM on May 15 where we live before your post went up (pick pick pick).

It has been almost four years since our wedding - and 17 months since the birth of our son. My wife and I estimate that we are sleep-deprived by several weeks, at least. Just file that info away for later...

Anyway, do tell what been going on!

Anyone notice that there is a Bratz movie coming out?

Its like Clueless all over again...

Heyyy...I liked Clueless. As for Bratz, yeah I'll address that. That entire concept is a disaster.

400 attendees? That's my whole town. Congratulations again

Congratulations ... and its about time !!! Your still my favorite read ... even though you voted for Bush. :-)

I knew you'd come back, which is why I kept coming here, but I don't get why you took such a long break, especially because your writing was so popular.

Yay! So glad you're back, Nykola! :)

Welcome Back!!

You were missed.

vehemently insists on putting ketchup on his tacos

Sounds like you got a keeper.

Whoa, you're alive after all! Nothing like leaving an internet full of people worried that you'd been swept away by a tornado or something. Hrmph!

Missed ya! :D

Just let him put ketchup on the tacos. It's better than about 60 other truly bad things he could be doing.

yes! glad to see you back!
and congrats on the wedding

Just wait until he tries the new HOT catsup. He will be putting it in his coffee.

Welcome back! It's nice to see bloggers reappear after disappearing off the face of the earth. :) Some of the blogs I used to frequent seem to have been abandoned, but I clack away at it even when there's not much to say. I do like your posts, and look forward to more.


Glad to see your words again, m'dear!

Hey! I just happened to check back in and lo and behold you're up and running again. Hurray!

Congrats on the wedding.

Looking forward to more of your world-view!



Welcome back! I saw a post of yours on BookerRising and thought "Hey! When did she start blogging again???".

Congrats on the wedding! As far as the life changes and time flying by, just wait til you hit 30 and/or have kids! Thats when the fun really begins. ;-)

Welcome back Ambra! It is great to see you blogging again. I still have you linked to my blog and every so often I would check over here to see if there was any activity. I was starting to get tempted to de-link you.LOL I'm very happy that I resisted! I look forward to reading your wonderful posts again.

God bless!

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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