New Additions!
December 30, 2005

Right so about that big announcement. I'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to the family, Sophie, my new miniature schnauzer puppy. She was a Christmas Eve gift given to me by my new fiance just before he got down on one knee. It happened in front of my entire family which was the best.

And just for the record, sporadic blogging has had absolutely nothing to do with the man in my life. In fact, if he had his way, I'd be blogging every day. We solicit your prayers during this very exciting time. Now if only we can keep the guest list under 500.

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Posted by Ambra at December 30, 2005 10:51 AM in Life
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Wow!! I wish I had a new financier, too. My current one (my wife) is gettin' tight with the loot. I needs somebody to help pay my bills and put my youngins through college. Where did you find this person so willing to bestow untold wealth upon you? At, perhaps? And congrats on the new pooch, too. The new cash flow will come in handy in feeding her. And do you have to repay the funding, or is it in the form of a grant, or what? What's the interest rate, etc?

All the best to you and your soon-to-be husband! The puppy is too cute and the ring is beautiful. God Bless.

In my most stern big-brother-in-Christ voice:

"Are you sure you're ready to be married, baby girl??!!!"


Hopefully your fiance does not mind strange internet males buying you gifts..

He probably would.

I would.

congrats ambra! this is great news...and your puppy is so cute :)

Oh, sure, we get a picture of the DOG.

Oh. Fiance. Never mind.

Congratulations Ambra!!! That's a great way to bring in the New Year. I wish the two of you all the best.

many congratulations on your engagement (looks like the commenters knew it was coming!) know that you and your family are all in many of our prayers during this time and in the future.

God bless ambra

Congrats! I knew you wouldn't stay single for too long.

Very cute puppy!

Congratulations on the engagement! Seems like these are exciting days for you. God bless your new family.

Alex wrote: "Hopefully your fiance does not mind strange internet males buying you gifts"

Are you kidding?? We're all for wedding gifts! Heck, we might even stream the wedding online....

then again, nahhhhhhhhh

well, that's a bet i don't mind losing. congratulations to you both (and the pup)!

crate train the dog & life with a puppy will be grand!!!



...hopefully, there will be more of a story to tell in the future.

...not that i'm nosey or anything. ;o)

Advice from a man married 56yrs. Don't let the little things be a problem and the big ones will take care of themselves. I wish you all the happyness my wife and have enjoyed. Bytheway, We have five children (four living) 23 Grandchildren and 25 Greatgrandchildren. No, that is not a challenge.

Good engagement present~(the ring AND the dream dog)! Your fiance must be quite a man to be able to win the heart of someone as bright and as much of a culture-force powerhouse as you, Ambra.

..oh, have at least 3 kids!(and more, if you are up to it) They are a huge blessing!

congrats ambra. i thought you were bluffing, lol. shows what i know

I never bluff. It's not my character.


I know you only through this blog, but I am truly excited for you! Please accept my most sincere and heartfelt blessings and good wishes for you and your fiance.

Wow! I just love it when good things happen to good people. Man.


Where's your fiance's pic? How did you meet him? Are you getting premarital counseling? If not, you should. Otherwise you'll be in for a surprise (eventually).

What great Christmas presents! On bended knee, too? Congrats. Your fiance is smooth, with that surprise. If I may ask, have you set a date for the wedding! Again, best wishes on your future.


I may post engagement pictures if we get them and definitely wedding pictures when all is said and done.

We met at our church about 6 years ago when he invited me to a Bible study called "Experiencing God." We're still at the same church today.

As for pre-marital counseling, it's a non-negotiable. Not only will our pastor NOT marry us without it, we personally would never get married without it. Additionally we've been mentored throughout the entire courtship process. We don't take this lightly in the least.

And no, no date yet. That's being discussed as we speak. We ain't waitin too long if you know what I mean. He's waited 28 years, me 24 so it's time to get this party started.

I'm so stinking happy about this!!

Big, big, huge congratulations!


are you going to put up an online wedding registry? :)

From one who's been through the engagement thing---indeed, don't have a long engagement. Six months tops. If you can do it in somewhat less, so much the better.

Btw, I was 24 when I got married, too. I was so surprised to get married that relatively young.I had figured 30 would come and go, and I'd still be looking for someone who was interesting enough to me. But no, Mr. Good Guy was right there, in my early 20's, pulling me into the marriage thing.

Double congrats, Ambra!

What wonderful news!

Happy New Year!!! Long time no see! I was just popping in to see if you had anything new going on and I see you've got plenty. Congratulations to you, that is a beautiful thing. I'm so happy for you!

Congratulations, best wishes for a blessed union.

I've been a lurker at your blog for a few months now.

Congratulations on your engagement. And I just adore Sophie. I have two mini-schnauzers myself. I know you'll love her.

Stay blessed.


What a lucky guy!! I will pray for him! (hee hee)

You guys should go to a Gary Chapman marriage seminar. They are wonderful. Let me know if you want to go ( and we will get you tickets.
We went to one recently with him and Crawford Loritts. It was amazing. We learned tons of stuff after 21 years of marriage.

CONGRATULATIONS Ambra! That's fantastic! It's also encouraging (and considering your character, not surprising) to see that you're both walking through this relationship and to the wedding in such a wise Godly way. VERY cool. By the way, "Experiencing God" was a life changer for me too, just not the same way! :) I taught it just before taking my job with the radio station.

I'm adding you and your fiance to my calendar for constant prayer and look forward to seeing what God will do with you both.

Congratulations Ambra. Not that he wants you to put his biz out on the street but i would like to know more about your fiance and i think other readers would too. i'm not trying to tell you what to do with your blog, but hopefully we'll meet him in a future post. i wanna know everything from his career to his blood type to his favorite brand name of toothpaste

Best to you and your betrothed.


Congratulations Ambra!

You are off to a great start in keeping Jesus at the center of your marriage. When you both humble yourselves to Him, then neither of you will get too big-headed towards the other. My wife and I did not start that way, but grew into accepting the Lord in our marriage and after 19 years I can't imagine another way.

I'm very happy for you, and pray that the Lord will bless you with many man-children (oh OK, some Ambra Jr's would be nice too!).

Blessings on both of you! Here's my gift to the new family that you are getting ready to start:

As God blesses you and your husband with children, remember that your job as a parent is not simply to raise a child to become a responsible, wise, Christian adult. With each child, your job will be to raise godly parents for your grandchildren. You are engaged in a multi-generational project (and those are the best kind).

As you face the inevitable challenges ahead, keep that in mind, and ask yourselves along the way, "What kind of parent do I want my grandchildren to have?" And if you can manage it, get your children to ask that same question about themselves.


Laser: Are you seriously overzealous for hordes of little Ambras running around telling us their opinion matter-of-factly, unabashed?

Just kidding. That is what we need. Seriously.

Congratulation Nykola on your engagement and your new puppy!!!!!!


Lots of pictures of that cute doggie, but where's HIS picture? Are you afraid that if you post it, some other gal will move in and steal him away?

I suspect he's too far gone for anyone but you.

Mike P:

Get real.


Still gonna move East?

wonderful news. all best wishes to you both.

So cool Ambra. Congratulations and God bless your union.

Burt out BLOGGER,

You seem to be burnt out blogging and you seem to be bored with blogging on your own blog. I know you are busy, but you have a blog also and if it was not for all of those. Other black conservatives having you link on their blogrolls.

You would not get as many comments. You and are bored why not shut down the comment section and just post as you like.

I know you are bored AMBRA BLACKPUNDIT.COM is TOO So is (mulatto advocate).

I know you are doing other things but who is not these days. So I sure you are going to come and say you are not burnt out and bored but we all know when bloggers stop blogging frequently they have gotten bored and burnt out. unless they are in JAIL, Prison (The Pin also know as timeout, because they are away from society), DEAD, etc.

One of these reasons people get bored and burnt out blogging is because they don't write enough of their own stuff. They keep repeating what other people say. And, they get bored with themselves and their blogs.

I just noticed all of this that's all AMBRA and I asked a question that only a few people asked you. The rest are scared and me too but somebody had to ask.

what in the heck was that?

yeah Lori that was pretty weird

Yeah, ummm...every well-read, active, newly-engaged person with a brand-new puppy running around, is bored.

Ease up hummmmm, the woman just posted.

What wonderful news! Oh, and the engagement thingy is cool too :)

I wish you nothing but the best.

To Alex: "hordes of little Ambras running around telling us their opinion matter-of-factly, unabashed?"

Nope. That's not enough. I'm enthused about MULTIPLE GENERATIONS of little Ambras running around, as well as MULTIPLE GENERATIONS of little "Mr. Rights" running around, all bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth being doing God's will here on the earth.

Yep. That's what I'm enthused about. Way to go Ambra.

Obviously, that should have been "by" doing not "being" doing.

I like your site, Ambra. Keep up the good work!

Wow Ambra! Congratulations! That is fantastic news. :)

What a sweetie... giving you a puppy and then a ring! I would have cried like a fool. :)

God bless you both!
Take care,

How serendipitous to stumble into your blog albeit a little late. As the father in an inter-racial family, mama and I are consistently on the lookout for positive role models to offset the garbage vendors on BET/MTV/ETC...I believe we will make your place required the kids are old enough to read that is.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am one of the people you sent a Christmas card to last year.. and I have really missed your blogging! GOOD LUCK in rainy freakin Seattle with your soon to be husband and cutest puppy in the world! GOD BLESS.

The cutest photo of Sophie is the one where she is peeking out of the box, with her cute little head and front paws sticking out!

Cool puppy. Schnauzers are the best. J-Dog thinks you are wise to get married, it's God's plan. Remember to be fruitful...

So.... It's been 10 days. Please post something. I am growing weary of getting my hopes up only to have them cruelly dashed. I can't take it.

Sometimes when Ambra is gone I entertain myself by thinking for myself.

It's a tad mundane, I know.. but it gets the job done.

yes.this is my site Thanks.

My thing is, why does a sista have to be bored? How bout she's just busy.

Crack kills..

Just found your blog ~ read your exciting news and just had to say CONGRATULATIONS ~ Long may you love ...

you're the only person from seattle that i know so you will have to absorb my anger. THE CAROLINA PANTHERS ROCK AND THE SEAHAWKS ARE GOING TO GET THRASHED IN THE SUPER BOWL!! STEVE SMITH FOREVER!!


(Stretching) "Yaaaaaawn."

Must read article from Fox News on Zacarias Moussaoui:,2933,183910,00.html

If the new fiance is 20% as cute as this little doggie, you should be in heaven, Ambra!

Best wishes, sweetie.

HOPEFULLY I WON'T have to be on the list and I'll be IN the wedding ;) LOVE YA!

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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