Back and Still Black
November 15, 2005

Clear your caches folks, I'm back. The general theme of my inbox the last couple of weeks goes something like this [as excerpted from an actual email]:

From: Joe Reader
Subject: I'm sure you're busy, but this is getting ridiculous

Dear Ambra,

It looks like whatever new endeavors you've been pursuing during your sabbatical from have become all-consuming. If so, I wonder if you might post something on the website to let your faithful readers know that you really are not dead yet. Maybe even give a hint of what's gobbling up your time?

Just a thought. Seems a shame to waste all the goodwill you built up through by just neglecting it. It's that whole stewardship thang.

Concerned reader, friend, retired pastor, lawyer, mom in (insert Southern state), etc.

So at first the emails on my whereabouts were just genuine concern and very flattering pleas that I come back. Now I'm getting scolded. Point taken, readers. Point taken.

Life has been immensely busy and forced me to use my palm pilot and every other type of electronic calendaring device I can find including excessive amounts of post-it notes (why oh why didn't *I* invent the post-it note?). I've been talking to publishers and signing on to new projects, and biting off more than I can chew and all that stuff I'm supposed to be doing as a foolish college drop-out. For now that's all I'll say. There's lots of fun on the horizon, however!

But I'm back and hopefully in full-effect.

Posted by Ambra at November 15, 2005 4:56 AM in Life
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I missed you. Welcome back.


Yeah, you black alright, baby girl. :)

Welcome back!

So glad you are back. Your blog is set as one of my Favorites and look forward to seeing what you have to say everyday....
-Marylyn, a fellow Seattleite

You are cute when you are contrite. I wish you a lot of work and a little bit of fun.

You can't give details about what's been happening?


That was me EXHALING after HOLDING MY BREATH since back in oh-dark-October or whenever it was that seasonally-affected-disorder or whatever it was "affected" your blogging brain.

Don't do that again! Okay? Or wait until August and take that waste of month off or something.

And meet me tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon at Bonefish if you want to catch up.

It is good to have you back.

Never thought I'd resort to name calling, but until I see entries from you on a consistent schedule, all I can say is, You big tease. I refuse to get my hopes up only to have you dash them against the rocks of despair all over again.

[See, y'all, I'm using what they call reverse psychology on her now. See, she won't realize it--'cause she didn't finish college--until it's too late and she's already back blogging 2, 3, 4 times a day.]

Never any need to apologize for breaks- all columnists and diarists take 'em.

(I know, I know, "diary" comes from the word "dia", meaning daily. But who doesn't take time off)

Welcome back. Glad to hear you were busy with exciting things - waiting to hear more when you have a chance.

Welcome back! I see I got your attention. Thanks for the compliment. And I'm glad that your temporary absence was due to a plethora of opportunities bursting forth in your life. That's what life is supposed to be like.

Blessing to you, Ambra.

Your concerned reader, and lawyer-friend,

Miss Nykol: As you said, you have bitten off more than you can chew. That is, your developing opportunities and other interests are of more importance than this blog and its regular maintenance. And that is fine. Grab the brass ring and never let go. So, do not be hopeful and put your character in question. Be definite and in full effect. Close down this blog, and, may good fortune attend you.

Ummmm I'm gonna say an emphatic no, quentin. I'm no fool, but thanks for the suggestion. Oh and I don't believe iin good fortune, just the favor of God.

Some of the posts above have lead me to believe that some of you guys do not have lives.

Now maybe your blog will be blessed with your ideas on how well the republican camp is doing. *cheese* In regards to your previos post about a estrogen driven president, wouldn't Condolezza fit as well as "Killer Bee" in a head to head debate. Goodness I know I'm biased but I would enjoy a good match of mud wrestling.

Glad you're back...I read you months ago...wait a forever ago :)

Have a great Thanksgiving. You are one I'm thankful for.

Have a great Thanksgiving and holiday weekend! And please do blog when you get the chance. I love your writing, I've got you linked on my sidebar ... now I'm just waiting for an excuse to feature a link to you in one of my posts.

No pressure.

I am delirious with joy. I certainly missed you.

so..... What about the Supreme Court soap opera?

You lieeee-I want to see some new posts and have been waiting for two weeks after your teaser posts. Come back!

So much for my reverse psychology, huh?

Still missing the thoughtful insights of your column (oh, and you, too)

I'm going to conquer Ambra's blog while she's not looking. And i'm going to blog about the importance of collegiate liberalism AHAHAHAHAHA!! Try to stop me i'm evil

In case anyone is wondering:

电热膜 = electrothermal coating
氧气测试仪 = oxygen detector
大型贮罐 = large-scale storage tank

A Chinese person told me.

17 days later....*crickets chirping*. No pressure though. Really. No. Pressure. ;-)

Black...yes. Back...not so much.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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