Overheard at the Beauty Salon
October 19, 2005

It's amazing how a relaxing experience can be completely ruined by one ignorant conversation:

Man: Yeah so I got a call today from my youngest son telling me that John, my oldest son had two girls over to play video games.

Stylist: Well as long as they're just playing video games, that's okay.

Man: Yeah but you know, he's getting towards that age.

Stylist: How old is John again?

Man: He's 17. He's a senior in high school.

Stylist: Well, just give him some condoms, say a prayer, and send him out the door.

Man: That's about all I can do.

Planned Parenthood public school sex education rears its ugly head.

I'm back this weekend, ya'll. Life's kicking my butt right about now (in a very very good way).

Posted by Ambra at October 19, 2005 11:30 PM in Life
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YIKES!!! Nothing like ruining a good visit to the salon! And they act like nothing can be done...let them do whatever! That's sick.

and nothing like do-nothing parenting to help set up a child for failure....

How much interest would 2 teenage girls have in playing video games? It would have been like me in the last century inviting two girls to view my "etchings". Those girls will be playing games, but it won't be video ones.

[Glad to hear you're getting kicked in a "good" way. Blessings can come in strange ways sometimes.]

Then again do we want people like that reproducing?

Please share with us how life is very very good for you.

What, Dad, no Margaritas and doobies for the little ones?

*raises hand* when I was a teenager, I was MUCH more interested in my friends' video games than whether they were boys or girls.

Luckily, my parents didn't let me play enough of them then to mess up my homework. But if they'd let me -- I'd have had NOTHING on my mind except for video games.

As for this confirmation -- how are our kids supposed to make decisions if we don't even present it to them as a choice but, rather, fait accompli -- something that has already happened?

This feels like neglect of duty on the part of the parents AND Society (the stylist)!

Sad but true, Ambra. I wonder if the man in the conversation will also shell out for a hotel room for the couple (or was it a trio?).

OMG. I just handed in an assignemnt on this for my developmental psychology course, examining the factors that lead to the vulnerablilty of adolescents contracting HIV/AIDS and STI's. Bad parenting was #1 on my list!

I wonder if the stylist’s comments would have been the same if 2 boys were coming over to play “games” with the man's daughter. There is always the talk about the high cost of teenage pregnancy on our society without the mention of personal and parental responsibility. I doubt if the “man” in the salon is willing to pay for the cost for his son’s potential actions beyond supplying him with the free condoms provided by those who want to create more government aid dependent voters, but that is just my opinion.

Ambra, where have you been? You have been sorely missed.

What else do you propose he does?

Duh, talk to the kid!

Lord have mercy! (And I'm not just saying that.)

What is WITH parents these days? It's no wonder our youth are in trouble, what with their parents' "Can't do anything, let 'em do what they like..." lazy attitude.

*cuts off rant before I go crazy*

Sorry, Ambra. Such blatant stupidity irritates me.

Well for starters, XYBORG, I sure wouldn't slap a condom on the kid. In fact, I would never ever ever ever under any circumstances, ever give my child a condom. Many people who say this say so because it becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy and/or it communicates an intended result. And I would tend to agree. However, my reason is slightly different.

I wouldn't give a kid a condom because it is suggests that it will in some way, protect them. To me that's a lie and I refuse to lie to teenagers. And sure, from maybe a condom fends off few STDs and a couple of unwanted pregnancies and subsequent abortions. But actually, I'm not convinced those are the worst outcomes of pre-marital sex. The worst outcomes of pre-marital s ex are soul ties and emotional baggage that can remain with you for a life time. The regret that comes after you realized you just gave something to someone that can never be taken back. The guilt. The doubt. Sex is about becoming one with another person. Ultimately that person should be your spouse. Going around and "becoming one" with a bunch of different people is dangerous emotionally--for women especially. Condoms don't protect you from that.

And yes, conversation is necessary. Sexual urges and feelings are nature. But as with all things, the initial urge isn't the call to do; it's the call to prepare. If it was my son, I'd talk about being responsible with his seed--Not awakening love before its time. There is so much to say.

There are a whole crop of young men who don't have bad breath and high-waters and have made a conscious decision to wait.

"Man: Yeah so I got a call today from my youngest son telling me that John, my oldest son had two girls over to play video games."

WTF! dude are you serious? i am still tripping on that.

you hear the most ignorant stuff at barber shops.

Ambra, didn't you know that condoms are a panacea for all of that?!

Just strap it on, and you will become a inoculated to STDs, gain the wisdom of a middle-aged adult and display perfect discernment in the midst of the desire to 'fulfill' your libido.

Afterall, teenager is the new adult in these dark and evil days.. and apparently adult is the new teenager.

Hmmm, too bad there isn't just as much beauty shop conversation with the likes of Rove, Libby and fresh Meirs news upon the lips to post about.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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