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Overheard at the Beauty Salon
October 19, 2005

It's amazing how a relaxing experience can be completely ruined by one ignorant conversation:

Man: Yeah so I got a call today from my youngest son telling me that John, my oldest son had two girls over to play video games.

Stylist: Well as long as they're just playing video games, that's okay.

Man: Yeah but you know, he's getting towards that age.

Stylist: How old is John again?

Man: He's 17. He's a senior in high school.

Stylist: Well, just give him some condoms, say a prayer, and send him out the door.

Man: That's about all I can do.

Planned Parenthood public school sex education rears its ugly head.

I'm back this weekend, ya'll. Life's kicking my butt right about now (in a very very good way).

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What I Love About America
October 5, 2005

Joseph C. Phillips (please rise for the mention of a Cosby Show alum) has asked a few of us to write about why we love America. That's an episodic endeavor so I'll probably attempt it later this week when I'm not sleep-deprived. In the meantime, Michael Bowen's list, "100 Things I Love About America" started the first meme I actually thought worthy enough to contribute to. And yes I sure did just finish that sentence with a preposition and start this one with a conjunction. Hi, my name is Ambra Nykol and this is MY website. Grammar is all relative here.

I didn't have time to get to 100, but with all poignancy aside, here are 63 things I love about America:

  1. The overflow of leather-bound Bibles and the freedom to read those Bibles.
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. The Grambling State University Marching Band
  4. Weddings
  5. 20 nail salons within a 5 block radius
  6. The South
  7. The Reflecting Pool
  8. Washington D.C.
  9. Worship Music
  10. Baby Dedications
  11. The New York Subway
  12. Private Schools
  13. Apple Computers
  14. Bacon
  15. eBay
  16. Times Square
  17. the Cheesecake Factory
  18. The Gap
  19. The Right to Bear Arms
  20. Lake Washington
  21. AAA
  22. 24-Hour Walgreen's
  23. Ukrop's
  24. Free Wi-fi
  25. Overpriced coffee
  26. The Debit Card
  27. Google
  28. Jazz
  29. Bill Cosby
  30. Elevator Music
  31. Front porches
  32. Cobblestone roads
  33. Philly Cheesesteaks
  34. The Blue Angels
  35. Collard Greens
  36. Manhattan
  37. Cable Television
  38. Salmon
  39. Dallas, Texas
  40. Strawberry Lemonade
  41. Trader Joe's
  42. Cotillions
  43. Walla Walla Onions
  44. American Apparel
  45. Chik-Fil-A
  46. Northface
  47. Choices
  48. Burgermaster
  49. Jeans
  50. Granny Smith Apples
  51. Nordstrom
  52. The Cosby Show
  53. Peach Cobbler
  54. Barnes & Noble
  55. Hip hop
  56. Malls
  57. Strawberry Shortcake
  58. TiVo
  59. 24-Hour Fitness
  60. Leather
  61. Snood, Minesweeper, Tetris, and Solitaire (otherwise known as the world's most addictive computer games)
  62. Sundays
  63. The Grand Canyon (from a distance)
So I've noticed that the majority of these items have to do with food. Forgive me for being a glutton. Take Cobb's meme and run with it. I think this one is fantabulous.

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The Battle Unseen
October 4, 2005

Yesterday, President Bush made a whole plethora of Republicans upset and I must say, I couldn't be more proud of him. I count myself among the too frequently silent remnant that seem to genuinely believe that President Bush is the man for this hour. Not the man for the Republican Party. Not the man for the Conservative movement, but the man for such a time as this. Nevermind our disagreements. For even prior to his election, President Bush and I had our differences. In fact, on almost a monthly basis, our dear leader does or says something that drives me to frustration. The difference however is that I don't believe President Bush's success in office should be determined by what he has and hasn't done to further the "conservative agenda." His success should be determined by his obedience to what he knows to be right because like everyone else, President Bush will also give an account for his life, his decisions, and his stewardship of the responsibility of the presidency. Whereas it seems that some citizens want a presidential puppet, today I am convinced President Bush isn't out for man's approval. I submit to you that this is exactly the type of president we want to have.

Oh how I love it when the foolish things confound the wise.

It seems President Bush has kicked up quite a bit of dust in the conservative camp with his recent nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. The feedback is oh so telling of the shortcomings of left and right thinking. It's usually selfish and wrought with tunnel-vision.

Chanters from the supposed pro-Bush crowd have emerged in all their elephant hat wearing splendor to declare Miers "unqualified" for the job. Apparently these folks aren't familiar with 75% of the Bible--a living testament of unqualified people doing incredible things. Many people have criticized her lack of judicial experience, her relationship to the Bush family, her thin paper trail and her older age (60 years old won't give her a whole lot of time on the court). Nevertheless, the disappointment and feeling of betrayal with this nomination can be chopped up to one big gripe, "How do we even know she is a conservative?" Apparently, Miers doesn't have the appropriate conservative credentials. Perhaps someone can explain to me the substance of the alleged requisite credentials? A subscription to "The National Review" and a gun?

Now I may not be the most profound political theorist, and certainly I didn't graduate from Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government but I know one thing: Planned Parenthood is afraid. Take note folks, they do their research. Fear is a good sign. Today on their activist site "saveroe.com," the following was posted:

President Bush has just nominated Harriet Miers to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the U.S. Supreme Court. If President Bush puts an extremist judge on the Supreme Court, there will likely be enough votes in place to reverse hard-won gains for women's equality. Some of the rights, liberties and freedoms that we now take for granted may disappear in this new court.
I am certain there is a laundry list of other people that we human beings in our infinite wisdom would deem "more qualified for the job." But I am convinced President Bush is after something bigger here. Years from now, when we look back in the history books, I'm not so sure Iraq or social security or the future of the Republican Party will be lauded as the key focal points of Bush's second term. I believe the major battle in America is the battle for the unborn. It makes perfect sense. The abortion movement isn't just killing babies; it's killing one of the greatest commodities on the earth right now: human potential.

The opportunity of appointing two Supreme Court justices is by my humble analysis, the most important decision of Bush's presidency. If the only reason President Bush is in office is to move this country one step closer to eradicating nationwide infanticide, then so be it. So I'm sorry Cindy Sheehan and all the others who are upset with George W. Bush. I deem this an important enough issue that would cause me to give him a vote of confidence even if it's the only thing he does right (which as far as I can see, won't be the case). Don't be deceived by those who say change is impossible. It is quite possible that Roe v. Wade could be overturned sooner than we think.

The Conservative Voice points out that above all political affiliations (my kind of language), Miers is an "Evangelical Christian" which (not getting into the umpteen improper definitions associated with that word including but not limited to the inaccuracy of the word "evangelical" itself) a little research will show, guarantees that Miers probably knows how to be a better "conservative" than even the most "moral" member of the Andrew Sullivan fan club.

Yeah I'm feeling my independent oats today.

Has it occurred to anyone that just maybe our president is attempting to be strategic? Could it be the very fact that Miers doesn't have a papertrail that may make her a stronger nominee? Time will tell. But the pro-choice (to kill children) camp made it quite clear that they are uneasy. They are uneasy that they can't pin Miers as a staunch Conservative, and they were uneasy with John Roberts' strategic answering of abortion-rights related questions. Answers that without much wisdom, could have surely lost him favor. Thus far, I see one throughline in all of Bush's nominations: calculated ambiguity. Which isn't to say his Supreme Court nominees don't have a clear stance on the hottest of all hot topics. Indeed they do, but they are using wisdom and truth in their reveal.

This is about far more than political gain folks. If we can't begin to see beyond our own man-made political affiliatory hang-ups, we are going play a part in running this country into the ground.

I'm breakin out the pink t-shirt.

President Bush, I trust you on this one.

Update (10/4): Blogger Patrick Ruffini makes it plain:

"At the risk of drawing the undying enmity of The Herd, I'm going to state categorically that conservatism is sitting pretty at this hour. That's because Harry Reid has just been hosed – and he doesn't even know it.

The navel gazers are nabobing about another Souter. That's silly. The Court will almost certainly move to the right as a result of the nomination and confirmation of Harriet Miers. And here's why.

It's true. Little is known about the views of Harriet Miers. But what is known, through official and unofficial channels, paints a picture of a conservative Texas lawyer with rock-solid beliefs on life, strong religious convictions, and a modesty that should allay fears of a renegade Justice determined to remake society through the courts. John Roberts was the silver-tongued, inside-the-Beltway pick for the Court; Miers is the plain spoken red stater."

Read the whole thing.

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