Perhaps the most important decision President Bush will ever make
September 3, 2005

Justice William Rehnquist's time on earth is up. God give strength to his family and friends in their time of grief and loss.

As far as I am concerned, the best way to honor the Rehnquist legacy is to ensure that a person who will stand for truth is seated in Rehnquist's place. And now two positions are open. Trust, these appointments will be fought with the sincerest vigilance because of what they represent. Certain parties are already in fear of what it might mean if favored appointee as the new Chief Justice, Antonin Scalia is indeed given the honor. What a seriously large burden of leadership our president must bear amidst a national disaster. Pray for this country and its citizens. There is much shifting going on with lots of people looking for someone to blame. This window of opportunity will make President Bush hated all the more.

Posted by Ambra at September 3, 2005 9:45 PM in Politics
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America is a "promised land" to those who serve God. If they do not...

This would be an ideal time to resurrect former Chief Justice John Jay, or better yet Judge Roy Bean (one might have to google him).

LOL, Nelly, I love Judge Roy Bean. Along with Bear and Ms Lily Langtree of course.

i read your site often and even though i strongly disagree with you on almost everything, i also strongly respect you for intelligently discussing social issues that aren't qiute pc. but i would like to present an alternative viewpoint on current events. what if all that is going on in the world today were a test? a test of our compassion, faith, love, and tolerance. a test of how we as people relate to the world around us. are we as Christians, believers in the teachings of Jesus Christ, behaving correctly in response to what God has placed upon us? there is a reason and a season for everything and i believe we are being given an opportunity to grow deep in our faith and learn the true meanings and applications that Christianity was founded upon. there is a reason that all of these storms (personal,social, political, natural) are coming to us full force. i don't think God is punishing us but forcing us to learn to love each other as Jesus loved us, unconditionally. so maybe instead of continuing to judge, condemn, blame, and shame, we are being called to lead lives of love, acceptance, and understanding. that's about as short as i can make it but feel free to email me for clarification.

mostly Christians

Huh? Do you have statistics to back that claim up?

I guess it doesn't matter, Ambra wasn't claiming God's justice so much as as His mercy. She said there was fair warning for those in New Orleans (and I might add that there was more than just prophetic warning).

But this post is about a new Chief Justice. I'm curious (now being Monday, after the President has made his nominee known) about your thoughts, Ambra.

Janice Rogers Brown. Janice Rogers Brown. Janice Rogers Brown. Janice Rogers Brown. Janice Rogers Brown. Janice Rogers Brown. Janice Rogers Brown. Janice Rogers Brown.


I agree with aj to start...I began reading your blog to get out of my comfort zone and stretch my mind, and it worked! Though I often disagreed with you, you always made me think, which is a quality I really enjoyed in your writing.

Your last post - the one w/commenting turned off, you know the one I mean - was, I'm afraid, too much for me. I won't offer specifics, as you clearly do not want to hear an exchange of ideas on the subject - and this is, after all, *your* blog!

I am a Christian, too, and what serves me now, with family displaced by this dreadful storm, is focusing on grace, compassion, love, hope, tolerance and kindness. Unlike aj, though, who I think was exceedingly polite, my open-mindedness cannot now and will never stretch far enough to be able to abide the ideas you posed in your last message. I'm afraid I won't be back.

Ambra, I do hope you find what it is you are looking for.

Peace be with you.

Sean...I'm still thinking about it.

I, for one, am eternally grateful that God did not just "love, accept, understand, and tolerate" me when I was drowning in a life of sin. Instead, he loved, corrected, and challenged me to change my ways. Though difficult and extremely humbling, my decision to heed his warnings have allowed me to know peace and joy ever since.

My stomach is sick with the realization that the Bush presidency will outlast his tenure in office. The man is the most incompetent president I've know in my 36 years on earth. Now, he decisions will have an impact on our judicial system for generations. Is it not bad enough he and his neo-con underlings got us into a "war by choice" - now this. Yes, I will pray because he's going to screw it up like he did Iraq, Social Security, Education, illegal immigration and Medicare... Lord help us.

"war by choice"?
-james manning

Every war is a choice. You can always choose to die. About 50% of the poopulation disagrees with your opinion so quit making it sound like you are the national barometer. And also quit with the tired "intelligence" complaint. He is apparently smarter than the Democrats.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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