On Giving & the Church
September 3, 2005

For the record, I'm endorsing World Vision which is a *cringe* para-church organization, but nevertheless, I know them well and respect what they do. I trust their integrity. I want to know where my money is going. I will also be giving through my local congregation. I encourage all to be wise stewards of finances by being educated in your giving.

To the question of "Where is the Church?," I want to take it a step further. A few people have ratted off lists of all the churches who are giving or have recently thrown up a donation button. I think that's great and I agree, the media probably isn't going around trying write stories about all the aid the church is giving. But I am more interested in where the church is physically, emotionally, and spiritually in relation to what's taking place down South.

Pastor Wendell Smith, a prominent pastor I respect greatly in the Pacific Northwest has outlined what he believes we should be doing. I endorse this. He also discusses what some churches throughout the country are doing beyond just giving monetarily. He mentions Faith Church, a large church pastored by a friend of his, and currently submerged under 14 feet of water. Local members of the body there can barely help themselves right now, let alone minister (def: to serve). Brethren in the faith, especially those in outlying areas need to step up.

I'm telling you, giving money is just one solution to a very big problem. I like hearing about people actually doing things with their money. One reader writes:

"My husband and I will be paying a month's rent for a few Katrina victims who are being furnished apartments in our state."
I like hearing about this. I'm curious to know what other ways people are sacrificing for the needs of others.

Posted by Ambra at September 3, 2005 9:30 AM in Theocracy
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The EUR has posted something about what some churches are doing.

But, your filter won't let the link pass. So, just go here:


Do you have any sense what those of us in places like Seattle can do, other than give money? I, and several people I know, are very willing to offer space in our homes to people who need it, but I can't imagine that people from New Orleans are going to be comforted by moving up to Seattle (in the winter, no less) to live with strangers.


Ambra, there IS a great need for monetary donations right now. Money is the medium we use in our society to exchange goods and services over a long distance. As the commenter from Seattle indicated, giving money is abou the only thing that can be done from such a distance right now.
That said, I posted two or three "lists" of churches in my area (Houston) that are doing far more than "just throwing up a donation button." Churches in my area are doing stuff---serving meals, opening shelters, finding places for people to stay in homes, taking meals to people in motels, forming rebuilding teams to go to Louisiana, etc.

Chris, as soon as I figure that out, I will give my suggestions. I'm giving financially, but I'm not satisfied with that. At all. Right now I'm trying to researcha and figure out if there are any direct contacts with housing in the area surrounding Louisiana.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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