August 26, 2005

This site has been sporadically updated, I know. I am one busy girl. As an aside, do you know that it is near impossible for me to read, write, or say the word "sporadically" without conjuring lines from the movie, "Clueless?" If you've seen it, you understand. I'm not going to say much more on that since there is a small part of me that remains somewhat embarrassed by the fact that I've actually watched that movie. Ah the power of the film industry. I digress.

A reader emailed me last week, requesting more "What Ambra is up to/A day in the life" type posts. Not sure I'm willing to go there, but I will tell you this: I take a plethora of vitamins every day (as we all should) and they are easier on the stomach when taken with food. A few minutes ago, I didn't have any food near me save a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. So I grabbed a doughnut and ate it with my vitamins. Tell me that is not funny.

I think I am going to spend a great deal of next week, publicly responding to email Dear Abbey style. From abortion to spanking to Kanye West, my inbox this week has seen some interesting stuff. Why not share it with the world? (Anonymously of course) If you have a request, shoot it my way. I'd be glad to offer my perspective. That is, unless I don't have one.

Posted by Ambra at August 26, 2005 3:41 PM in Life
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Can't imagine a topic that you would not have some perspective on, even if it was just, "Uh, that's stoopid." But it sounds like we have some great exchanges to look forward to next week.

By the way, I'm a supplement devotee, as well. Are you taking only vitamins, or stuff like garlic, lycopene (oh, wait, you don't need's for the "prostrate"), fish oil/Omega-3, CoQ10, etc? I ask 'cause not everything is as effective when taken with food. It's really a pain, though, to have to split up the pill-popping into pre-breakfast and post-breakfast throws.

I'd love to know what the most profound thing you've witnessed in the past week was. It could be the birth of a child, or the simplest act imaginable.

So, please share what was profound to you, and why.

Thank you. You really do rock.

Aw, don't be embarrassed about "Clueless." It was a cute fluff movie. Yes, "sporadically" conjures the same scene for me. :)

Krispy Kreme + vitamins. Don't they cancel each other out?

Is T.D. Jakes a hustler?

I'm curious to hear if you have any explanations for known-hustler Jesse Jackson's underlying reasons to play footsies with Venezuela's Chavez.

Make Pres. Bush look bad? Keep his handsome face in the media outlets? Another potential donor for Rainbow/PUSH?

Jesse seems to enjoy filling political voids, but this one is filled with danger. Chavez seems to be a bad man intent on being king of South America.

You're pretty!

*Brian posts the most profound comment ever on*

LOL -- Krispy Kremes and vitamins too funny!

I take vitamins you don't have take with a meal -- Mega Food brand. They are made from super foods. Cool stuff!

Should the faith commentment of political figures ever be speculated on?

My suggestions for a title for your blog: "Always
Ask Ambra", or "Nattering with Nycola". Alliteration always works!

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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