Self-Appointed Saviors of the Black Race
August 17, 2005

The following is a lengthy note to patronizing and high-fallutin' liberal thinkers: Simply put, black people are not dumb.

Nearly a year ago, I came into a new depth of understanding in regards to the social decay that is American liberal thought. Surprisingly enough, I have Michael Moore to thank for this. Despite commonly held beliefs, the man is indeed good for something. In a bold pre-election address on November 1, 2004, Moore wrote the following on his website:

"To African Americans:

First of all, let's just acknowledge what you already know: America is a country which still has a race problem, to put it nicely. Al Gore would be president today had thousands of African Americans not had their right to vote stolen from them in Florida in 2000.

Here is my commitment: I will do everything I can to make sure that this will not happen again. And I'm not the only one making this pledge. Thousands of volunteer lawyers are flying to Florida to act as poll watchers and intervene should there be any attempts to deny anyone their right to vote. They will NOT be messing around.

For my part, I have organized an army of 1,200 professional and amateur filmmakers who will be armed with video cameras throughout the states of Florida and Ohio. At the first sign of criminality, we will dispatch a camera crew to where the vote fraud is taking place and record what is going on. We will put a big public spotlight on any wrongdoing by Republican officials in those two states. They will not get away with this as they did in 2000.

In Ohio, the Republicans are sending almost 2,000 paid "poll challengers" into the black precincts of Cleveland in an attempt to stop African Americans from voting. This action is beyond despicable. Do not let this stop you from voting. I, and thousand of others, will be there to fight for you and protect you."

After I dragged myself from under his patronizing high-fallutination*, I came to three conclusions (in no particular order):
  1. Listening or even giving credence to anything Michael Moore has to say is like giving an audience to a special-ed monkey.
  2. Liberals, (white ones in particular) think more highly of themselves than they ought.
  3. There is a certain segment of progressive America who remain unaware of their sub-conscious convictions that black people are complete idiots.
The arrogance of Moore's missive runs deeper than his own narcissicism (which in and of itself is at Grand Canyon-sized proportions). Every day of the year the events taking place in America confirm suspicion number three.

Let's begin with the recent controversy provoked by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and their recent halt to their "Animal Liberation" campaign which cleverly involved the juxtaposition of images of black slaves being shackled and branded with those of elephants and pigs in similar predicaments. The campaign wasn't complete without a manipulative video to really stir the pot of confusion. In light of such events, it's extremely coincidental that today I received the following email:

To: Ambra Nykol
From: "Sandra"
Date: Tuesday, August, 16th 9:58 pm

Dear Friend:

I just came across an old blog of yours castigating PETA for its views on animals [Ambra's note: I trash PETA quite a bit 'round these parts]. If they sound insane, just think: in slavery times the same thing was said about those who advocated rights for blacks! I recommend an enlightening book on the subject: The Dreaded Comparison by Marjorie Spiegel, foreward written by Alice Walker.


I'm not prone to publishing emails, but certain degrees of spoon-fed ignorance need to be nipped in the public bud so as to stop the sickness from spreading. For starters (and this goes to both PETA and Sandra), black people are not animals; we are people. We didn't come from monkeys, apes, or any other primate. We are not the ancestors of homo erectus nor did we arrive on the scene via some chance happening of events or racist evolution theory. We are human beings, and thanks to the sins of some men with too much power, we are probably related to you. Whether it's fish amnesty, the plight of the baby seal, Thanksgiving turkeys, or the extinction of Madagascar hissing cockroaches, one thing remains: no animal's predicament can even venture into the vicinity of the suffering endured by American slaves so please stop the madness.

Alice Walker's "famous-black-person-permission-slip" notwithstanding, blogger Baldilocks eloquently handles this bogus endorsement:

Alice told PETA it was okay to compare black humans to animals even though we’ve been insulted in that manner nearly from the first European-African contact. Why did Alice do that? Because it’s perfectly okay to allow leftists to use black people for any purpose as long as it’s against the oppressive, right-wing, Christian, heterosexual, meat-eating MAN and his lackeys.
It should also be noted that Alice Walker is a lesbian and a feminist which puts her right in alignment with the opposition being that last I checked, PETA had a sizable monopoly on the the lesbian-boho-anti-armpit-shaving crowd. (Remind me to talk about how the black community glosses over the sexuality of its prominent figures because yes, Luther Vandross was indeed gay and although this has little to do with the topic, I just needed to say that thank you very much).

Elsewhere in America, the battle over Ebonics-based education ensues. Joseph C. Phillips, former "Cosby Show" cast member and new addition to The Conservative Brotherhood wrote a pointed essay called, "Son of Ebonics," which discussed the San Bernardino county school district's decision to pilot a curriculum which incorporates "Ebonics" as "cultural enrichment."

My thoughts on dialect and vernacular aside (my propensity for making up words should clue you in to where I stand on the matter), I remain a member of the angry Bill Cosby school of thought which believes that at the very least, the public education system has a responsibility to equip students to reign in life and be productive members of society. If you live in America and wish to be successful, this means learning the societally agreed upon Standard American English. An educated approach to deviation is inappropriate for secondary school. Can we please just graduate kids with some sentence structure?

There are studies and theories flying around that "Ebonics" is "genetically-based." In fact, The Oakland California school board actually had the audacity to declare "Ebonics" the genetically-based language of black students. The fact that so many people have even considered this theory is simply reprehensible.

The list goes on. Even affirmative action zealots begin to speak of themselves as though they were saviors of the black race. It seems no one is immune to low standards. Condoleezza Rice is smarter, more astute, and more accomplished than the average female professional. She attains one of the highest public positions known to a black woman and her detractors accuse her of prostituting her way there.

The danger of this all isn't that the black community won't be able to overcome the shortcomings of the past. The danger is a supposedly supportive Democratic constituency whose followers don't believe black people are capable of much.

Posted by Ambra at August 17, 2005 4:25 AM in Race
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Ambra, you are correct! In 2005, only white liberals like Michael Moore think the poor "darkies" won't be able to find the polling place, fill out a ballot, or use a voting machine without their sickening benevolent help! What a pompous jerk!

Thanks Ambra! When the discussion of ebonics comes up, I usually think of the introductions on Monday Night Football, where the players give their names and the college that they graduated from. I opinion of a college is heavily influenced by those players' ability to say their own name and the name of the school they attended. Race isn't a factor in that. Some players speak clearly and with pride, others can barely slur their way through their own name. That tells me they didn't get much of an education. Funny how all the players from certain schools speak well in those introductions, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and yes, Ohio State and Michigan grads tend to speak well. A school doesn't have to be Ivy League to produce quality students. Other schools, however, are consistently represented by players that can't talk. It's really a pity.

As an adoptive father of African-American boys, I want my boys to be able to stand up and say that they succeeded using the talents, skills, and gifts that God gave them. They are fully capable of succeeding on those without the hand-holding liberal idling up beside them to lay claim to their success. I tend to fall in the middle politically, but the hypocrisy of the left on the issue of race angers me more than most any other issue out there.

You are sooo true! This is the very reason why I do not subscribe to left wing racial politics. I am not uncapable of procurring a decent paying job, so I do not need the assistance of affirmative action. I am not promiscious, so I do not need a monthly check from the Government to survive and I do not need "Planned Parenthood" fighting for my "right" to kill my unborn child. I do not need to use ebonics because I do not think speaking intelligently is acting "white." And I certainly do not need the assistance of Micheal Moore to protect my vote by attempting to showcase the Republican party as a bunch of tyrants. The only thing I need to do is remain who I am: a follower of Jesus Christ. That is the only way I will make anything of myself in a society that has deemed me as incompetent and in need of handouts because of the color of my skin.

Wow, it's one thing to know that the Left is intensely racist, but it's another thing to actually read all their insulting opinions. What a bunch of ignorant jerks.

Great writing! You are right on the money.

I can't figure out why so many black American's are still liberal though... when the majority of liberal America limits them by putting them in a little box.

You are a refreshing rarity in today's society. :)

Keep on preachin' it! :)

As far a Michael Moore and narcissicism goes, granted. What would a celebrity be without a healthy dose of me-ism? :) But at the same time, I don't think we have to take his statements as condescending. There's been a whole lot of smoke surrounding the 2000 and 2004 election regularities, and whether or not you believe there's fire, the fact remains that the controversy is regarding potential black voter disenfranchisement. For someone to stand up and say that they will help to resolve those issues doesn't have to be seen as that person attempting to be a savior.

In the same vein, specifically with regard to Mr. Campbell's post, as one who works with predominately Black high school students in the city, I see a lot of students with potential, but for various reasons have not begun to tap into it. I see affirmative action as one way to not give up on that potential.

For someone to say "I support you" or "I will help you", does not mean we have to sell out to that person, or assume the person has a God complex. Likewise, affirmative action doesn't have to been seen as accepting a handout. Perhaps accepting either of these sentiments can be seen as being humble enough to accept a little bit of help.

always in kindness,


I have no problem with affirmative action. I say if there is help available that you can take advantage of (in a good way) then go for it. I've done it in the purchase of my own home, yielding nearly $25,000 in forgiveable loans. But to take advantage of such opportunities, one also has to know about them and how to access them and how to use them properly. Michael Moore's problem is that no one asked him to be their body guard. He just told folks that they needed him. There's a big difference. That's what the left side of the political spectrum doesn't see. Who cares if affirmative action works if its the white folks who take all the credit for their generosity. I would guess that Condi Rice has benefited from affirmative action at some point in her career, and I have no problem with that. She also had/has the skills to move beyond that so that she can function free of affirmative action. Use affirmative action to get started, but don't become a dependent on it. It can be just another form of slavery.

I agree with Bob.

It wasn't so much the topic Michael Moore addressed, it was the manner in which he addressed it and his presumption that black voting success hinged on him and his ability to dispatch amateur cameras. I mean, please...

As for AA, I've always been very careful to never explicity say I'm against it because I'm not. I do find fault with some of the evangelists of the measure whose philosophies tend to exude soem sort of messiah complex.

I'm a white guy, but it seems to me the entire Democratic Party message to black people is "You are incapable of making it on your own. You need help from the government, but abandon all hope as long as the Republicans control it." What's depressing is that 90% of black Americans vote as if they believe that offensive nonsense.

Ambra, I don't know if you or your readers have seen it, but a documentary that I recommend is called "Michael Moore Hates America" by Michael Wilson (available from Amazon, etc). This guy, Moore, can dish it out, but can't take it!

Stunning. It's as if Moore fashioned himself Mr. Incredible (before he lost the weight, of course), shouting atop a decrepit red-brick project, "Don't worry, colored people! Iiiii'll save youuuuu!"

Thanks Ambra!

Now I can no longer eat my fried chicken without shedding a couple of tears over slavery.

What disturbs me so much about some white liberals is how unliberal they become when black people disagree with them. I'm remembering nasty cracks about Condi Rice, references to her hair and lips, and personal things that people have said to me. What is going on in the mind a professed liberal when he or she mocks people in a racist fashion are dead on...I got booted out of democratic underground about four times because I was debating them ON RACE! I am black! How are you going to tell me you know more about me than what I know about me.

But don't get it twisted, the White Republicans are equally as bad they just do it in a different way Ambra. 'Black just need to come off the liberal plantation', 'blacks need to stop playing victimology', yada yada, implicit in these comments is blacks are to stupid to recognize what is good for them when the choices are out at the voting booth. Same principle different title of the white person doing it...

Dell, trust, I'm well aware of that reality.

Man, this was so refreshing to read so many intelligent viewpoints..godbless all of you young black fighters and keep me informed Ambra! E-mail me with the latest news..I'm a busy mom and have limited time to read up on the things I enjoy the most..

I have been reading some of the comments on this Blog and I would like to ask a question to the Black conservatives out there. I don't consider myself a liberal or a conservative. Depending on the issue, my opinion could fall into both camps. Just like you get offended when "liberals" talk to black folk like they are dumb or dont know what is best for themselves. I get offended when "conservatives" talk to black folk like they some how are being tricked into liberalism but they are too dumb or self-hating to know what is best for themselves. Also, since you use the word so much, what is a liberal? If I am Pro-life and believe in affirmative action am I mixed? Suppose I am Pro-war and anti-gun? Please help me understand.

I wouldnt paint things with such a broad brush. Liberalism, White or Black, is not the cause of this communication break down, and your examples are unrelated. Michael Moore's comments weren't patronizing at all. He didn't question the decision making of Black people. He simply documented factual injustices, and offered his help. The Black community can take it or leave it, but from my vantage point, we'd better take it. Not because 'overcoming' requires the collective support of Whites, but because change can never occur if you make enemies out of allies for superficial reasons (see War on Terror).

I agree that the PETA campaign is incredibly insensitive to Black people. I can detach myself philosophically and see the effect they were aiming for, but in their ignorance. They were trying to make the point that exploitation and abuse come from the same places, and must be confronted by those among us who can. They are way off. First of all, unfortunately, those folks seem obsessive enough to equate human and animal suffering. Its not even close (same as equating embryonic struggles with life struggles). Secondly, even with comparable human suffering, you cannot compare the psychological impact on people. So, you can never have a campaign that seeks to compare suffering, because you always disrespect someone with the one-upmanship. The Holocaust and American Chattel Slavery were both horrible and show what the combination of racism, hatred, exploitation, and pure evil can do, but thats were the comparisions end because each f-ed the victims up in unique ways. With that said, each group of oppressed people must find their own way to overcome. They may be inspired by the struggles of others, as we have by the story of Moses, but they cannot others lives to tell their own story.

Also, I saw your picture on and you are very cute :)

Ambra, Black people are people, animals are animals, PETA members are nuts!

Beloved brothers and sisters:
For years we have let others define who we are. We are a righteous people. But others, who think to know us best then ourselves, continue to do unfortunate things to our psyche. We've been called almost every foul name in the book. Been looked upon as dumb, unintelligent, uneducated, not fit for society etc.,etc. But yet we kept rising. Now I don't agree with the picture, nor the way it was presented. However, we must look at those who would do such a thing and ask what purpose was it to use this depiction In reference to all the horrible things we as Black people have been through in this country? Are we not tired yet?
We shouldn't even debate about this issue. They've stated plainly "Reparation". If they want use this as benchmark for how we as Blacks were treated then let the truth be told. It's just another reference. We hate when people are telling the truth. Take off the old man and put on the new man!!


great,why didn't he cover the possiblity of an inside job for 911.He honked the ole Osama Binladen horn just as much as his pay masters THE JEWS.I knew all about Farehheit 911 at least a year before the movie because I followed a site called or which is owned and ran by ALEX JONES.Michael Moore plagarized this guys material and took all the credit.Checkout the sites if you don't believe.I think Michael Moore hopes to become just another future black because frankly Black people are too dumb to handle their own affair.All a white man has to do is utter some familiar sounding words to make them "think" he understand their situation and it's on.A NEW WHITE BLACK LEADER IS BORN.(History speaks for itself.)Anyway,Bush still successfully stole the election and is still doing whatever the hell he wants to so what was the point in the first place?

Liberal or Conservative ideology when it relates to Black People is akin to a coin having to sides, it is still the same coin. Control the Black Politic and social organizations(eg.NAACP, Urban League)so that the masses of Blacks remain at bottom or near the bottom in every social/economic category used to measure the advancement of a People.

To start:
1) The arrogance of Moore's missive runs deeper than his own narcissicism (which in and of itself is at Grand Canyon-sized proportions). Every day of the year the events taking place in America confirm suspicion number three.

In the eyes of the beholder, I personally didnt see the arrogance in Michael Moores statement but if you clarify I may be able to understand your point of view.

2) Yes, PETA got it wrong.

3) Ebonics. Part of my volunteer work is with a group of retired educators and their thoughts regarding Ebonics were enlightening and truly informative. In a nutshell, they understood the makeup of the teacher to student aspect, and it was their opinion that many teachers of Black students dont understand our culture and our idiom even across a spectrum of class because their perspective is borne from a different view. My grandson came home with a project to make a skara brae. I told him no, were doing something on hogans and mounds. His teacher is white and although European history is cute, I believed we had more important history closer to home.

4) In general re: Self Appointed Black Saviors
Interesting comments. I used to have strange thoughts too until I began working with people and children to make lives better. Sitting on a fence observing a field and thinking of a better solution was and is far far different when I got off the fence and started tilling the field to grow the crops. My shoes got dirty, my hands got dirty and my back started to hurt, a lot. If the objective was to encourage children and have them appreciate learning, then the stark reality of how to accomplish every small task caused the fencesitter's previous thoughts to do full turnabouts. If the objective was to help people navigate the halls and offices of corporate or businesses for equitable treatment and remuneration, then suddenly incredible variables had to come into play to realize any success. Corporate America have to have someone thump on them to listen to the rank and file, or even those who should be sitting in the towers but prevented because of color and cultural differences, and that's where politicians come in handy. Learning the chores of day-to-day struggle in cityhall, statebuilding, and capitolhill is daunting and then our Black brothers and sisters have to listen to criticism all the time and still try to help in the mere 12 hours of working time in a day.

It was stark reality that changed my words of slipping easily into criticism of those who find themselves as elected representatives, managers and directors of large programs and businesses, and winners of games and programs cast through media image.

And teaching is difficult as it is. Those educators mentioned earlier went on to become district administrators and therefore experienced both sides of the coin of education. For our educators to come up with even a concept of Ebonics meant they were searching for a solution to problems. Are we so ingrained with the legacy of racism in America that many of us recoiled at the root of Black in the word? I know so.

I am so very happy we are learning to express ourselves so well. Obviously many paid attention in school and had a strong desire to learn. A turn-of-phrase is joy to behold. Until I begin to think about it. Then I ask myself about substance. I see a man walking down a street shambling by in clothes filthy from food and dirt, face disfigured, arm akimbo like hes got an attitude. I think immediately what an ugly person, and ugh so filthy why dont he clean himself up and hes got the nerve to have an attitude. Then my neighbor intrudes upon my observation and comments this gentleman lost his family in a fire he was so handsome and a businessman before but after the fire his heart has been slow to mend and it looks like hes trying to find himself. Substance.

We look and think we know. Until we do.

I praise Michael Moore for trying to find a solution to the disenfranchised millions. Was he merely trying to help and was willing to use his resources to that end? Who do we support in bashing an effort to provide a means to record atrocities and injustices in our midst? What occurred in 2000 was a slap back to 1888 when the tide turned dramatically for the Black vote.

Ifsomeone can help, do we trounce them every time it comes up. There is difference between deconstructing and destruction. We don't have the finance to mount a media capture of the proportion needed during a national election. Let's get it done anyway.

Actually, we went through this kind of thought and process in the '60's where every organization kicked out all the liberals and Jews from the boards. We still have massive problems, and right now I'm so tired I'll accept help from anyone and anywhere.

Single grandparent parenting

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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