People Who Need to Retire
August 17, 2005

I have lots to catch-up on news-wise, but in the meantime, I have officially added Sean Combs to my blacklist. Remember "Vote or Die"? Umm, yeah. Not only is Mr. Combs a media whore, I truly believe he has overly-convinced himself of his own greatness. Today he came onto the "Today Show" and announced live that he was dropping the "P." and changing his name to just "Diddy."

Boy am I glad I tuned in for that announcement.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

In news perfectly suited to this column, P. Diddy has streamlined his name, dropping the P. He made the announcement on Tuesday's "Today Show," according to E! Online. "I felt like the 'P' was getting between me and my fans," Diddy said. "During concerts, half the crowd is saying 'P. Diddy'--half the crowd is chanting 'Diddy'--now everybody can just chant 'Diddy.'"
May I remind us all that Sean Combs (because I refuse to call a grown man who is not my husband pet names) has not had a hit in nearly half a decade? How about we just call him, "Dummy."

Yeah, that'll do.

Posted by Ambra at August 17, 2005 4:40 AM in Culture
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I kinda liked it back in the day when he was sean "puffy" combs.
nice site by the way regular reader, irregular commenter and fellow preppy private school lacrosse playin black kid!

"I felt like the 'P' was getting between me and my fans"

HA !

Bobby Brown can be added to that list of people who need to retire.

Kind of hard on the guy, no? His job is to remain in the spotlight. He has built a career (and a small fortune) on doing just that. I commend him for finding a way to remain in the public conscience without resorting to clubland shootouts or 'baby momma' drama.

I wish he'd just use his real name. There is nothing wrong with using Sean Combs. I refuse to call him anything but Puff Daddy or Sean Combs.

[b]"I felt like the 'P' was getting between me and my fans," Diddy said.[/b]

Sadly, I missed this momentous announcement. When he said it, was it with a straight face?

My mom works for a private company that charters flights around the U.S. Back when "Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy/Sean Combs" was with "J.Lo/Jennifer Lopez," they chartered a flight together. Mr. Combs is, indeed, full of awe of himself and his own "greatness." He was one of the WORST customers they have ever had... and J.Lo wasn't much better. They did nothing but trash the plane and insist on being treated like royalty... the entire story is nauseating.

I have another story about Rosie O'Donnell and her "life partner" and their kids. They chartered a flight out of New York recently and their adopted son Parker had a terrible earache. Rosie yelled at him constantly because he was crying because his ears hurt. She also spent the entire flight barking orders at the flight attendant.

When will celebrities get over themselves?

When will celebrities get over themselves?

Please! I know regular folks who think that because they spend a dollar, the world is supposed to stand still.

It's such a joke, but I guess if you are so caught up in yourself and surround yourself with people who worship you, any childish idea you have seems cool. He's like 35 for Pete's sake. He needs to keep the pet names between him and his baby's mama.

"His job is to remain in the spotlight."

I have an idea for him let me paraphrase, Shut-Up and Rap. two cents on a couple of things:

[b]htc:[/b] Hey, welcome! Glad to hear from a "fellow preppy private school lacrosse playin black kid!"

1) Yes Bobby Brown can be added to the list of people who need to retire, but at least he can actually do what he is being paid to do. Whereas Bobby Brown can sing, Sean Combs canNOT rap.

2) Scott, yes it was said with a straight face. The funny thing however was that David Gregory was filling in for Matt Lauer and after Combs announced his name change, Gregory asked, "So is this the last stop? What's next, a symbol? Will you be the artist formerly known as Diddy?"

Oh man that was classic.

3) Stephen wrote: "Kind of hard on the guy, no? His job is to remain in the spotlight. He has built a career (and a small fortune) on doing just that. I commend him for finding a way to remain in the public conscience without resorting to clubland shootouts or 'baby momma' drama."

Perhaps Stephen, but Combs is also the same person responsible for birthing the ignorance that was "Da Band," club shootings, and countless degrees of degredation perpetuated by the Bad Boy label. Plus he has a neck tatoo which has absolutely nothing to do with anything except that it bugs the HECK out of me.

Mmmm, "dummy"? I wouldn't go so far as to call him that, not with the mega successes he's had, and in so many different respects. I'm definitely not a Diddy guy, not while he admonishes us to "Remember, keep God first..."(his out-tro on his "Bad Boys of Comedy" show) and in the next breath is cussin' up a storm and hoochie-fying another of our sisters (the recent book by Karrine Steffans, Confessions of a Video Vixen, names our beloved "P" as one of the rappers/music moguls she allegedly pleasured in order to get gigs in videos all those years). THAT'S my main problem with Mr. Combs. But God will handle that in HIS own time.

All this other stuff (the artist formerly known as P-Diddy, formerly known as Puffy, formerly known as Puff Daddy, etc., etc.) is simply shrewd marketing. Dude is working the media machine to keep his name, clothing line, music, TV projects, etc., out there. And I ain't even mad at him for that!

If I weren't so lazy I'd research online to find out who the parent company of Bad Boy Records is, then I'd trace that to see if the trail ended up at NBC, or with its ownership, GE. That would explain why Sean Jean would be given the "Today Show" platform on which to make such an innocuous proclamation. He's in the middle of the comedy project, and probably has something else brewing, as well (I think I heard what it is but can't recall as I type), hence the timing of his appearance.

But "dummy"? In "the natural," that is, non-celestial terms, I gotta give him his props.

Bobby can sing? In comparision to who?

Honestly, I am not a Puffy fan. That gangsta/ghetto stuff (along with his mama's Li'l Kim hair) are quite old. But, I do think his Sean Jean line of clothing is nice (thougt the tux from his line that Chris Rock wore at the Oscars was gorgeous). But, he and his professional baby mamas are a bit much for my tastes. I think that he had a light bulb moment after his escape from incarceration after the night club shooting. Da Band was a bad idea that he properly disposed of. I am not sure about this new chick band he has started but he seems to be trying to turn over a new, responsible, charitable, role-modelish leaf. I still don't care for him much but have to give him credit for at least trying to do better.

lol @ neck tattoo.

Love me some knock-off Sean Jean...

Qusan: Mkay, so I saw one too many episodes of MTB III and I wish you would tell me what new leaf Combs is turning over because I was seriously disappointed in nearly every comment he made on the air.

Sean John as a clothing line is on point. He produces some of the classiest and well made "urban wear" out there. Now, if he heads the direction of the Akademicks (a line I formerly liked) ad campaign, I might have to change my stance on the line.

Eric: Don't front, you know Bobby can sing. I didn't say he could sang, nor did I say he could blow, but the boy can sing. Sean Combs on the other hand, is on the musical respirator.

Man, I'd been waiting five years for this moment. That P was really making me feel alienated

Did anyone ever get in that guy's face and demand that he explicitly say what "VOTE OR DIE!" meant? I never saw anyone attempt it, but I presume the slogan was trading on the rumors floated by the likes of Charles Rangel and the Rock the Vote website that there were secret plans to reinstitute the military draft shortly after Bush's second inauguration.

BTW: I am a big Puffy fan. No, not "Puff Daddy," "P. Diddy," "Diddy," "Diddenty," or whatever. I mean Puffy AmiYumi.

Where does Yeast come from? I know what it is...just where does it come from?

Diddy is British slang for a fool.

I would like to know the percentage of MTB 2 people who are now working minimum wage jobs, just for a laugh.

he plans on launching perfumes to compliment sean john clothing line & as my company makes such things, diddy graced us with his presence.

part of the building had to be walled off. he arrived late with 17 people, turned whole place topsy turvy, complained loudly that because of "boogers clogging his nose" he couldn't smell anything, then wiped his nose on someone elses arm etc. we were actually relieved that he went to our competitor.

just so you know (because you obviously lack any real knowledge of hip hop) when you said that Puff hasn't had a hit in years, you fail to realize he is an executive producer. That means he "produces" the music and if you look at it in that aspect, he's had more hits than your website. Not counting the multi million dollar clothing line. Just thought i'd clear that up for ya.

Riah, Sean Combs a family member or something, because the personal attacks here are so completely unnecessary and fail to address the content of the post. Please grow up.

For starters, I realize that Combs is an executive producer and if you had read the comments instead of getting all bent and taking this personal, you would have seen that I referenced the entire Bad Boy Enterprise which (eureka) is headed up by none other than Sean Combs. I'm 23 I grew UP when Combs was hot. (Key word: "was")

Secondly, please name off all hits attached to Combs' name produced, written or performed within in the last 4 years please. Thanks.

Thirdly, again if you'd read the comments (I'm sensing a theme here), you'd have seen my comments on the Sean John line which I actually like. But guess what, the topic here isn't clothing, it's music and the entire premise of his announcement was based on his career as a rapper and producer, not a clothing designer.

Kay, I'm done. Drive-by zealots...I tell ya.

As someone who dabbles in the music industry every now and then, I will take up the 'find Sean Comb's missing Hit' challenge issued by Ambra.

- He got New Edition together, and their last album (yes they had an album that game out last year) it had a single that...well.. all the guys had their shirts off and there were half naked women, so it had to be a hit, right?
- That Making the Band song was ok..ok?
- That boy band 'B5' has a pretty successful single out.
- That 'Boyz N Da Hood' song something-or-other. He drives by in an expensive car so it must be a certified hit.
- I'm pretty sure he is still owns the rights to all of Jadakiss' masters past, present, and future. Does that count?
- Pastor Mason Betha. His song was a 'hit'..just not connected to Combs at all besides distribution.
- He's coming out with a new Notorious B.I.G. album. HA! I win.

As a side note, I wish the man would find a better spiritual counsellor.. Cause whoever he's connected to currently (Bishop Somebody) is either really flaky or receiving more money than imparting wisdom. (same thing)

I forwarded your post to a black friend of mine in Philly and he said you were "out of touch". I disagree, but why would he say that?

His name is Ahmad and he is on the fence between conservative thought and radical Islamic Thought. His dad is a Muslim who hates America and I think you can change his mind.

How can I get through to him?

By the way, his mom is Christian.

He is a talented writer and thinker in the local hip-hop scene, but there is hope in him. He needs people like you as examples. Smart, intellectual, black thinkers.

Look, the fact the Sean Combs is not a talented rapper isn't mad science. A buncha of people on black blogs all across the political spectrum have pretty much said the same thing after Combs' "look at me" announcement on the Today Show. However, when I say it, I become a hater.

I don't do well with fickle people.

One thing I'm finding overwhelmingly is that because I refuse to praise the current state of much of hip hop, people assume I know nothing about it. Yet, one of the top questions I get from people (offline) is "So, you say you're a supporter of the hip hop generation, then what is it exactly that you listen to?" You don't have to drink the stuff to know what is and isn't poisonous.

The problem with your friend is probably the two realities he's between. If we're going to talk "out of touch" you can't get much farther than radical islamic thought. Especially if he's on the black nationalist end of it all. Those are people you can't win just any ol' way. Islamic thought is a tangled web of confusion.

Well I'm sure that you're list is as long as mine with folks who need to retire like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth (she's not important enough to go by only one name in my book.... her name is not Jesus) and so on, this "P-Diddy" stuff is out of control. While he recognizes his influence over thousands of young folks, he continues to (in my opinion) misuse his wide ranging popularity. In addition to the ridiculously named "vote or die" campaign, his continued misuse, and abuse of the english language only exascerbates the problem within our communities. I understand "reppin" your hood' and being proud of where you grew up, but at some point (like at age 34), you have to rise above the ego and come down just a bit and realize that you can influence others in a way that won't make you seem ridiculous to people who are your age and older.

I can go on and on, but i'll quit here. Always enjoy your commentary even when you rip people I know. Makes for good dinner conversation when i see them next.

Dang, it's really not that serious Puff I mean Puff Daddy, I mean Pee Willy Diddy. Dang, make up your mind already. What happened to Sean Combs? You are a freaking business man bro!!

Qusan: Mkay, so I saw one too many episodes of MTB III and I wish you would tell me what new leaf Combs is turning over because I was seriously disappointed in nearly every comment he made on the air.

I am not saying he is perfect or de-ghettoed. I am still not a big fan. BUT, I do think that he had an "epiphany" of sorts after his close call with the jail bars. That is all I am saying. I wouldn't invite him to dinner and I am sure I am not "fly" enough to be invited to any of his soirees.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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