August 10, 2005

Google Earth
This announcement comes late, but if you don't have Google Earth yet, you MUST download it. That program rocks my world. Now if they would just get it compatible for Macs.

CNet's Top 10 dot-com flops
Topping the list is one of my most missed services, WebVan a home grocery-delivering service. I know, I'm pathetic.

St. Michael Schiavo
Michael Schiavo given "Guardian of the Year" award. That is some serious cow manure if I ever saw it. The gall I tell you, the gall.

Newsflash: Jackson Did It
Apparently the Jackson jurors are telling all. Americans and their book deals. I'm having trouble having pity on two people who want to go on national television and cry because they let a child molester go free. I'm sure the breeze from the cash coming in as they wrack up book sales will dry their pathetic tears.

Harry Belafonte's Definition of "Tyranny"
Linda Chavez sticks it to Harry Belafonte regarding his recent remarks that black Republicans are tyrants. La Shawn Barber had her say too. I shared the stage at a benefit show with Belafonte some years ago. He's a very nice and cordial gentleman, but I think he might need to go back to the dictionary. I find it hilarious that Belafonte has labeled a group with even less power than black Democrats tyrannical.

The Fat Girl's Beauty Pageant
Last week Comedienne Mo'nique (known for flaunting her fuller figure) hosted the first ever "Full-figured Beauty Contest" called "Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance." Ahhh, I have mixed feelings on this one. I'll expound later, but in the meantime, I'm going to do something out of character and link a new-age (they call themselves 5-percenters now) blog that mentions the word, 'Allah.' Why? Because he makes some good non-Allahified points about how we wrongly celebrate obesity in America.

Three down, an infinite number to go
So I met another cyber black conservative friend last week. Conservative Brotherhood founder Michael Cobb Bowen recounts the tale of eating dinner and me getting him lost in Seattle last week when he was in town. I must be getting a bad reputation because his second sentence to me was, "Does my outfit pass the test?" Also there's a reference in his post I have to clear up for consistency's sake. For the record, I didn't drink. I don't drink, and I never have. Cobb is even smarter in person than he is on his blog, which pretty much qualifies me for having a kindergarten-level blog.

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Michael Schiavo is the guardian of the year??? O_o Yikes! If HE can attain that status, ANYONE can, I think!

Of course the talk around the water cooler for the past few weeks since the launch of Google's new service that lets you zoom in from outer space on virtually any place on earth in amazing detail has been how terrorists can now obtain exact longitude and latitude of their targets, for free, thanks to Google. When I tried it out I couldn't help feeling like Harrison Ford in "Clear and Present Danger" when they used the satellite to home in on the terrorist training camp in Africa: ”What are those? Are those...breasts??!!" The really funny thing was when I first tried it out they had sorta grayed out potentially sensitive areas (aka, targets) like the Pentagon...but the gray area was the exact shape of…a PENTAGON!!! "Uh, Fariq, we cannot locate target alpha via Google's satellite imagery. The Americans are using some new high-tech cloaking device to disguise it. All we’re getting is some sort of immense geometric shape, man!"

From the 'Net Flops list, too bad I didn't jump on the url Woulda been a cool name for an urban-focused online dating service. Coulda had Ursher and what's her name with the incredibly white teeth endorse it with their hit song.

Do you think it's a conspiracy perpetrated by "the man" that instead of giving us monetary reparations they let off every high-profile black"-ish" criminal (e.g., Orenthal, Mike, etc.) in order to appease us instead? I mean, how in the world did Martha get time?!

And I STILL don't get Mo'nique's appeal. Yeah, her Beyonce routine was hilarious for the first 35 seconds, but then...


On Mo'niques FAT Chance:
Hey now, give the bones to the dogs..

Although I do think a line needs to be drawn between being 'thick' and being just plain unhealthy.

I think the contestants on that show represent the latter.

I agree, with exception of the bald-headed lady who i guess was a size 14, which I hardly call fat. Homegirl worked it.

Most of those women however, looked like they were one meal away from a heartattack or diabetes.

I love groceries home delivery! Here in the Phoenix area we have Safeway doing it and it's so convenient when it's 110 outside and we don't want to go shopping. The nice thing is they have refrigerated trucks and they can even bring bags of ice.

BTW -- I knew you didn't drink. :-)

Thanks for the tip about "St. Michael". I'm going to blog about it later and I'll make sure to give you a hat tip.

Google Earth is cool!

Before you go to ga-ga over Google type in the following in a Google search bar:

Define:liberal (see what the definition is)

Then type in the following in the search bar:

Define:conservative (see what ya get!!)


I checked out the Florida State Guardianship Association's site, and these are the criteria for "Distinguished Guardian of the Year":

Distinguished Guardian of the Year

The awardee must:

  • meet the criteria for a Guardian set in FL Statue 744
  • demonstrate leadership and contribute to the Profession of Guardianship.

The awardee should:

  • be recognized by his/her peers as a positive reflection of the profession.
  • demonstrate a working knowledge of the FL Statues (sic)
  • represent his/her wards with service that improves the wards quality of life.

Does the FSGA think that honoring a man who was fought for years to put his long-replaced wife to death will reflect positively on their profession? Does dehydrating and starving someone improve their quality of life?

"Fair is foul, and foul is fair..." Witches.

I like the Google world program - thanks for the tip.

Tried to trackback to your post but HaloScan gave an error message.

I confess, I watched some of that FAT Chance show. I couldn't bring myself to watch it all and I certainly couldn't bring myself to pay attention to all of the touchy feely scences and the silly feel good comments made by all. It was so sacchriny that it made my teeth ache. I wondered about the health of some of those ladies as well. The 44 year old with no hair was very striking to me. She had a maturity that screamed, I really don't need to be here but what the heck I'll give it a try.

Hey thanks for the tip on Google Earth. I'm sitting here in Afghanistan and cruising down my own street in Dallas. Pretty cool. I was showing some employees where I live!

Found an equally impressive Google Earth-like app yesterday. It's not nearly as expansive, but you get actual pictures! I understand that the folks behind A9 (at drove down the streets of the cities in their portfolio, and literally took time-lapse snapshots as they went along. So you get to zoom in on a Mapquest grid, and then click on the actual street-level photos, where available. I think I actually saw Crazy Red still nursing his 40 (ounce) in the same spot under that big oak in my old neighborhood.

I have a problem with Google Earth. It's cool, but I see all sorts of uses for creeps. Stalkers could use the web's phone directories to get your address and then use Google Earth to see exactly which house is yours. I don't know about you, but I don't want all of that information out there, just for the perusing of anyone who happens by.

Google Maps hacks have pros and cons. There are websites released that use the Key Hole technology (used in Google Earth) to show the physical locations of s-e-x offenders etc.

You can always find something bad, but there's a whole lot of good being done with it as well. FYI, this satellite type technology being released to the public isn't a new thing.

The Microsoft TerraServer has been out for a few years now. Then of course, MSFT released their competitor Virtual Earth.

Then of course, there's always the fact that the government's been using it for decades which for some reason, people are entirely too comfortable with.

Google Earth didn't look so cool to me. I saw good "pictures" of famous places, but I didn't see my house. I saw a close up of blurry pixels.

Isee. It must because I don't live in a metropolitain area. But still there are a lot of places like East Bumble____ , IN that can be seen clearly.

Well, not everywhere in the world is high resolution. There are parts of the US (like where my parents live on the East Coast) that are blurry. Then cruise on over to Africa and you'd think the continent was uninhabited. So yeah, I believe they're still working on many places.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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