Fun in the Culture War
August 30, 2005

The danger with people who sit by passively and act as though the events and attitudes of this age have no direct correlation with the quality of life of the next generation is that they are sadly mistaken. In fact, single-generational thinking (as often typified by those who have chosen to enter into relationships in which they cannot procreate) is to blame for much in our society. These "sadly mistaken" individuals can often be heard making commentary like, "What's the big deal?" and "I don't really care what people do in the privacy of their bedroom," and "In the end does it really even matter?"

I submit to the "sadly mistaken" that yes it does matter.

The dangerous thing about the war on the culture is that it doesn't run around announcing itself. There are no pop-ups next to your television that emerge at the slightest hint of convolution. No one calls you up and says, "Hey, by the way, your child's history book is going to plant seeds of confusion that will require at least 5 years of deprogramming."


Like TLC, the culture war creeps. You know, it keeps itself on the down low. Next thing you know, television is semi-pornographic and 12-year-old girls are having sex. Let's take a stroll down today's culture war lane:

Humans on Display at London Zoo
The AP reports:

Caged and barely clothed, eight men and women monkeyed around for the crowds Friday in an exhibit labeled "Humans" at the London Zoo.
"Seeing people in a different environment, among other animals ... teaches members of the public that the human is just another primate," Wills said.

The exhibit puts the three male and five female "homo sapiens" amid their primate relatives. While their neighbors might enjoy bananas and a good scratch, these eight have divided interests, from a chemist hoping to raise awareness about apes to a self-described actor/model and fitness enthusiast.

The human is "just another primate" eh? Throw out morality, self-control, and conscience. Man is just another primate and therefore subject to all primal urges, right? Add this one to the mounting evidence that the religion of evolutionism (because yes, it is a religion) wants your sensibility.

It's Alright for Kids to Cuss at Teachers
At least that's what a UK school has decided. In an effort to curb foul language, authorities at an upper school in Wellingborough, England have decided to enforce the 5 strikes rule. According to the UK's "Daily Mail," the new policy is as follows:

"Within each lesson the teacher will initially tolerate (although not condone) the use of the f-word (or derivatives) five times and these will be tallied on the board so all students can see the running score...Over this number the class will be spoken to by the teacher at the end of the lesson."

The "Transgeneration"
In case you were looking for reasons not to watch television this season, the Sundance Channel has announced a new show which will follow college students as they seek to "change more than just their major." On this show, the boys are not boys, nor are the girls girls. In fact, each sex wishes it were the opposite. This concept just disturbs me beyond measure. While I am certain this program will be presented in true "feel good tv" format, I wonder how truly far from our original purpose has humanity fallen? Glorified confusion is dangerous no matter how it is served.

PC Pre-School Teachers Wanted
A friend forwarded me this local Craig's List job advertisement for a pre-school teacher which included the phrase, "Applicants must also be familiar with Anti-Bias philosophies." Somehow I don't think this sentence is referring to racial profiling. "Anti-Bias philosophies?" Please.

And the battle ensues....

Posted by Ambra at August 30, 2005 11:43 PM in Culture
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Ambra, about this London Zoo "Planet of the Apes"
"animals are people, too!" nonsense, how about this experiment: we put primate A (Us) in one enclosure, and primate B (Ape) in another, and give both a hundred feet of rope, a hacksaw, and a set of lock picks, and see which primate escapes first!

I remember in 4th grade I told a kid 'shutup' in class and the entire class said "Ooooo.." in unison.

The teacher had a conference with my parents and told them how I had been using foul language in class (but seriously though..'shutup' is not profane... just uncouth. I was so confused that day as to why I would be getting a whoopin' for saying shutup).

Alas, there is a reason that the punishment for a child's disobedience in the OT is death.

great post today...i linked to you about the london zoo thing.

Great post! I'm glad that Andrea linked to you. I did, too, on 2 of my blogs. What an affront to the Most High, even to mocking the scriptures by wearing fig leaves!
Love and shalom,

Hi Ambra,

I'm continuing my work of trying to figure out how I can have such different viewpoints from you on so many topics. If I may be so bold, I would like to ask for some clarifications:

When you refer to "typified by those who have chosen to enter into relationships in which they cannot procreate", who are you talking about? Is this a reference to childless couples? Code for gay?

I am interested in your views on evolution and transgender, but since those are such big topics, I'll focus just on the "anti-bias" topic. Why are you dismissive of this philosophy?

It's apparent that you find each of these examples offensive to one degree
or another...

The first example is from the UK, but even if it were to happen here, it would still be a protected action. Y'know personal freedom of expression and all that. The zoo gets an extra nod for free enterprise, inasmuch as their
increased or decreased ticket sales are their primary concern.

I'm with you on the teacher back talk though. Five times THEN a talk? I grew up in the 70s; two-prong, double-wide disco belts were in fashion, even for off-duty Air Force majors. I was WAY too scared of my Dad to have anything
close to public profanity come home in a note from school.

Regarding the "Transgeneration" show (which will hardly be a ratings barn burner on the SUNDANCE channel); I admit an utter incomprehension with the idea of physical gender modification. However, I believe that self-preservation is a strong enough instinct that these people MUST feel 1) genuinely "out of sorts" with their birth gender OR 2) are so severely
disturbed that they have a legitimate psychological disorder. Either way,
it's sounds like a horrible way to live.

And finally, on the issue of Anti-bias... That the posting came from Craigslist frames the "anti-bias philosophies" pretty squarely. However, I'll say this; there are millions of kids in the foster-care system in this
country. Some of those situations work out, some end in abuse or death of the child. There are some same se.x. couples out there that want to adopt children. I read about a demagogue who opined that it would be better for a
child to be reared in [foster care] than be raised by two parents of the same se.x. I happen to disagree.

My parents adopted my sister as an infant. I sometimes wonder about those other kids in her "Class of '80." Did they find loving two parent households like ours? Did the stay in the system and succeed? Did they flame out with
addiction or criminal activity???

The point is, even the Conservative Brotherhood mentions tolerance as a tent peg for their POV. With divorce at an all time high, we ain't exactly holding up our end of the bargain (my wife and I naturally excluded.) Even if you don't call it marriage, there are some loving homes to be found among the "anti-bias" population.

09 01 05

Hello Ambra:
I have been reading your blog now for about a month and am quite impressed. Nevertheless, I am curious about your non-procreative relationship statement. My husband and I have been married for almost four years now. We don't have children and I am not sure if we can (biologically). Without going into the details, are you saying that people like us are single generational thinkers? Or do you mean people who have made other "unconventional" lifestyle choices? Because my husband and I believe in protecting the Earth's resources, volunteering and giving to charity to provide for future generations; I think it is somewhat narrowminded to make that statement; but clarification is needed lest I misunderstand you:)

I agree with the absurdity of the cursing kids. I am 28 but I can remember getting a whack on the hand in class if I screwed up (teacher's discretion I'm sure). But really, what happened to respecting authority?
Lastly, why is it offensive to have people in the London zoo? I think that humans are intelligent animals, but I guess my definition of animal is sufficiently broad. Tell me why are you offended? I think the exhibit is ridiculous, but also shows a difference in thought and creativity.

Alas, I don't wish to ramble too much, but you have an interesting perspective and I am curious what you have to say.

09 01 05

Hello Ambra:
One more thing, what is meant by "anti bias philosophies"? My assumption is that the teacher would be tolerant of ethnic and or cultural differences among the children, but am uncertain of that. But if so, why does it seem to bother you? As a kid, we went from East Oakland, CA to Modesto, CA. I used to hear the "minorities are unqualified" and "there are blacks and then there are niggers...." speeches all the time. I heard this from teachers, students and employees at the local hospital (where I volunteered). These people sure cld have used some sensitivity training. Although in some sense I was happy that they were honest in their opinions with me, I was saddened at their apparent lack of sensitivity to my feelings and my ethnic background.

But then again, I do think that the PC age has really affected our society, as people are afraid to say what they mean anymore. Example, I work in San Francisco. A girl told me "God bless you". Then she quickly apologized and said "I mean if you believe in that sort of thing". I quickly chastized her and said: "What do you mean? You are giving me a blessing and a compliment, how cld I possibly be offended?" So, does anti bias philosophy cover people who are religious, but live in a secular region?

More elaboration is needed on that term I think...

it is easy for a Humans on Display exhibit to happen when we so freely use the term to label people. Look at New Orleans, newcasters have been calling people animals and sub-human all day long, for taking things that will got to waste anyway and that they need. If you don't want Humans on display, stop calling people animals and sub-human, stop talking the rhetoric of handling people like animals (shoot looters on sight), when they are acting out of desperation.

Piggybacking on word's comments, how difficult is it to airdrop some damn supplies to these people? Load the crates and parachute them down for goodness sakes!

The heartbreaking images of the hungry babies and their desperate mothers make me wanna load up my car and drive the stuff myself. I was born in Beaumont, TX, about 1.5 hours southeast of Houston. We have some distant cousins in the affected area, but everybody appears to be OK.

I pray for these folks to have the strength to bear up in the midst of the death, squalor and disease that's poised to ravage this already damaged population.

Sometimes it gets a lot harder to drop supplies when the helicopter is getting shot at.

Seriously, I have no grudge against someone who goes into an occupied store to get food and water when a situation is dire. But along with that I keep seeing pictures of people loading up cars with cases of beer. Stories already abound of people making off with tons of jewelry, electronics, and guns. One hospital parking lot even had all of its cars broken into and the stereos stolen. That kind of behavior is despicable and needs to be stopped. On top of that, people should stop trying to change it into some sort of issue that it's not.

If you want to help them yourself, there are tons of places that could use your money. and are probably the best. Magical fairy people don't come out of nowhere to do this work - if you want it done, you have to help it happen. There are likely plenty of operations in the area that need a lot more manpower too, so if doing that is more important than whatever you're doing now, by all means go.

that was meant to say "unoccupied store"

One can be well beyond the effective range of small arms fire to PARACHUTE NECESSITIES into the area. I am not defending the actions of the random jerks that have lost control; rather, I am concerned with the tens of thousands of people that are huddled and holding on for dear life by and around the Superdome.

By the way, they are the same thousands of wet, hungry, people living in filth and the threat of disease WHO ARE NOT LOOTING IN NEW ORLEANS. That you would focus so much attention on the pictures of the opportunists in favor of the desperation of the survivors speaks volumes.

I have made my donations. I hardly need glib comments about fairy people to guide my actions. The simple fact is that the government's response has been insufficient to help these people. Maybe it was impossible to do any more. But we have already learned that budget cuts directly affected the strengthening of the same leevees that have caused the worst of the disaster.

I have not focused "so much attention" - in fact, I have not opened my mouth to voice a word about looting to anyone. The only time I have mentioned the looting in any way was in a single comment on this site, and that was only in response to what I saw as an imbalance in the first two comments posted. I was the first one to write a comment on the issue that had any balance at all, justifying reasonable behavior while condemning sinful behavior. (of course, if there was any need for me to spill my full feelings on this issue, I would appear even more "balanced".)

I don't like random criticism without solution. I truly believe that FEMA and the Red Cross and Feed the Children and the others controlling relief operations know how to do this better than you or I, and so I don't like seeing them criticized when they're doing the real work.

I also don't like it when sinful behavior is justified, under any circumstances. I live in a community that hurts tremendously every day because such justification has become deeply ingrained into the culture.

Mahndisa, good post. We have let the hyper-sensitive PC crowd censor our speech, to the point that there is no point in talking, you
might offend somebody. A former co-worker of
mine begins every sentence with, "Now don't
get me wrong, but...", so we call him Barry
Preface. I think it is ironic that the same
people that squawk the loudest about free speech
will try to shut you up any way they can! God
Bless us all, everyone.

I'll respond to comments as soon as I get the chance...

"Judge not, lest ye be judged." I recall reading that somewhere. The people in New Orleans continue to suffer a lot. Our thoughts and prayers are well focused on their relief; God will certainly take care of the judgment of the wicked.

Even the President commented on how the efforts were insufficient. Leave ANY population without food and water for four days, dead lining the streets, raw sewage under foot, no medical assistance, inadequate shelter and no way to get out and a similar outcome is likely. The worst elements (who thrive on chaos and fear) will rise to the top and take advantage. That is not a justication of sinful behavior. Rather, my posts called us to focus attention on those who were suffering and NOT ENGAGING in criminal acts.

Had proper forces been mobilized to maintain order, perhaps the looting could have been contained and the survival foraging minimized. At any rate, stuff is finally arriving and hopefully things will start getting a little better for these people.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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