Could it Be That Simple?
August 15, 2005

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This weekend, a friend and I took an impromptu trip up to Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Despite the drunken revelry, it is a very pretty city. I hadn't been in awhile, so I dropped in on the famous Vancouver Aquarium to see the overweight and institutionalized whales we will eventually spend millions of dollars to set free. While reading the notes at the beluga whale exhibits, I just had to snap a photo of the sign which read
Male or Female

If you want to identify the sex of the whale, look in the ventral area above the tail. Female belugas have a short mammary slit on either side of their genital slit.

Males have a single genital slit.

Apparently, the whales have this one down without confusion. Human beings are the people who can't seem to get this genitalia thing straight. God help us all.

Posted by Ambra at August 15, 2005 12:54 AM in Culture
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leave it to humans to screw up and muddle the easiest things in the world to understand

My comment got eaten matter, it was only about whale hoo-ha's :)

It's amazing how many people try to change their nature, with the full support of doctors and therapists. I assume it's mostly men "changing" into women, but it would be interesting to see how many women are trying to change into men.

Wait. Female Beluga whales' breasts are right there beside their genitalia?! Droppin' mad knowledge.

Long time since I posted in here.

Ambra it is amazing that things which would seem so incredibly simply we make so complex. 99.9% of all humans on the earth can simply look down and see what they are but yet they think they aren't that or those pieces shouldn't be used that way...sheesh...

I believe chickens are also complex, hence the mysterious job of the chicken se*er. You can read all about it in wikipedia, under, yes, "Chicken se*er."

Ambra, perhaps the reason whales beach themselves
and die, is because they can't get a gender-changing operation, like confused humans!

Is this working?

Not working

Another example of God's perfect order.

Of course someone who disagreed would contend that in certain species of monkey there is evidence of homosexual tendancies, making a dubious comparison between animals acting on insctinct and humans who are built with not only the instincts of right and wrong but the knowledge as well.

Thank God we don't rely on what happens in nature's creatures to dictate to us as humans what ought to be. It's is as simple as looking downward.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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