Thank You, Internet.
July 29, 2005

Despite my persistent contention that the internet is full of strange people (myself not included), and despite some readers who consistently feel the need to inform me of my "alleged stupidity" in the most abrasive possible ways, I have to concede that I have a great group of readers.

I've never once asked anyone to donate to this site because I'd do this for free. Heck, I do! Around Christmas time, I even had a reader suggest that I post a link to my wish list so people can bless me. Amazing. Around 6 months ago via some prodding, I threw up a paypal link in a non-obvious place. One of my first donations came from Glenn Reynolds. Instapundit himself. I felt like such a dink (made that word up) because if anyone should be donating to anyone, it should've been me giving to Mr. Instapundit. Nevertheless, I continued to be humbled by the great amount of supporters I've met by way of my blog.

I use that long introduction to say that with the help of all of you, some $1200+ was raised in less than three days for my sister Amelia's mission trip to Peru. I am floored, and I thank you all (even the person who said their donation was a veiled attempt at my hand in marriage). Anyone who knows me well knows that I would die for my family. Next to God, they are the most important thing to me. And when people extend gratitude to a member of my family, by default, that gratitude is extended to me.

I can't list of all the names because most donations came through the organization and I don't know who you are, but of those few I know I will name. Forgive me if I forget anyone.

Thank yous to: Tony Pierce, Diana D., Avery S., Denise C., Glenn W., Devon H., Christine C., Alison J., Dave T., Robert H. John N., Garvel N., Benjamin H., Christopher N., and many more.

Internet, I salute you, and I give you hug.

Posted by Ambra at July 29, 2005 2:18 PM in Life
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Sorry, I was on vacation in Virginia Beach/Williamsburg! Don't marry Dave!!!!

That's great that you've created something that so many people appreciate.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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