July 7, 2005

Right. So I received a few emails asking me to weigh in on the events that took place today in London, and for now, I've decided I have little to say save a few observations. If you've managed to pull yourself out from under the sensationalist media madness and snapped to consciousness, congratulations, because I haven't. It's during times like these that I remember why I hate my blessed television. One can only see the same images so many times. The Internet isn't much better. So sorry, no photos of people with blood streaming down their foreheads here. Life should be more precious than that.

I find most of what's being reported on blogs terribly opportunistic. As if everyone woke up and said, "gee, how can I take this tragic event and use it as further proof that my political opinion is supreme?" I'm not of the opinion that we (and I use the pronoun loosely) have an enemy who is simply waging war against political ideology. There is a bigger adversary who is waging war against all life on the earth. And to some extent, we've subconsciously given him permission to do so. Whether it be in the name of Islam or any other false idols, I believe the end goal is to steal, kill, and destroy. We live in an unredeemed world in which events similar to those which transpired today will continue to occur. Yes there are causes and effects, and there are fingers to point, and suspects about whom to theorize. But above all, it's important to remember that the only true enemy is death and for those who choose to accept it, that battle has already been won.

Blogger Tim Worstall's words resonate with me:

" the anger until we really know who did it, keep the political posturing until we've buried the bodies and if it's one of the things you do, pray..."
As the events played out today, a few things occurred to me and in no particular order:
  1. The terrorism in London came on the coat tails of the announcement of their win of the 2012 Olympic bid. There is a connection there, not just with the G8 Summit. Not sure yet what it is, but it's there.
  2. Americans are too reactionary.
That's all for now. Updates on Friday.

Posted by Ambra at July 7, 2005 11:21 PM in Politics
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Feeling you on that "that'll preach" moment. I expect that the pulpits across America will resonate with similar messages this Sunday.

Agreed. I too am tired of the politics of it all. My little sister lives in London, so yesterday morning I was pretty upset. Thankfully, she quickly emailed me to let me know she's fine. But in those first few moments when I was crying and scared, the Lord reminded me that *He* has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. The Scriptures are very clear about who our real adversary is, and how we can fight him.


Yes and Yes to your 2 points at the end. Americans have always been too reactionary - it's part of our national personality. It leads us to getting too wrapped up in the latest missing pretty girl stories and to lead with our hearts, not our heads. We're the most generous nation in the world partly because of our reactionary personalities.

Also, if you consider how showy and demonstrative these terrorists are, it's easy to see who's behind them.....demons love to show off (which is where we get the words demonstrate and demonstrative from).

Hmmm. Let's see? First known attack? 1993 WTC. Attack in London? 7/2005. Twelve years of a fundamental attack on the western world (openly dclared by OBL and others) and we are reactionary in insisting the eradication of the vermin who have sworn death upon us?

Too rich.

When evil is clearly defined, we have a duty to confront, repel, and eliminate it. Of course, none of it can be accomplished without God's blessing. But if the U.S. had not forcefully entered WW II, all of Europe would have been lost for generations to the Nazis.

So, my dear Ambra, can you define the point at which the U.S. can safely retreat from the fight against the evil as defined by GW to date? Perhaps by the XXXI Olympiad?

Ambra, I agree with Ed. We are not reactionary
enough. After my former work places, the twin
towers, were destroyed on 9/11/01, I heard ex-
Mayor Koch on the radio mistakenly date the first
attack as occuring in 1995! We bury our dead and
go back to our lives; the terrorists plot anew.
Regards, Tom

demons love to show off (which is where we get the words demonstrate and demonstrative from).

HUH????. what about LUCK & LUCY - do they come from LUCifer too???

People just assume that because i said America was too reactionary, that meant I think we should be more passive.

Quite the contrary. What I mean is that we take action only as a counter measure. When we were attacked through our airways, then we cracked down on airport security. Too late however.

One of the roles of Godly leadership is discerning the times and foreseeing danger, not reacting to a dangerous situation.

Why can't there be seers and prophets in the governmental sphere? What good is prophetic insight if it can't be used in the marketplace?

Ambra - any person of letters, seeing your use of the word "reactionary" posted directly beneath the comments "save the anger until we know who did it...." can only infer that you meant the word as the political left use it.

I am heartened to read your reply, yet I am dismayed at the extremely poor choices you originally used to convey your beliefs. You would have received a very poor grade had I been grading this effort at the high school, let alone collegiate, level.

You can do better.

Ed, sorry your lack of ability to seek clarity left you dismayed. Maybe it's because I'm not a "person of letters."

Yours is seriously one of the most pretentious comments left on this site, to date.

Tally ho.

Ambra, I think prayer and fasting are the only course of action we can take at the moment. It's time to cry out to our King.

Sorry to weigh in late: I wanted to bring to your attention this definition:
re·ac·tion·ar·y Pronunciation (r-ksh-nr)
Characterized by reaction, especially opposition to progress or liberalism; extremely conservative.

I was very shocked to learn that terrorists had choosen London as their target. It only came 24 hours after the city was chosen as the host of the 2012 Olympic games. It is too early to say who is responsible for the subway attack, but will find out real soon.


you're kidding, right?

go to, enter the word "demon"

scroll down, read....


The next time someone steals your car or robs your house, or a Republican president makes a policy blunder, I would encourage you to philosophically and passively abstract the crime or blunder to the level of the struggle between God and Satan. The point is that in the presense of ANY evil, this abstraction has validity. The politically relevant question is, when does one rest in it, and when does one choose to take remedial action? Your message seems to be " well Islamic Jihad terror may be bad, but after all, this is the devil's world, and we too have been his tool, so why hold them accountable now?". Examine your motivation for assuming this lofty perspective in the presense of mass murder. Contrast with the indignation and anger that you undoubtedly felt in presense of other crime, say racial hate crime. Think hard about it. You have not one word of admonition for the murderers, but cannot resist a gratuituous slap at Americans for being "reactionary" because they sadly do not share your leisurely, lofty, and smug perspective. There is only one excuse for this sort of naivte, and it is youth. You are forgiven.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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