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July 19, 2005
You know it's a small world when you're standing in the airport security line, preparing to be frisked when a reader of your blog yells to you from across the barrier, "Hey! Are you flying to the Blogher Conference today?" Whoa. Running into a reader would be a first for me. Today's lesson: you never know who's watching.

Speaking of which, while sitting in the Montego Bay Airport, my sister and I watched in horror as a girl ate two consecutive boogers without so much as an ounce of shame. Ah to be young and not care who's watching. What is it about kids that makes them want to eat hardened phlegm? No one teaches them to do this. They certainly aren't emulating the behavior of their parents (most of the time). Is there some special sense common to 6-year-olds that automatically activates the booger appetite? Food for thought (no pun intended).

To those who were concerned, we caught the tail end of Hurricane Emily (although I'm sure some would prefer it named "Hurricane Shantika"). All is well (for us at least), the folks in Mexico seem to be experiencing more difficulties. Nevertheless, I'm back in the states, and a vacation was just what the doctor ordered. I missed Updates to follow. There is SO much to talk about.

Posted by Ambra at July 19, 2005 2:20 AM in Life
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Welcome back!

If I ever ran into you I'd make sure to act like you were really famous or the princess of Zamunda in an attempt to embarrass.

You know . . . this girl you were looking at in horror reminds me of one of my former bosses. It's not just kids; there a few adults who do this. Yes, he was always picking his nose in public and I even caught him putting his finger in his mouth. Yeeeecccchhhhh!!!

Thanks for ruining my breakfast appetite, young traveller... and welcome back :)

Hey Nykola! Great to hear you had a smashing vacation and are rejuvenated. I was wondering about the hurricane and your trip. Good to hear you avoided the worst.

As to the girl, apparently eating boogers is a good way to boost the immune system. So says some crazy lab coat type: Eat Your Snot. It's Good for You..

Our patience has been rewarded.

I generally don't think about or get into "bodily function" conversations but I was watching some "funny animal videos" show recently and one clip was of a reporter holding a monkey who proceeded to stick his finger up the reporter's nose then eat the contents! YUCK!

Welcome back to the Blogosphere! You have been MISSED! Always nice to see pics!

And the crowd goes wild!!!!

I missed a post somewhere. When did you get the new job and what do you do now shug?

Ambra, I remember the old saying,"you can pick
your friends, and you can pick your nose, but
you can't pick your friend's nose" I'm sure that
this can be done simultaneously, but I don't
advise it!

How did you know the phlegm was hardened?

i like ur blog
and i agree with u
bill maher really has this napoleon complex thing going

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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