My Comment Filter, the Grouch
June 23, 2005

Apologies are in order to those who've posted comments the last few days and had them rejected by my grumpy comment filter. It seems I inadvertently made it hyper-sensitive, restrictive, and legalistic. It doesn't like the word "Hi," or any words with "hi" in them, like, "while" or "hick," or "OMG Can you believe Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are engaged!?" Oh wait, that's just me who doesn't like those words. Anyway, you get the point. It's "hi" that's the trigger.

Next thing we know, my comment filter is going to start banning people from wearing make-up and high-heels, and force all female users to wear turtlenecks and skirts all the way to the ground.

The issue will be resolved shortly, but in the meantime, feel free to use "hi" all you want, just know that comments may be forced into moderation so I'll have to approve it. But I'm nice, I always approve quickly.

Again, apologies if your precious jewels of wisdom didn't make it through the last few days. I value reader feedback, so thanks to those who emailed me to let me know of the problem and if your comment didn't go through yesterday, dust yourself off and try again.

(Update 06/23): Rather unrelated, but while searching for pictures for this post, I found this picture of a dog whose owner dyed its hair green and dressed him as "Oscar the Grouch" for a pet costume party. Funny stuff.

Posted by Ambra at June 23, 2005 9:49 AM in Blogging
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Ain't technology wonderful? Don't forget - computers are supposed to make your life easier.

I guess computers can only go as far as people can and as it turns out, we are an imperfect people.

On radio today, heard that our SOS started talk
in Cairo stating "Ladies and Gentlemen" which is
ordinary in the USA but startling in Islamic world. Women (ladies) are not considered equal. Is Dr. Condi Rice starting revolution. Hope on news tonight.
Nerds are todays "in people". Young person (25-30) getting paid over $150,000 do not mind being
called a nerd. It is not a bad word anymore. Long
ago, on the east coast, the second strongest
guy in the USA got a PhD in Physics in General
Relativity. Therefore, brains and brawn are not
mutually exclusive.
James M. Barber

My aunt died my dogs hair pink one time by mistake.

she was in my bathroom dying her hair red. My dog has blonde hair. Anyway, she was dying her hair, and left the bottle of diy on the bathroom sink. Then, when she walked into the bathroom, she tripped over my dog, and hit the bottle of dy off the sink, and it fell onto the dog! He was half pink, half blonde, and half depressed.

Can I still wear low-rider jeans?

Oh snap- you didn't know that did you?

Aw man...

You're back!!!

Good to see you back again--grumpy comment filter and all! :D

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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