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June 27, 2005

I think I forgot to mention it, but next month I've been invited to be one of two panelists for the "Political Blogging Grows Up" session at the BlogHer Conference in Santa Clara, CA. It should be fun. If it's not, I'll be sure to make it fun by engaging the audience in a sing-along or something totally immature to counter the session title "Political Blogging Grows Up."

If you're planning on being at the conference, come say hi. The conference is geared to female bloggers, but it's open to men as well. Apparently, some 15% of the conference registrants are men. I won't question motives...yet.

I always find blogger gatherings both amusing and awkward. When internet people converge, you can bet there will always be some weirdo that shows up with thongs and socks on, abnormally long fingernails and body odor. This personal usually fits the "stalker profile" and quickly identifies themself by making an off-color morbid joke that leaves people wondering whether they should laugh or just call the cops. There are some seriously strange people on the internet.

But for every wacko, there are about 10 fabulous people that you'd never meet otherwise. Among the "normal," I find there to be two types of people on the internet.

  1. People who are on the internet because it allows them to avoid social situations and real, live, human contact.
  2. People who are on the internet because it leads to more social situations and real, live human contact.
I am of the latter variety and find that I don't always "click" well with the first. You know when you're talking to someone and they run out of things to say so all of sudden the conversation hits a dead silence and you wish some crickets would enter the room because at least then there'd be some rhythm? I usually expect one or two of those type of conversations when I attend blogger meet-ups. Not that everyone isn't extremely nice and cordial, but in those awkward moments I realize: some people are best left conversing on the internet.

Still, I've met some great friends and colleagues through this whole blogging thing and I hope to meet more.

I think it was blogger Jason Kottke who once asked people about their personality types and immediately found that the internet was full of introverts. And for the most part, I agree. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. (Some of the best conversations can be had with introverts so please note: I'm not drawing any sort of connection here between introversion and lack of social aptitude. Wouldn't want anyone to think I was discriminating. Plus, I have a lot of introvert friends, OKAY!)

There are a whole host of folks (myself included) who are loud, rambunctious, outgoing, and find that we can filter some of that energy through the internet. I think we tend to scare the introverts in person. Many people have taken the Bloginality test which as far as I'm concerned is just the Myers-Briggs test in bloggerspeak. As I'm sure you can imagine I'm not fond of man-made personality tests. But if I must represent, I'll say ENTJ till I die baby!

Blogging conferences eh? Just what have I gotten myself into?

Posted by Ambra at June 27, 2005 1:52 PM in Blogging
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I'm going to question motives.

Aint no reason for a man to go to a woman's conference and not be on a mission incognito to gather intelligence for the next gathering of the brethren.

Oops, forget you heard that.

Blogher conference sounds like fun -- wish I could go. I totally agree with you about meeting people from the Internet. Prior to meeting my husband online eight years ago, I met in person over 30 different men who answered my Internet ad or I chatted with online via AOL. There were tons more that I chatted with but never met. Of the 30 that I met in person only two or three got a second date or a series of dates. Most of the guys I met were definitely in the category of "awkward." LOL

Karen: So, were there background checks?

I'm INTJ/ENTJ depending upon my mood when I take the MB test. So I can certainly empathize with types 1 and 2.

Alex: No, there were no background checks. Never had any problems -- just met some people who were not able to communicate very well face to face or just plain weird. Guys who got a second date were guys that I "clicked with" in more than just the hyperlink sort of way. :-)

Yet another great post. Thanks!

Having been on the "wrong" end of awkward meetings/conversations, I urge you to be as kind and considerate as you know how to be. If you leave a "nerd" with a smile and an appreciation of him/her, you may be the person that changes a life. You may give that person confidence to try to engage another new person, and another, and another......

BE the mustard seed, girl.


I'm a social person, and see the internet as another way to socialize, especially when I have to work at home. I'd love to meet the people I've met online, though I've had surprises. I participate in an online messageboard, and assumed the other participants were as sociable and outgoing as their posts. When I got a chance to meet some of those people, a number of them seemed to be socially inept, very introverted, or uncommunicative, and a few were even quite jerky. So I agree that the internet tends to be a shield.

I just found your site, was recommended to me by my cousin, who I think has excellent taste, she tells me that you are sharpe, so I am interested already. And from what I have seen very briefly...I cannot wait to get into these topics...God's best blessing be upon you


Aw man, you missed your chance!
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