Thursday's Missive: things that will always make you laugh
May 12, 2005

I consider myself to have a fairly good sense of humor. I don't take myself too seriously. You shouldn't either. So I'm curious to know, come hell or high water, what things will always make you laugh? Here's the beginning of my potentially long list:

(In no particular order)
  • The pee story. (You had to be there)
  • My jokes--even the corny ones.
  • Dogs wearing clothes
  • Cats on leashes
  • Bad Biblical names
  • Madea
  • The mention of Mariah Carey's film: Glitter
  • Rhythmless people
  • Hairless dogs
  • Butt-whoppin' stories
  • Timely use of the phrase, "Shuck and jive."
  • Cuba Gooding, Jr. in the first 30 minutes of the movie, "Radio."
  • The Cosby Show, especially the episode where Cliff squares off with legendary hoofer Sandman Simms
  • Bill Cosby as Himself
  • My father losing his temper (he makes up words when he's angry)
  • Will Smith doing the "running man"
  • President George W. Bush speaking extemporaneously
  • The television horror that is "Walker Texas Ranger"
  • The movie, "Uncle Buck"
  • Dr. Wanda Davis-Turner
  • Zerberts
  • Chris Farley as Matt Foley, "Motivational Speaker," on SNL
  • Posted by Ambra at May 12, 2005 1:55 AM in Life
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    I'm one of those types that can find humor in anything. Here's a short list:

    - I have a pee story. Which consists of me waking up in the middle of the night, and mistaking the sink for the toilet. I don't know why my mother had a belt in her hand (they always have those), but I was brought to reality fairly quickly.
    - The Devil. Also file under what makes me mad.
    - 'Family Guy', Season 1. (I know this is bad, but it's funny)
    - P. Diddy's ability to stay in the spotlight in the midst of having not released a hit record in the past 5 years.
    - Russel Simmons standing next to Kimora Lee Simmons.
    - People who think they're right when they're wrong.
    - My understanding of finances during the time period of my first job. Way to blow $15,000 in savings, Alex. Man, I didn't even get anything remotely cool with that. But, restoration is great.
    - The liberal mindset
    - Phony people in the church. Ok, a lot of this funny stuff also makes me mad.
    - Any child's perception of the world.

    I' may have to get to work on my list and post it sometime -- with proper credit for the idea of course.

    It will certainly include:

    *Kerry for President '08
    *Howard Dean doing just about anything.
    *People with no sense of humor (another of my taglines, BTW).


    Bad puns. I make them all of the time. People look at me like I'm crazy while I'm, literally, in tears.

    Ambra,Regarding things that always make me laugh: all pictures of Queen Elizabeth II, like the one on the front page,N.Y.Times 5/07/05. She always carries a huge black purse on her arm, the style my grandmothers used to have. Now, what's in it? She doesn't have to carry I.D., as her face is on all British currency and postage stamps; she has an entourage with her at all times to powder her nose or fix her hair! To me, this is a mystery that trumps the Loch Ness Monster! Regards, Tom

    * Certain toons on
    * The watermelon/cornflakes scene in UHF. ("FREE TOY INSIDE! FREE TOY!")
    * My younger sibs' dog chasing bubble wand bubbles.
    * Gary Brolsma. (The Numa Numa Kid.)
    * Ghyslain Raza. (The Star Wars Kid.)
    * Most scenes from a Marx Bros. movie involving a "conversation" between Chico and Harpo.
    * The "Spong Monkeys" from the Quiznos commercials.
    * That scene in Mystery Science Theater 3000, where the gang is lampooning "Riding With Death." In one particularly bad scene involving country music, Crow sings in a faux southern accent, "Amer-i-ca fer Amer-i-cans. Let's send all Indians back to Af-ric-aaaaaaa..."
    * Shoot, the entire Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode in which they showed Manos: The Hands of Fate. So painful, it was hilarious.
    * J. Picking's classic Flash cartoon, "Scampi".
    * Leonard Nimoy singing "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins."
    * Most anything by Weird Al. Most notably, "Smells Like Nirvana", "It's All About The Pentiums", and "Amish Paradise".
    * Ray Stevens' classic rendition of "In The Mood". In full chicken glory.

    And there are more...

    Office Space. Seinfeld's "Master of My Domain." Cuba Gooding in Jerry McGwire "I dont want to be friends no more." DeMille's Gold Coast.

    "We find its always better to fire people on a Friday. Studies have statistically shown that there's less chance of and incedent if you do it at the end of the week." Office Space

    "The thing is Bob, its not that I'm lazy. Its that I just don't care." Office Space

    "Did you...SEE the memo on the GPS reports? ...You see, we're using a cover letter to go with all the GPS reports... I'll go ahead an see that you get another memo." (asked while he's using the memo and GPS reports to gut and clean fish!)

    "Hollywood Shuffle" --
    especially the "Sneakin in to the Movies" Skit.

    Thanks for this Amber! I am feeling better already!
    Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon 4. My Cousin Vinny! The "Dude" in Big Lebowski. Our HS mascot- the Whirlie Bird. A skinny penguin with a plunger as a sword!

    did yall notice that a bunch of people on the blackpeopleloveus site left comments not realizing it's a joke. some people shouldn't be allowed to own computers

    Love Madea! I ain't bootleggin' neither!

    Ambra, some of the people or things on our list are:

    The Andy Griffith Show (especially Don Knotts)

    The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (Don Knotts again)

    GSM Wahala - Nigerian movie about the havoc caused by cell phones on society

    Mark Steyn

    Bill Cosby

    The picture of Jennifer Wilbanks on your website

    The Headmaster - another Nigerian movie about a retired headmaster

    Roadrunner cartoons

    George Voinovich - heck, why not the entire U.S. Senate?

    Jim Carrey

    The Simpsons (just me - my wife thinks there is no humor in it whatsoever)

    I knew we had some similar tastes, and seeing Uncle Buck on your list confirmed that. Do you also enjoy that Thanksgiving classic, "Planes Trains and Automobiles"?

    I was curious about your take on the blackpeopleloveus site. I thought it was funny but wondered how many other folks found it offensive. One person's parody is another's offense. has some funnies on it occasionally, if you can avoid the "crude-ities". They currently have a dancing Miracle Jackson that's funny. My favorite was a clip from a news show, when a lizard (snake) jumped out at someone and they spazzed out. Seeing people spaz out over something silly like that is always good for a laugh.

    The Dick Van Dyke Show episodes "It May Look Like a Walnut," "That's My Boy?" and "Coast to Coast Bigmouth"

    The first three minutes of Toy Story.

    Monty Python's "Parrot Sketch."

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail

    Certain things the kids said when very young:
    "There's worms in that dirt. Not fair!"
    "Daddy goes to the work office to see clients and push buttons."

    George running from the bathroom yelling "Vandelay! Say Vandelay!" with his pants around his ankles.
    Dave Chapelle in Undercover Brother
    John Candy in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Sanford and Son
    All in the Family (especially the episode when Edith goes through menopause)
    The movie "Hangin w/the Homeboys"
    Space Ghost
    The original Saturday Night Live
    Frank's Place
    Rocky and Bullwinkle

    Today-Huffington's Toast and Tom's post about Queen Elizabeth's purse.

    I love this blog. It's most often the last thing I do at night before crawling away for some pillow-time. It always leaves me smiling, like today - or reassured, because I know that because of ppls like Ambra and the other visitors here, things are generally OK with the world. Topsy-turvy as it may seem, I feel a little bit better each night because I don't feel like I'm out here all by myself beating a drum that only I hear.

    Thanks to each of you for sharing.


    Awwww....GROUP HUG!!!

    The giant in "The Princess Bride" who rhymes all the time... :)

    Vizzini: "Stop rhyming now, I mean it!"

    Fezzik: "Anybody want a peanut?"

    Vizzini: "AHHH!"

    [hehe... that'll get me bustin' a gut every time!]

    My list is tooooo long to name ranging from Buster Keaton & Charlie Chaplin to Bill Cosby and Mel Brooks, lets just say that I am a sucker for anything slapstick like the classics, Laurel and Hardy, or the Marx Brothers. Your list is pretty good though, I feel you on Madea! The play is too funny for words.

    Office Space, another favorite with gauranteed laughs!

    Aw man, you missed your chance!
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