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May 26, 2005

Fresh content! Bear with me.

Posted by Ambra at May 26, 2005 12:35 AM in Blogging
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So hurry up dang it!

bring on the fresh and clean content!

Promises, promises.

I always say underpromise overproduce.

So, baked fresh monthly.


What bear?!?! Should I be worried. :)

Ambra,Don't get between a mother grizzly and her

Reminds me of a permanent sign outside a bar near here: "Free Beer Tomorrow" :-)

You keep teasing me with that picture of the cookie. I'm going to have to bake some now.

Six days and counting....

Nykola, we miss you!

waiting... ;)

I think the bear got to her...

I am waiting,waiting,waiting..........

<taps fingers. taps toes. waiting... ;gt;

Still waiting------

I think Ambra might be recovering from the recent news that Apple is switching to Intel-based processors.

Oh, yeah: Resistance is futile.

You're far too young, "intelligent" and attractive to be wasting your life in the blog sphere. Get out there and live your life, if I never see you here again I'll rejoice, not that I don't wanna hear your opinions, but I would hope you would find something more productive to do with your life than wasting your time responding to these morons. For your mind baby, and the rest will follow.

Free your mind and the rest will follow.

Depends on your definition of soon!

I think that the exact time line between childhood and adulthood is happening so fast that it becomes a blur as though we are watching the transformation take place from a moving train. It reminds me of Robert J. Hastings’ poem, “The Station.” Life is all going by so fast that we often miss the moment. Mr. Hastings said, “Sooner or later, we must realize there is no station, no one place to arrive at once and for all. The true joy of life is the trip. The station is only a dream. It constantly outdistances us."

r u ever coming back?

Maybe she's pregnant!

To quote Roberta Flack:

"Do what you gotta do, come and back and see us when you can"

Darrell, I was going to post a similar joke, but I decided against it.

Gutsy, man, gutsy.

Note: Mine would've been funnier.

Maybe she's doing this for attention?

I'd wager my internet reputation* that she's doing one of her side projects. LBreezy hasn't evne popped in here yet, so she probably knows.

* = nonexistant

Darn bear! Give Ambra back to us!


MJ trial is over.

She'll be back.

Aha! I get it. So, THIS is how you blog like a rock star! Nice one.

Obviously, something major and intensely personal is happening in your life, Nykol I hope it's something good, but if it's a crisis, remember that plenty of people you've never met and likely never will meet care a great deal about you and wish you joy.

Just what exactly is your definition of "soon"?

We assume Ambra has the same connotation as the rest of us...


1. In the near future; shortly.
2. Without hesitation; promptly: came as soon as possible.
3. Before the usual or appointed time; early.
4. With willingness; readily: I'd as soon leave right now.
5. Obsolete. Immediately.

I think it fair to say we've past the "best before" date on the bag. Happens to the best of us. Not to worry, I'm sure she's got something big up her sleeve to compensate.

You know she's sitting there laughing and saying "Let me see how long can I get these idiots to keep coming back" :-)

BINGO, sl! ah well, we might as well keep her entertained.

I'm declaring this an unofficial, unintended open thread. Let's squat/hijack Ambra's blog.

Anybody wanna post a comment pretending to be Ambra? Try writing what she'd say about the MJ trial...

Hey girlie, I know you must be busy, but sheesh! Anyway, I really think you should write something about Nick Cannon's "Can I Live?" video. I barely saw it for the first time today, and I cried buckets. What young guy makes that kind of life-affirming statement these days? Check it out, if you haven't already.

Ambra, Please feed the fish. Gulp.

I've gotta stop coming back here.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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