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April 21, 2005

This weblog is living proof that you don't have to play by the "rules." I very rarely check my web statistics. When I did recently, I found that despite my sporadic nature as of late, you people just keep coming back. Thank you for bearing with my weeklong absences. Remind me to rant about how much of a gigantic pain it is to sell a house.

Things will even out shortly, I promise. Immediate plans are in the works to ensure this weblog as well as other writing endeavors get 100% of my attention (and some). You know what that means...yeah, I'm crazy.

Posted by Ambra at April 21, 2005 2:02 AM in Life
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Is this the new house you just bought????


If you just sold a house, you did so just in time. Our legislators just approved a new $10 "fee" for real estate transactions.

welcome back; are you selling it yourself or using a realtor?

Immediate plans are in the works to ensure this weblog as well as other writing endeavors get 100% of my attention (and some). You know what that means...yeah, I'm crazy.

You are going to be writing fulltime ?

First time here, I really enjoyed your insights.

As a friendly yet scary white republican I look forward to reading more :)

Your blog is fresh, which is why people keep coming back. You're lucky--it's hard to get a large, consistent audience.

1) Not my house. My childhood house (amazing how you think you're so over something until you're about to lose it)

2) Yes with a realtor

3) You are going to be writing fulltime?
In a hot second.

4) Welcome Jami. And no, you are not scary to me.

Ambra & (new reader Jami),

I am white & republican, too (was somewhat leary of mentioning that before I saw Jami's post). I often check this blog, because it is refreshing. I read what Ambra writes because there is a good balance of information, conservative perspective, and humor all rolled in one. Often after reading, I think to myself "yes! there is hope for the generations to come" (although there is probably only about 9 years between me & Ambra - Ambra is only 7 years older than my daughter).

One of my favorite posts was your comment about Ms. "busted can o biscuits". You call it like it is and so do a lot of your readers. Such as a recent comment about whites getting all fidgety and looking at their watch in church when it is 12:01. ...guilty, I confess, that was before my family became part of a body of believers in a predominantly black congregation in Tacoma. Yes, we drive 1/2 hr. from Olympia to worship in Tacoma because me and my white husband enjoy being a part of the friendliest congregation around, and although the singing is acapella I've never and I do mean NEVER heard so much good singing anywhere. We don't mind anymore when the preacher goes over because he is preaching the truth and giving us something we can apply to our lives so that we will be transformed and not conformed to this world.

I didnt' mean to go on for so long - and honestly I only stumbled onto your site because of soundpolitics. And, I am glad I did.

Next post? I'm still waiting for the Nyktionary.

Congratulations on making a way for you to do what you really like to do!

I have been reading your web site for about four months and I must say that I enjoy your writing in both its style and content.

Yes, I'm waiting for the nyktionary too!

Ah, it's an emotional tie that binds. Well, that's fair enough. If it was Greed holding y'all back from selling, well, that's just funny. Do you guys get the Life Network show "Buy Me?" Hilarious.

Congrats on your upcoming f/t writing gig. Your persistence and tenacity (and not to mention talent) has paid off.

*tips hat*

I found that despite my sporadic nature as of late, you people just keep coming back.

Sounds like the definition of insanity.

What did you put in the HTML?!

Keep on keepin' on. And we'll keep doing the same.

Say, are you and La Shawn cookin up something together? Aren't you close enough to release date that you can give more hints? ;-)

Memer, I haven't the faintest idea what you are talking about.

I'm grateful that people like you take the time to put your thoughts in cyberspace. Nonetheless, live your life to the Lord and don't worry about obligations to the "audience." We'll survive, even without the Nyktionary!

Oh. I saw this, "I’ll also be doing some consulting work with a very enterprising young blogger" at LaShawn's post on quitting her reg'lar job and I immediately guessed that young un was likely you.

Memer, you still read my blog? I thought you'd stopped months ago, as you said you had? Well, well, well...

What masochists they are eh?

Heheh. Busted. Fully. Yeah, In the last few weeks I've been peekin in every now and then. Why? God knows. Feel free to slap me if I ever leave a comment, though.

So, mum's the word re my "deduction," eh? Look who's busted now ;-)

Yes.. I keep coming back.. you and LaShawn...

We love you Ambra.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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