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April 21, 2005

America is a funny place. You can go your entire life stopping for pedestrians, paying taxes, and being an all around good citizen and be totally ignored by the masses. Contrarily, if you have sex with married men, write about your adulterous escapades on your weblog and then pose nude for playboy, you get a book deal. Just ask Jessica Cutler, aka "The Washingtonienne," a blogger and former Capitol Hill staffer fired for writing about her multiple sex partners on the world wide web. One would think intelligence and a way with words would be typical of any blogger given a book deal. Incidentally, Cutler's blog maxed out in profundity when she wrote:

"He wants us to get tested together so we can stop using condoms. Isn't that sweet? Hope I don't have anything!"
Now there's a role model for young women everywhere. What's the payoff for being a blogho? For Cutler it was an online playboy spread and a book deal with Hyperion.

Now before you go to calling me a hater, let me just spare you the brain cells and say it: I'm a hater. Actually, I am quite the opposite. Although I don't particularly see any type of self-deprecatory behavior as a credible means of building an audience, let alone getting a book deal, I am content in the knowing that bloggers are getting book deals.

Cutler (along with a few more crediblee bloggers) was featured in a recent USA Today article on bloggers with book deals. As marketing new writers becomes more difficult, publishers are seeing green with bloggers who've already gained a following. This is very good news to any blogger who's ever pondered writing a book.

Posted by Ambra at April 21, 2005 1:24 AM in Blogging
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The phrase "they have their reward in full" keeps rolling around my head...

No moralizing about Republican Dewine for cheating on his wife and making Cutler famous? God you people are hypocrites.

Matt, it was a short post. Geez, cut me some the way, who exactly are "You people"?

You people always blame the females. Don't forget that Republican male staffers were paying her for access.

Ambra's note: dude, don't cuss on my site. And again I ask...who are "YOU PEOPLE??"

Well, call me a hater too because clearly the "nice guys (girls) finish last" adage is starting to really become clearer and clearer. I'm even hating on the woman who accused Bill O'Reilly of harrassment and settled out of court. She just bought a $809,500 condo. With all of the cretins I've endured over the years (before and after Anita Hill), surely I deserve a condo worth at least a half of that :-)

Nykola, you call it hating I call it truth telling. The woman is no better than a prostitute, period. I guess for some that would be a compliment.

It matters not what group is indicated by the phrase "you people," Ambra. People like Matt and JRI are always too chicken to come out and say who they mean by "you people."

The way you wrote it, it comes off like she was humping just for blog stories. Wasn't like that. She was annonymous, didn't name names (tho not too clever with the initials she used), and when she realized the jig was finally up and she was about to be exposed, as it were, she deleted the blog immediately.

The only reason we can nab stuff from her blog now is b/c someone was enterprising enough to keep a cache of her goods before it eventually disappeared from Google's database.

So she became a personality cuz of the people she was messin round with, not (just) that she was an extra randy blogger. It's the politicians who're just as (if not more) responsible for her silly fame than anything else.

And personalities with inside scoops get book deals.

The only blogger book deals i've seen are for people deemed authorities in blogging. That is, in the main, the books are about blogging. Just a natural consequence of the medium itself getting a higher profile.

I wouldn't buy a book by a blogger because I'm reading the writer for their blog, not their book. It's the element of surprise that's enjoyable. But I'm not against bloggers getting book deals.

Read the article memer, most of the bloggers getting book deals these days are essayists. It's all about memoir baby.

As for Jessica Cutler, you can take what I wrote however you want...point being, the sad thing is what makes one a celebrity nowadays. Hoery goes a long way in America. What a disgusting way to gain notariety. And there are a lot more than just Cutler. Don't make me start naming names. Actually, that sounds like a good post.

Some of those people got fiction book deals--which is VERY hard to score. I guess their fiction is thinly-veiled memoir. Whatever, they're lucky.

I'm confused. I admit I am new to your blog, but I have to assume that your right wing slant makes you an automatic admirer of the free market. Is this true? If so, then how can you complain that notoriety garners book deals whereas quality, all on its own, frequently does not?

Hackleraiser...stick around.

Thats really sad. But deep down that Jessica girl can't be a happy person. I think you all should read the book "Really Bad Girls of the Bible." The book deals with a lot of question about lifestyles like that. More importantly what we can learn from the women who have already been there done that. The author is liz curtis higgs.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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