Where Education has Failed
March 3, 2005

Overheard on television during an episode of a reality show that shall go nameless:

Character 1: Wait, "African" is not a language.
Character 2: Yes it is! They have their own language.
Character 1: But Africa is a country.
Character 2: Right! And they speak African.
Words fail me.

Posted by Ambra at March 3, 2005 1:40 AM in Education
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That Jessica Simpson...what a blockhead. At first I was horrified by the "African" conversation on that episode. Then I realized I couldn't expect too much intelligence from the same girl who thought that buffalo wings were made from actual buffalo. How sad!

I WOULD say the dumbing down of Amerikkka is complete, except I know better. The best thing I can say is try not to be too offended because such idiocy has yet to reach its peak. Heck, it is well nigh FASHIONABLE.

Jessica just grew up extremely sheltered. Can't say much for the gay/effeminate male that was with her. *hangs head in shame for having seen that particular episode*

Sadly, for the full 2 hours of TV I watch a month, you can bet your bottom dollar it was spent watching Newlyweds or a Real Word/Road Rules spin off.

I'm not offended in the least. I know lots of people who would unfortunately make the same mistake. Black people included. It's' an education bit.

I don't think Jessica's a blockhead at all. Nor would I ever say that on my site (or allow anyone else to). I was just it was funny was that the dude who tried to correct her was wrong too.

now that's comedy. Don't ya'll be knockin' my show though.

Would you translate this into European?

why do ignorant people like to spell america with three k's

Shari, had you ASKED me why I spell America as Amerikkka or AmeriKKKa, I would have GLADLY told you. It isn't a cherised secret or anything. Since you choose to hate instead, you shall remain ignorant as to why. May the rest of this day bring you a glimpse of the Peace that surpasses all human comprehension and may your heart be willing to accept it when it does.

BlockHead? what else could you call her that is fitting? Her little sister who has no talent is the one who is more laughable. I can't for the life of me figure out why she is able to keep getting TV gigs, etc. How long can she - and I can't even remember her name - keep up notion that she has talent? She has NONE.

...poor jessica *sigh*

Well, since I'm not generally fond of calling people names that berate or insult their intelligence, I would call her "Jessica." (Novel)

The scene I quoted above had about 5 participants...one of whom said Africa was a country (who was not Jessica by the way) and none of whom refuted that poor geographical reference, but in fact nodded in agreement. That was the humor I found in this scene.

Rafael: The whole Amerikkka thing is played and corny.

Afrikkka! So there!

I know this is question isn't anywhere near the topic, but can a white person born in Africa but raised in America be considered "African-American?" I am not attempting to be funny or play ignorant, but I have actually had this discussion with someone, and we didn't come to any clear conclusions. Enlighten me.

Ahnivah: Yes they can.

Maybe she simply heard of Afrikaans once?

It's a language! It sounds like "Africa"! It's even spoken on the continent of Africa!

I'll go with that Sigivald. Afrikaans is spoken in Southern Africa. That's a big benefit of the doubt, but I'll roll with it....

RE: Jessica Simpson: Just how deep does that dye job go?

Ambra, one person's trash is another's treasure. (How's that for played and corny?) What is played and corny to you is heartfelt and seared into my consciousness through years of experience in many different arenas. This country isn't living up to its creed. It just isn't. I spent most of my adult life in the US Marines, risking my life and curtailing my own opportunities for the PRIVILEGE of serving this country. I don't regret it. This place will be 229 years old on July 4, 2005--it is high time for it to figure out if its bedrock historical documents actually mean something. THAT is my beef with our land. Please allow me to say that I truly don't hate this nation: I JUST KNOW WHERE I AM. Peace.

When you blame others for your problems you look away from the solution.

no post on martha today? drats.

Sigivald: Yeah, I wish she was smart enough to know of Afrikaans... I think it would blow her mind if you told her you were a Boer. "Bore? Boar?"

Another fine example of a brain going to waste... it is like having a computer and using it only to blog... :-p

also a lot like the girl who told me in high school that she had met Led Zepplin and thought he was pretty cool...

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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