That Ambra Nykol...where is she?
March 17, 2005

The world may never know.

Posted by Ambra at March 17, 2005 11:50 PM in Blogging
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Umm, yeah I've been missing your updates Ambra. Come back when you get some time!

I think that Ambra Nykol is allowed to take breaks once in a while. ;)

Janna: Not on OUR time! :)

That Ambra Nykol? She is where she is supposed to be, doing the Lord's work.

(I have faith.)

I'd like to think that she is training her posse.

Or at least taking care of business.

As always, we patiently await free ice cream, and whenever you are ready to crank some out we will be here, spoons at the ready.

Maybe she'll come back if we give her some money! :)

I heard she was covering the Michael Jackson trial for BET...

Is this like where's Waldo? Wouldn't that funny hat be a fashion faux pas?

Just askin' is all.

I hope she is making overtime!
Come back little Sheba!

Perhaps she's gone downhill after her doocing--and moved to TACOMA. (hehehe)

Nah, we're not worthy!

Ambra, Please come back soon! I'm sure you must be doing something significant during your hiatus but my brain cells are atrophying!!!!

I think this is a lesson in discipline and patience... or maybe she's just busy. :)

She is punishing us for our shortcomings. Please forgive us, Nykola! We will try to change and be worthy of you. Come back and we will never ****** again!

Quit playin!


Coommmmeeee hooommmmme!

OK, enough fun and time off - your loyal readers are depending on you......

Ambra is a busy woman with lots going on. Stay tuned...

You people are crazy.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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