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March 11, 2005

I've stated in the past that I'm a bad linker. I embrace it. One of the unwritten rules of the "blogosphere" is that you're supposed to link frequently to other weblogs. I could write the book on how to break that rule. Do you know why? Because it takes so much bloody effort, and let's face it, writing every day takes too much time to be worried about trying to give props to the entire world wide web. Plus, I try to read everything I link and the minute I send someone somewhere, they take it as my endorsement and I'm not always comfortable with that. I think linking is great, but it's also very time-consuming.

While I intensely dislike it when people email me asking me for a link-exchange, I love when people send me links to stories, news, or blog postings. I'm lazy like that. This said, I'd like to go on record as stating that I always welcome leads, even if they're written by you (yes it's pretentious, but in this case, I'm asking. I don't link everything I get, but it sure makes my job easier. Thank you.

This has been a public service announcement.

Posted by Ambra at March 11, 2005 12:10 AM in Linkology
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OK I'll bite. I'd love to see you do a piece on this one because you're such a good writer. Here are a couple of links...

First the biased opinion:

Then the rational response:

Don't say Negrorage never gave ya nothin'

Speaking of links... I have been meaning to tell you since you redesigned the site (which I think looks fantastic) that you have an incomplete link to "Ethel" under "daily reads." You might want to add the .com part to that link.

BTW I found your site on Michelle Malkin's blog -- she's really good at linking!

Your blog is one of my daily reads even though you don't post on a daily basis. The way you share your faith and your political view inspires me. When I was in college back in the 80s and early 90s I was the only conservative & surrendered Christian thinker in my classes. I spoke out with great zeal but I wish I had been as eloquent as you are now. Your sense of humor is also greatly enjoyed!

Well, I should be posting daily. But you know, life happens. I'll get better, I promise.

Negrorage, I sure won't say that. Thanks for the link.

Linking does take a lot of time and effort. Try doing one of those round-ups with all the links and trackbacks. Good grief. But I like it. ;) I do it because it brings some attention to smaller bloggers. Michelle Malkin, etc., certainly don't have time to list 20 or so blogs in a post, so I take up the slack. And in turn, the bigger bloggers link to my round-ups.

Blogging in general is just too much fun, isn't it?

Weird/funny story on front page.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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