Dude, Where's my Blog?
March 24, 2005

Rule #32 of blogging: Don't apologize for non-blogging because nobody really cares.

At first I was going to be all stoic and ignore the fact that I've been MIA (missing in action) for the last week or so by posting some cheeky missive on why Terry Shiavo's husband is manipulative and how many smoke screens the media has thrown up in his defense. Then I started getting sympathy emails about my absence. You know, the ones where people consider a week of non-posting an indication of some sort of quarter-life crisis. Perhaps the loss of a pet or something really devastating like...having a life. Incidentally, I mourned the loss of my dog three years ago, but even that wouldn't have stopped me from posting to my blog. I appreciate everyone's concern, but let me just serve notice: I would never end this blogging venture without some confetti, bells, whistles, and major fund drive. I am however, glad to know people care.

To say life's been hectic is an understatement. Never in my life have I been through so much simultaneous change.

There's some philosophy that says any lulls in blogging are likely to throw off your readership and decrease traffic. Blah. Whatever. I'd rather go silent a week than post shoddily (made up word) written observations on life. I refuse to be a machine. I keep telling you people that I need to bring another writer on board but nooooooooo. So yeah, I needed a break to brace myself for the good stuff on the horizon.

Last week, I had an interesting conversation via phone with fellow blogger La Shawn Barber. She hipped me to the fact that she was phasing herself out of her full-time job. I think there's something in the water. We're both sick of working just to be working. I may be young, but I'm smart enough to know that anytime I have to ask somebody else for permission to use my own vacation time, something is wrong. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

I've got lots of exciting stuff in the works. I'll just keep it at that for now. Thanks for your patience everyone. My brain is refreshed again.

Posted by Ambra at March 24, 2005 10:01 AM in Blogging
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I keep telling you people that I need to bring another writer on board but nooooooooo.

I've found it is hard to bring another blogger on board when you named your site after yourself. Perhaps cloning may be required. :)

It all sounds good, Ambra. Don't worry about your hit counts. Your readers are out here whenever you're ready.

Actually, the site's not named after me.

Little-known fact.

Interesting that you and LB have decided against gigging for gigging's sake. I've long sought an exit, but this year is final. Shouldn't divulge this online, for fear of the dooce, but the sincerity's not 100% if it's not my own project. That's unfair to me and someone else.

A refreshing of the brain is a good thing.

I hope your talents can be applied to a wealth-generating endeavor that you enjoy.

It's dawning slowly on me now that I "know" Bijan from a completely different sphere... the world of track and field! Good to acknowledge a fellow traveller.

Just make sure to give us veteran nykola.com readers some nice stock options.

i wasnt so much worried about the non-blogging as I was about the 'account suspended - contact billing' message that I kept getting when I tried to visit. Someone was hacking your site or something.

First, thanks for getting me hooked on snood. Totatlly addicted. Also, working for works sake does bite. I'm doing it right now, but I'm on my way to something I really want to do. Making the change now while you are young may actually be easier than waiting.

Glad to see you're back.
BTW, what was up with the "account suspended" message? Was it hackers, as Leisa suggests?

Welcome back Ambra! You were missed! (I'd say I missed you but this sounds much more socially proper! 8-) )

I consider myself to be fairly new to this whole blogging explosion and while seeking inspiration in how to manage mine, I came across yours. A blog is only as good as its content and I must say that yours is worth reading. Great job!

New subscriber!

I think I would have gone nuts if that happened to me. Blogger was out for about 12 hours for me yesterday and I was seriously pissed.

Congrats on your new host.

'Shodilly' IS a word. :-D

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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