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February 18, 2005

In my state of the blog address, I talked about some changes on the horizon in 2005 for this site. One of the sections I'm going to be adding in the next month or so is movie reviews. I think it's valuable to intelligently critique what's good and what's bad about our modern day entertainment industry from the proper worldview. I am also interested in examining films as a reflection of culture and where our society is and isn't. Busy as I am with unemployment and staring at the ceiling and all, I of course can't do this myself.

You all pretty much know my angle--I thought "American Beauty" was trash; I thought "The Matrix" was brilliant, and I think Kevin Costner plays every character exactly the same way.

If you: are witty, write well, are able to subjectively view a film and critique it accordingly, and you wouldn't give "Soul Plane" high marks, I'd love to hear from you. Everyone will get the rights to their own work, but I'd publish it here too.

Posted by Ambra at February 18, 2005 11:18 AM in Blogging
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I've actually thought of doing the same for my site. Though I don't get to the movies much, I used to write film and music reviews for my city's newspaper. I miss it a lot so I think I'm going to back to it. Film reviews can be quite fun. Especially when you've seen a bad one!

Anyhow I'll let you know and you can feel free to post them on your site as well.

Good idea, by the way.

He may play them all the same way, but I've always liked Costner's Robin Hood.

I'd love to. Hey as long as you're asking that we not deride "Soul Plane", could I also review older and even B&W movies?

since movies and i are seemingly constant companions, i would love to help out with movie reviews.

you can get in touch w/me at the above email address or at my LJ

Alien vs. Predator was a touching look into the differences between societies and a frightening glimpse at what can occur when we don't take the time to understand each other, and what makes us all tick.

I nearly shed a tear when the "Hunter" alien (I refuse to denigrate them by calling them the name which we humans have so callously thrust upon them with no regard to how they may actually feel about it.) used the acid blood left on the severed digit of the prey alien to burn the warior insignia into the face of the beautiful human woman near the end of the movie in a show of solidarity.

If only the prey alien had been more understood. If only someone had taken the time to get to know them...


If a movie is entertaining on some level I like it. I go out to be entertained, not to delve into the intricacies of a movie's plot line and character development.

Although Blade Trinity did suck on both levels. Why is Blade speaking? Why is Blade telling [non-funny] jokes? Kill bad vampire-people Blade--shutup!

Why not? Given my criticism of films and movies overall tends toward bare-knuckle fighting, let's mix it up and fulfill the prophecy of Truman Capote (who?):

There's gonna be blood and hair on them, those walls.

You know I'm down if you need me

Mark: I see Alien vs. Predator is an emotional topic for you.

Anne: Actually, I'd prefer that you do deride "SoulPlane." But yes, I'm not opposed to older movies being reviewed.

Alex wrote, "If a movie is entertaining on some level I like it. I go out to be entertained, not to delve into the intricacies of a movie's plot line and character development."

I think it depends. You can look at a movie two ways: its artistic value or its entertainment value. I have my list of favorite mindless films that entertain me and take my mind off things. John Q was a horrible movie by plot and acting standards, but I wasn't bored once when I saw it, and I wasn't bored the second time either. I'd say that was a success entertainment-wise.

The other part of me is really analytical. I get revelation and insight from just about anything--including movies. I'm one of those people who could write a thesis around the movie "Legally Blonde".

Mark for president of PETA in space?

I don't think I'm ready for prime time criticism...But I would very much like you to read my blog entry on Mulan II and tell me what you think.

"are able to subjectively view a film and critique it accordingly"

Do you want us to subjectively view the film, or objectively view the film?

I can think of several actors that seem to be the same character in every movie they appear in. Their movies would probably not get fair reviews from me, unless I could get past that.


OK, I'll try to think of something clever and trashing to say about 'SoulPlane'.

I also wanted to say that I lvoed that you thought 'American Beauty' was trash. I felt very emperor's new clothes about it when I kept finding myself in conversations with people who thought it was brilliant.


I will gladly share insights as time allows. Where will all of this analysis be posted?

Also, I'd be interested in whether Ambra has ever seen a Peter Sellers movie, "Being There", and if so what her impressions were.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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