February 21, 2005
  • Is the Tide is Turning in Hollywood?: An interesting Fox news article examines the change in the Hollywood climate post-"Passion." I'm not so sure Gibson's efforts have blown the door open, but they certainly have humbled know-it-all executives. But I will say this: Ice Cube is doing family films. That in and of itself speaks volumes.

  • Actor Will Smith is Fat: So says the "Center for Consumer Freedom," a self-proclaimed health and obesity watchdog that says Smith's 6'2", 210 lbs (and yoked as of late) frame gives him a Body Mass Index (MBI) of 27 which means he's "overweight." Mmkay. I saw "Hitch" last weekend, and if Will Smith is overweight, then we all should just quit right now. Instead, the "CCF" should focus their energies towards these people.

  • Malcolm X is Not the Hero We Exalt: Yesterday marked the day of X's death. Columnist Stanley Crouch bravely asserts that we rarely discuss the truth about Malcolm X's legacy and wrongly liken his Civil Rights Movement contributions to those of "The King." I remember being the only one in my "Equity, Justice & Race" class who wasn't enraptured by "The Autobiography of Malcolm X."

  • Michael Jackson & The Peter Pan Syndrome Spirit: I think this man may give us all some insight into the depth of confusion that is Michael Jackson. I've taken a lot of heat in my inbox for being critical of Mr. Jackson. I don't care. I think the man needs help beyond psychiatry and I don't particularly think our polite dismissal of his behavior is going to save his life. Throughout his career, Jackson has made many references directly and indirectly to the archetype of the androgynous, eternal child, "Peter Pan." Draw your own conclusions.

  • Blogging Helps Employment: Nope not for me, but for Joe at "The Evangelical Outpost," his posts on Christian Bio-ethics gained the attention of "The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity". It was only two weeks ago that he announced his unemployment, and now Joe's been offerred a job with them. I'm not a hater, I'm just saying isn't there a "Center for Sensible Fashion in Politics" that's hiring?

  • Howard Dean: Race Relations Coordinator: My favorite bald-headed blogger, "Baldilocks" is disgusted at the lack of outrage present in regards to Howard Dean's "hotel staff" comments at the recent Democratic "African American caucus" gathering. Funny, I started ignoring Howard Dean a long time ago.

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Ok that Peter Pan thing is the queerest thing I've seen all month.

Hey Ambra, the Center for Consumer Freedom is poking fun at the government standards of obesity, not actually calling Will Smith a fatso. I surfed around their website yesterday coincidentally; they're doing a lot of great stuff to show how ludicrous suing McDonald's for obesity is and how people need to be responsible for themselves and their food choices without the government creating new laws and taxes surrounding our eating habits. Check it out when you get a chance.

RE: Fat kids. I dropped off my little boy at his preschool this morning and as I waited in the carpool line a little girl in his class got out of her mom's car and had to waddle, yes waddle up 3 stairs to the door. She is so FAT - not chubby but FAT - that she was unable to put one leg in front of the other and walk up the stairs like a 4 yr old kid should.

Surely this is a form of child abuse. Kids do not know proper nutrition skills unless we parents teach them. It's much easier to let a kid eat this junk food then it is to at times struggle with them to eat the proper foods.

There is just no excuse for this type of stupid behavior with all of the information overload we have today in regards to nutrition, etc.


I just read the article and Kristen is right. Yeah, watch out shug, you gotta read materials thoroughly and you don't want your credibility to be damaged; it just gives your enemies more fodder for attack. I know this from experience

Yes I was a joke guys gotta lighten up.

About that Malcolm X link -- It was a long time ago, but I still remember reading his "autobiography" as an undergraduate. The thing that stuck with me was the way he kept pressing through various kinds of deception, including (eventually) the Nation of Islam racist game. I think one of the most tragic things about his assasination was that we never got to see where his final insights would have taken him.

No, we will not lighten up. We'll remain humorless and dead-serious forever.

Awesome that the world is getting to the place where you can say that Malcolm X didn't entrance you (hmm...en-trance is the same as "go in"). Thanks!

I actually tend to agree with Stanley Crouch's Malcolm X assessment (though my view isn't out of distaste or contempt for him). Several years ago, I recall someone getting mad at me when I said that Malcolm wasn't as "big" as King until after he died. I wrote it off because they weren't old enough to remember or to understand that their impact and involvement had not been equivalent and that Malcolm's ascension really occured post-mortem.

While I do think that he had a definite impact and message that had a certain value, he hardly was a key figure in the long civil rights struggle. I did, however, enjoy his Autobiography as it is always facinating to read about how someone's life experiences mold them and how, sometimes, one can evolve because of them. The emerging Malcolm could have done great and positive things and, perhaps, that is what people are have meshed into the person he really was.

Oh my gosh, how did you find that site of the eternally young peter pan-like extremely disturbed man? Scary! Did you just come across it accidentally one day? How distressing. I think your right about the deep confusion...

Thanks for the link, Ambra!

And Qusan, I agree with this: "The emerging Malcolm could have done great and positive things..."

Oh, for what might have been.

On Baldylocks question:

My guess is that this will come back when Republicans find it politically useful, like the next election cycle. They will use that quote on some ads, you can bet on it. We just don't know when or where yet.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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