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February 18, 2005

Character development...character development. I'll just keep chanting that to myself as I endure what seems to be one of the hardest seasons of my life. And here I thought 2004 was rough. Now I laugh in the face of 2004.

So I think I first realized that something was odd when last week, after donning my classiest pantsuit, enduring a second round of interviews, and doing this grandiose PowerPoint presentation in hopes of landing what was once the job of my dreams, they called me to say they "offered the job to someone internally," and I was...relieved.

What is wrong with you Ambra? For the first time in quite awhile, I can officially say that I have no idea what the literal tomorrow holds. I am restless to say the least.

Posted by Ambra at February 18, 2005 11:50 PM in Life
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Restlessness is sometimes used of God to push us toward great things. One of the very first portions of scripture which God brought to life for me was Matthew 6:33, and He did it through the loss of my job at the time.

I'll join you in praying that God will show you exactly what He wants of you right now and that you'll do it too! (That's the part I mess up all the time!)

In Christ,

Ambra, I will pray for you in this situation... that God will do His will... which may mean preparing you for something greater that He will provide.

Don't lose hope! There is a purpose for everything for those who are children of God.


Pants Suit? Either you get a dress or I'll get kilts.

Um, Mr. Wallis, this is 2005...there's such a thing as a feminine pantsuit.

I know you're old, but you're not that old.

oh, andd thanks Janna and Mark

Pundit. Think Pundit. Think Chris Matthews Show- Sunday morning gabfest for pundits still on training wheels. Think how outrageous at the studio when you arrive and people (aka white libs) see that you're.... You've already designed your job. Just work it.

That's a nice suit.

And, even though I consider most internet people to be complex, fictional, artificial intelligence-developed characters, you are in my prayers, Ambra from Seattle.

And us folks down here believe in PUSH (pray until something happens) prayer, so I'll be waiting for the praise report.

Well Alex, I'd certainly hope that you don't think I'm a fictional, AI-developed character, but I appreciate your prayers.

Praise report coming...

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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