February 18, 2005
  • Political Bias Laws on Campus - Some Ohio state lawmakers are trying to pass a law that outlaws political bias on college campuses. Are you kidding me? They'd be better off trying to tell Richard Simmons that he's a man. At least Ward Churchill has nothing to fear.

  • Kanye, the Messiah - In a backstage MTV interview, says rapper Kanye West on his Grammy win: "It's not so much particularly getting the Grammys, it was the opportunity to speak at the Grammys that I wanted. It just felt like I served God with this album. And He gave me the world tonight. He gave me the floor. That's all I wanted, I wanted the floor." Man, that's almost as good as the people that tell me they're fasting from cussing.

  • Jackson Drama - Michael Jackson was discharged from the hospital today after being treated for "flu-like symptoms." The masks, the umbrellas, dancing on top of cars, dangling kids off balconies, and now "flu-like symptoms"--okay already, enough drama please.

  • Chris Rock and the Oscars - Rock (who will use a 7-second delay to avoid foul language) recently caused a furor when he said only "gay men" watch the "Academy Awards." This is what happens when you get a loose cannon like Rock to host an uppity event...people get their glass houses broken. Isaiah Z. Sterrett, a conservative thinks Rock promotes race-based hatred towards whites. What I'm wondering is when we started taking anything that Chris Rock says seriously. He's like the lunatic cousin everybody lets stand by the punch bowl at the family reunion.

Posted by Ambra at February 18, 2005 3:35 AM in Politics
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On Chris Rock:
Disagree with him though you may, you have to admit a lot of his stuff is pretty darn funny.

Who sees Rock as promoting race-based hatred of whites? Has Sterrett actually SEEN a rock concert or listen to Rock's albums? Rock is pretty brutal to both blacks and whites. Hysterically so.

He's a stand up COMEDIAN not a sitting president and darn funny. ROCK on!

I never said I disagreed with Rock. I just said people are taking him way too seriously for doing what he does best.

Ambra, as a matter of fact I'm "fasting" from cussin,in an attempt to quit. And that is good,very good.

Well, Eric, the people I'm referring to are the ones who intend on going back...if you know what I mean.

I don't think you really need to fast from 'cussin'. Somethings you just need to stop doing.

And don't 'try' to stop, just stop.

If you can't control your mouth, or other parts of your body, then there is lack of temperance that is allowing that incontinence to thrive.

Also, most likely there is lack of intimate communion with the Father. Sit down, shutup, listen.

Yeah A, I know whatcha mean. After reading the responses on your M. Keyes post,I almost turned back also. Oh yeah,I'm still waiting on that solution.


It's real easy to say "just stop" but much harder to do. Some things you have to ween yourself off of.

I am a non-gay white man who never watches the Oscars, but will this time to see what Rock says. Comedians like him are one of the only natural predators of the preening and self-important celebrity culture that afflicts us.

Personally, when he goes on a tear on some black-white issue that results in criticism of "white culture," I take what he's saying to heart a lot more than when it's coming from Jesse Jackson because I trust his honesty. He may ultimately be wrong, but he's not selling a line.

As for cussing, C.S. Lewis made a very strong point about not confusing manners with morals.


My man Chris Rock. His "the difference between blacks and n*****" is a classic.

Soloman, I was going to mention that skit but it slipped by me. CLASSIC.

I just bought his just-released CD Never Scared. I've yet to play it, but I'll let you all know what I think!

Ambra: Of course feel free to publish my review if you'd like. I know you L-O-V-E Chris Rock!

I've never seen any of his routines until tonight when Ed Bradley had snippets on 60 minutes. No bad language bleeped in the interview. Some touching moments. He said comedians are clowns, they just don't wear a false nose and floppy shoes, i.e., take them about that seriously. Also, he said he'd never done that blacks and niggers routine again, and never will.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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