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February 21, 2005

The first time I saw the commercial for the new "7up Plus," I cracked up. I thought, surely these monkeys are not trying to pass off chemically manufactured soda (or pop) as though it were healthy. Indeed they are. The Atlanta-Constitution-Journal reports:

The familiar battle over whether to put that sugary cereal in the shopping cart has a new twist: Now the cereal comes with a nutrition claim about the goodness of whole grains.

It's not just cereal. A growing number of food manufacturers are adding extra doses of nutrients to soft drinks, snacks and sweet treats to increase their appeal to parents.

Hershey's chocolate syrup now comes in a calcium-fortified version. Cadbury Schweppes tweaked 7UP to come up with 7UP Plus, with added vitamin C and calcium.

The prospect of shelves stocked with whole-grain Chocolate Lucky Charms, which are 50 percent sugar, and Teddy

Grahams with extra calcium (and unhealthy trans fats) worries nutritionists.

The best way to work in more nutrients, they say, is to choose low-calorie foods naturally rich in them, such as skim milk, fruits and vegetables.

"Fortified junk food is still junk food," says Bonnie Liebman, director of nutrition for the consumer advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest. "Kids and adults are much better off eating healthy foods that supply the nutrients they need."

Although I have an affinity for fried, um, everything, even I am smart enough to know that there comes a point of absurdity. What's always struck me as particularly evil is the fact that instead of introducing new products that really are healthy to support a changing market, companies just try to convince the masses that the old stuff really is good for them.

Couple this with the fact that (pop) soda machines are strategically placed in inner city schools and we might have the makings of a conspiracy theory.

As long as they don't take away my fried catfish, I'm good.

Posted by Ambra at February 21, 2005 11:56 PM in Culture
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I can't see myself holding that can in public. I'm a Sprite man, anyway.

'Combo' fried rice, with sausage, chicken, egg, shrimp, etc.--Good.

Ambra, if you are truly a fried catfish afficianado, you simply must join me one year for the Texas Relays fish fry in early April!

Catfish, hushpuppies, fries, plus more smart talk and lie-telling from track folks than you could possibly imagine :)

COKE...IT'S COKE...EVERYTHING IS SUPPOSED TO BE CALLED...C-O-K-E. dr. pepper, sprite, mr. pibb, root beer IT'S ALL COKE. not pop, or soda.

I've tried that 7Up Plus, and they not only make a sell for the low calorie crowd but also those Atkin's dieters by claiming low carbs. It had one of the most unnatural, chemically not-sweet aftertastes I have experienced.

They still make Fresca, the aspirin-flavored refresher, so I should just stick with that.

Evil, evil, evil.

My oldest asked me "Is chocolate milk really good for you?" And I told him it's basically a wash, since all the good stuff in the milk gets used up dealing with all the sugar from the flavoring. So it's not bad, but it's not exactly good, either. But at least it's milk, not some carbonated lab-created horror.

"They stretch the truth to make you want it, don't they, Mom?" he said.

Yep. They sure do.

Everything in moderation is all da people need to know. Exersize and eat moderate portions and most people will be just fine. I'm not giving up the occasional Big Mac for anybody. (Well, maybe for Ambra...:) )

Soda is extremely fattening, but one here and there isn't going to kill most people. I make a mean Lasagne, great Greens, superb Chili, and barbecue sauces that are good on everything except Cheerios, but I don't stuff myself on any of these on a daily basis.

I do agree that a seriously overweight kid is beign abused though. I see parents who say "I don't know why little Susie is three times bigger than her classmates!" Yet when admonished to stop feeding little Susie a chocolate covered Twinkie every ten minutes you hear "but I can't stand it when she's mad!"


I just love the "low fat" lables slapped on all the candy these days. I just want to scribble on the lable, "For all of you who did not pay attention in biology class, when sugar enters your body what does not get used immediately gets stored as fat."

I used to work for the fast-food industry and at every place there was one common occurrence: "I'd like a double-whatever with cheese, a large order of fries, a piece of pie, and a small diet soda.

Yes my friends, when you order in this way, the staff is laughing at you. Not because of your size but because of the inconsistency of your order.

Be big and proud or change your diet like you mean it.

Seriously, I know. It's like how Kentucky FRIED Chicken changed their name to KFC, which supposedly means Kitchen Fresh Chicken. Shyah right.

"soda machines are strategically placed in inner city schools"

I'll assume that that sentence was parody (I'm on drugs after surgery and I ain't at full capacity.)

I also love fried everything. It makes me happy - that's gotta count for something, right?

That's absolutely right, Sharon. Now there is a mark of a true Southerner--or, perhaps, a true Atlantan! :) It's all Coke.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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