The Black Chick Reloaded
December 16, 2004

The site's been on the fritz today thanks to some incompetence on the part of people in Scottsdale, Arizona that I pay to in fact not be incompetent. If you're reading this, consider yourself one of the few. My post for the day was lost in the hubbub and I don't care to find it. It probably wasn't all that insightful anyway so on to less important topics.

I frequently get asked about this little black chick mini-me mascot, so here's the short of it. The black chick's been through about three phases. Phase one I won't even show, but the second phase can be viewed here and was drawn by yours truly when I had much shorter hair. My drawing skills lack so the third version was done by a professional graphic designer by the name of Heather of Lisette Design. She is an excellent illustrator that captures the playfulness that I adore. Hopefully she will also be re-designing black chick version 4.0 to be released with the next site re-vamp in '05.

Personally, I would've canned the fashionista broad a long time ago, except that people emailed me to tell me otherwise so I guess she's here to stay; kinda like a "Where's Waldo?" character.

I'll reflect on this officially in the new year, but January 1st is my "official" one-year anniversary of "blogging" or my "blogiversary" or whatever cheesy name they call it. I'm not about to get all sappy and say the time went by so fast and time flies when you're having fun and all that other fluff. Nope. While it has been fun, it's also been a very long and arduous process of settling in to my writing voice, becoming comfortable with it, being misunderstood, getting over the need to be understood, and trying to pry myself away from my computer.

Before I started my own blog, I was a reader of a few others and I must say, I have a higher respect for the people that have been doing this for 4+ years. Pushing out 700+ coherent, independent words every day is one of the most challenging mental exercises I've encountered as a writer. But I must say, I love it. I was once told that the late Chicago Tribune writer Mike Royko published 800 quality words, five days a week, for nearly four decades. This blogging stuff pales in comparison to that so I have few complaints. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, and smarter (and more of a stress case) too.

Posted by Ambra at December 16, 2004 2:42 PM in Blogging
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Glad to hear you love writing the blog. I love reading it.

Still loads o' fun to read and respond. Happy 1st Year, Ms. A.

Congratultions! At 23 it's people like you that give an old fart like me, HOPE! Keep the faith!

Congrats! Your blog is always an interesting, insightful read. Keep up the good work and may the Lord richly bless you!

Gurl, I don't know how you do it. The volume is tremendous and it's good quality blogging, too. I'm strugglin just to do my 100 words/day. Mike R sure was prolific, but I'm gonna assume that was his f/t gig. Most professional columnist only pump out one to three articles/wk.

Doing this amt in addition to a f/t gig is just ... well, let's just say you'll wanna be ticklin something other than a keyboard at some point in your life, no?

I love your blog (my fav) and like the design she did, but not that crazy with her promotion of her image.

About Royko: he got paid very well for what he did and he had editors, so maybe his gig wasn't that tough.

black chic reloaded huh? do you have the special effects of the matrix goin on over there? cause if so do share

on the real though I can always count on you for a good read, keep up the good work

I just stumbled upon your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it. It's great to see people my age with a lot to say. I will be back to visit soon.

Stay on it A. And go M's, with Adrian Beltre and Richie Sexson(startin' to look like they'll be the only baseball team in Washington).

From a few miles south of you, Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas. I enjoy your blog very much.

Thanks for the effort and the positive medium for group commentary. I must say that I was partial to the green background. (GRIN)


Agreed MJ, the decollatage is a bit much. Not sure what's up with that. When I first was introduced to her work, the site was much more professional.

And agreed that getting paid for this gig would probably light a bit more of a fire under my tail. If could stay home and write every day, you guys would get sick of me.

Congrats on being a year old! Love the blog -- here's to a wonderful 2005!

If you could stay home 'n' write every day, our world would be a lil' bit the better (and wiser)for it.

Big ups for the Royko reference. One of my many inspirations.

Congrats on the blogiversary! You were one of the bright spots of the blog year. I enjoy the
"Ambra experience" and look forward to more "people bothering" in 2005.

I'm feeling old when you bring up Royko who's been dead for a few years, yet I grew up reading him in Chicago. He did fairly well keeping with the "working class Joe" perspective.

Careful what you wish for, or somebody someday might recognize your talent and offer you the big $$ to write full time. You could maybe even afford a posse, after the movie deal of course.
[Then it would be on to a line of your own designer clothes, but I'm getting ahead of yourself.]

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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