Overheard Whilst Moving
December 19, 2004

Ambra: Daddy trust me, we're gonna need a really big truck.

Parental Unit Male: But Ambra, you only lived here for two and half years, and it's a studio apartment. You can't possibly have amassed that much stuff.

Ambra: Silly mortal, you underestimate my powers.

There is an amazing phenomena in America called "excess". 'Round about box number 15 full of crap for which I don't forsee an immediate use, I had to stop and say to myself, "Self, you have too much stuff."

And then I went shopping. "Consciousness" is blissfully temporary. Now that you've been enlightened, go forth and throw something a way.

Posted by Ambra at December 19, 2004 9:39 PM in Life
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My rule of thumb is that if I haven't used it lately, it's trashable.

Ambra, you might want to look into 'freecycling'.

Had to move my ofice 7 times in 20 years. Tried to adopt the policy of never moving an unopened box, but sometimes I weakened. When I finally moved into my home office, it took several dumpster loads to eliminate the stuff.

I've been gradually getting rid of stuff after my last move to a smaller place. Nothing like having less space to give you cause to slim down.

Wow. What a dad. Or did you develop your shopping habits after moving out? :)

Still... Helloooo, young American female here! Of course she's got huge quantities of ...stuff...


And nobody better touch my collection of antique PCs, neither!!

Umm...you know when you're in trouble when you move boxes from apartment to apartment, house to house, and you have NO idea what's actually IN the boxes. You just keep moving them with you. Sigh...anyone want to come to my house and open boxes with me?

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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