Know Your Rebels: Adam Hunter
December 21, 2004

Rebel: Adam Hunter

Age: 21

Representing: Somerset, New Jersey

Status Senior Double Major in Political Science and Economics at Howard University in Washington D.C.

Why you should fear him: A son of Democrat parents, and a student at a historically black (and by default staunchly Democrat) university, Hunter is familiar with going against the grain of political thought. He is the founder of the Howard University College Republicans. He has helped grow the membership to over 70 students in its first year. This is the largest College Republican chapter at any historically black college in the country. He is currently working with the College Republican National Committee as the Director of African American Outreach and is the Vice Chair of the DC Federation of College Republicans.

Adam is also involved with student government at Howard. He is the Student Advocacy Coordinator and was last year's Director of Internal Affairs for the Howard University Student Association.

Hunter gained national recognition this year when he was a finalist in MTV's Choose or Lose essay Competition. He's even appeared on Fox News. Plus he's a Howard University Bison. That makes him cool.

Noteable Quote: "Within the Republican community, they don't understand hip-hop. Republicans are trying to marginalize the hip-hop experience. They think it's just music and don't understand it's a full-fledged culture. It's the way people communicate. And it's not specifically an African-American culture. Most people who buy hip-hop are white."

Essays: Choose or Lose Essay

Press: Interview with District of Columbia Republican Committee, Home News Tribune

Posted by Ambra at December 21, 2004 1:31 PM in Politics
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He's brave.

Brilliant [i]and[/i] easy on the eyes.

Just like J.C. Watts, it can be predicted that from the GOP Adam Hunter will continue to find a warm reception - with many hands of friendship extended - and a willingness to engage on his issues, as he rises into leadership. The Republican world is his oyster. With regard to his quote on hip-hop (and to tie in with Kanye West), the immensely popular Maranatha Praise Band ('MPB') has been a staple of the conservative Christian Evangelical 'Promise Keepers' organization for many years - their group 'covers' rap-style praise and hip-hop worship to the extent it has become their trademark. So if you can imagine ten to fifteen thousand conservative (and mainly white) men, in worship for a concentrated 12 hour period, in different cities around America every weekend for over two months straight - being pumped-up on Christian hip-hop, then it can be understood that hip-hop would be acceptable to the GOP. Political parties do nothing if not try to emulate and identify with popular trends in order to create 'affinity' for their candidates, after all.
MPB will be leading a mass Gospel choir (and MLK Jr's daughter Yolanda King will be narrating) the 'Montage for Martin' at Benaroya Hall on January 9. The director (and co-composer) is Stephen Newby, director of the Seattle Pacific University Gospel Choir. SPU, a HWC (historically white college) if ever there was one - has just named the new John Perkin's Center for Reconciliation on their campus - and made a commitment to recruitment, scholarships and outreach to African Americans nationwide. Just call it one more manifestation of what is going on, as the 'Nanny Staters' lose traction with their assumed constituents (or some such). Perkins, author of 'Let Justice Roll Down' is a living legend. Here's more about him from the SPU:
Reconciliation is so important to Perkins that it has permeated his life’s work. It fuels his ceaseless efforts to break down racial, cultural, and economic barriers so that opportunity is available to “all God’s people.” It influenced his founding of Mendenhall Ministries in Mendenhall, Mississippi; the Harambee Christian Family Center in Pasadena, California; the CCDA in Chicago, Illinois; the John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development in Jackson, Mississippi; and Voice of Calvary Ministries in Jackson. And it is the subject of many of his books, including He’s My Brother: Former Racial Foes Offer Strategy for Reconciliation (Chosen Books, 1994), Resurrecting Hope (Regal Books, 1995), and A Time to Heal (Baker Books, 1997).

I encourage Adam Hunter to be in touch about any work he is doing in the Pacific Northwest - and would like to help schedule a visit by him to the Perkin's Center in Seattle - we can get some media to cover him (if he would like) as well.

Well P. Scott Cummins, I agree that within the body of Christ, hip hop definitely has a place, but the hole in your assertion is that the entire GOP is full of God-honoring Christians. It's not. So the ability to see the creativity of God in hip hop doesn't come easily to those with the sticks in their butts. The GOP does not yet grasp what hip hop is and therefore has unwisely written it off. As "just (fill in the blank)".

Some of the lame-brained things I've heard coming out of the GOP's mouths (and pens mind you) concerning the hip hop culture are very disappointing.

I agree with Hunter's sentiments, and being that he is a Republican, I'd say they'd be wise to take heed to what the fresh blood is saying.

As for SPU, I have closer ties with that institution than you might think and let's just say, there's a lot more they could be doing. There's a lot of politics that go on in creating the "look" of outreach, but not really doing what it takes to actually outreach. Don't get me wrong, I think SPU offers a sound education. My best friend graduated from there and I have friends that work in SPU's department of multicultural affairs/outreach/etc. I've attended many many many many of their events and their intentions are great, but I'm still waiting to see some of many year's worth of talk and plans manifest in the flesh if you know what I mean.

Hey. Nice blog. I just linked you today on my site (

May it be known that AMBRA NYKOL and my humble self are in perfect accord on what she opines pertaining to the aforementioned. Amen.

Though would you allow me to add that people I know in Africa (since the issue is pervasive influences) love American culture - and hip-hop is by far the predominate manifestation of that in their lives. The Moguls of Hip-Hop would be making this world a far better place if they spent some time traveling there, reaching out, and getting into the issues - even as they stroked their egos by doing it. And some of my Ugandan friends reading this blog should start their own, and post comments here as well (hint, hint). Finally, America desperately needs missionaries FROM Africa to renew this culture with many wonderful sensibilities regarding 'values' and spirituality.

Hip-Hop: may it make this entire world a better place.

Excellent. Another future leader making noise- in his own way, at his own speed. Hiphop culture going through unexpected and interesting permutations. Most of the fun reading this blog- A Future Leader Giving Mad Props to Other Talented Peers. Excellent. (But don't tell the mainstream media yet....let them be surprised....)


Gotta love smart guys who are hot. ;)

Yes--you gotta love me. ;)

Just checked my butt, no stick there! Wise Republicans don't ignore hip-hop, they avoid it like the plague. :)

In the Christmas spirit, click on the Radio U link on my site and you just might find something that you like. They play (streamed over the WWW) Christian rock, hip-hop and rap. They also do missionary work and have other outreach to various countries.

Bonus: They are a Columbus, Ohio product.

PS: I have 4 girls and I hope that they are lucky enough to find a good man like him.

I saw him on Greta about a year ago... I was impressed with young man. One thing he has acomplished that this Hunter hasn't is that he stuck with at Howard (H..UUUUUUUUU) I couldn't even last a semester (but that was way back in 90 :-))... But anyway He has a bright future....
Plus with last name of Hunter he is all right with me.. (I wonder if we are related... I do have family in NJ that I have never met) hmmm

He goes to HU, AND he's in the "School of B?" (I was a Marketing major at Howard, as was "She-who-must-be-obeyed" when we were there in the 80s)

I like it! I like it!

I love it when alums do good...

Michael: I didn't know you were a BISON. That's oen of my fam's alma maters as well...HUUUU!!!

Steven, I listen to a lot of hip hop, all of it produced by the body of Christ. With that said, I think it should be noted that music in all genres is from God. It's human beings that have corrupted it. I hate when we compartmentalize music like Christians are the ones who take everything and use it for God's glory. I contend with that. The corruption is shameful, but at the core, Hip hop is a culture and as with all creative ideas, it's inspired by God. And believe it or not, there exist places were hh's being used to spread the message of the Gopel of the Kingdom. Why shouldn't it be ignored or written off? Because eventually, it's going to be used as an even greater vehicle, for God's glory to touch lives.

I think in the next go round of my site re-design, I'm going to bring in this aspect (my love of music) to expose people to what's out there.

Ambra- Happy Holy Days. I glimpsed your love of music on your wish list.

Steven- What's your Columbus connection, I lived in the 'nati for three years? Was in Columbus quite often.

Born, raised & currently reside! When my parents pass on I will move to Florida. It's too cold here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Bucks!

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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