Hollywood Liberalism
December 17, 2004

I found the following from the blog "Acme Mindlabs" to be particularly amusing:

Hollywood Pundit - A Recipe
Take one celebrity full of righteous indignation,
with a bit of socialism and a hint of professional frustration,
For detachement from reality, 2 pints of Ollie Stone,
A sprinkle of Martin Sheen for whine and [complain] and moan,
For hypocrisy and ignorance, one 1/3 cup of minced Sean Penn,
A dollop of Bellefonte to set the cause back a year, or ten,
To obscure the facts and twist the truth, a pound of Michael Moore,
Then a touch of Barbra Streisand for arrogance and stupid quotes galore,
For pretentious condescension, a liberal dash of Robbins and Sarandon,
Although if none's available, Robert Altman's an OK stand-in,
A dash of Alec Baldwin for general stupidity,
And perhaps some Woody Harrelson for lack of credibility,
Carefully mix half-truths and a pinch of outright lies,
Put it on TV and let it bake to rise,
Remove it from the spotlight, to vent carefully prick the surface,
When prepared as indicated will serve: no particular purpose.
In other news, "L-Breezy", aka La Shawn Barber discusses Hollywood's hatred for Christ.

Posted by Ambra at December 17, 2004 1:21 PM in Culture
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I would have added Ted Danson in there next to Woody Harrelson. And Sylvester Stallone. You can wear wire-rimmed glasses until the cows come home, gentlemen, but it doesn't mean you're intelligent. It just means you're still a dumbbutt....with glasses.

Ha! Lovin' it.

Alec Baldwin?? But he's the 'greatest actor of our time' ;)

lol Ray, I am embarassed to say that that movie was hilarious.

My pastor would shake his head.

Hatred for Christ? What about Mel Gibson, Della Reese and Kirk Cameron?

The always-hysterical and insightful Bill Simmons, on ESPN.Com, makes this sensible proposal- to designate the Tyson Zone for certain celebrities. To celebrate public figures for filling in the blanks- (Celebrity With History of Wacky Behavior) did (appropriately wacky activity.) Early entries: Mike himself, Michael Jackson, Brigette Nielsen, Ron Artest, Courtney Love, Liza Minnelli, Dennis Rodman.

Bijan wrote,"Hatred for Christ? What about Mel Gibson, Della Reese and Kirk Cameron?

Mel Gibson's movie only made it to the big screen because he backed it with his own money (that and God saw fit that it be released). The film had zero, absolutely no sponsors, no previews, no backing because nobody Hollywood was too nervous to enter in to something that so boldly professed the name of Christ.

And when the film was about to be released, it was only to much controversy. But it went on to sell millions proving that even though Hollywood hates Christ, movie-goers don't.

IMO the literal hell Mel Gibson had to go through to produce his film is a perfect illustration of the ongoing battle in hollywood.

As for Della Reese and that fluffy touched by an Angel show? It had absolutely nothing to do with Christ. No mention of him, and no allusion to him. Shows like that perpetuate this false sense of spirituality that doesn't require anyone to have a savior.

And as for Kirk Cameron...well, he's never really qualified as "Hollywood". Not even in his glory days.

Reese is a frequent guest on shows on TCN, Trinity, and "The 700 Club". I've never heard anyone in Hollywood say they "hate Christ". Patricia Heaton of "Everybody Loves Raymond", Clarence Gilyard, ex- of 'Walker, Texas Ranger', Sherri Shepard of "Less Than Perfect" are all devout, and they aren't alone. Kirk Cameron grew up in the biz.

Wow. These folks sure like putting down liberals. I thought we were supposed to be the elitist ones?

See, these myths about liberals are just an electioneering tool. Most people who believe that stuff don't know any liberals who "hate Christ" or do any of the things they accuse us of. Truth is we are as much "heartland" as anyone.

Most of the sleaziest TV is put out by Fox anyway. How some people can support Fox News and blame liberals for Fox Entertainment is beyond me.

So you "heartland" folks, we know what you've been saying about us and frankly we're pissed. That and the quagmire you voted for. I notice Rumsfeld isn't laughing at the word "quagmire" anymore. How about that?

To bash "Hollywood" as non-religious or Christ-hating because it has liberal members is akin to calling pro sports Christ-hating (overlooking completely the missions and testimonies of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Kurt Warner, Charlie Ward, Reggie White,Gary Sheffield, Curt Schilling, A.C. Green, Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman,Evander Holyfield,Derek Fisher and Andy Pettite). If sports (analagous to entertainment) is heathenous, what of athletes at Texas Christian Univ., Oral Roberts, Liberty, Southern Methodist, Catholic University, Holy Cross, and Azusa Pacific? Della Reese began her career in gospel choirs.

tae_diggs - Della Reese may be a nice person by most standards but she is NOT a Christian nor does she teach Chritianity at her website. Her belief system more closely models Hinduism and is full of Eastern mysticism. She never refers to Christ as God but as her Way Shower, which is the same as saying teacher. She states, "I study to show myself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of Truth." The Christian faith refutes the notion that we can attain anything on our own. We cannot stand before God through our own merits (knowledge or works) and not be judged as unrighteous. It is only through the atoning sacrifice of our Lord Jesus that we can come before the Most High God.

Ms. Reese doesn't come close to being a Christian. Please don't equate someone to Christianity just because they say God, Jesus and the Bible on their website.


The Bible speaks for itself on who and who is not Christian (or a follower of Christ). It is the duty of other Christians to point out false teachers in order to help others from being lead astray by false doctrines.

Thank you Alex. Tae, if it bothers you so, take the word "Christian" (a word only used once in the Bible) and insert "Follower of Jesus Christ". That eliminates 50% of those who call themselves Christians because most who do, do not have actions that align themselves with the message Jesus preached.

I use Christian as shorthand. So from henceforth, wherever I say "Christian" mentally insert "Follower of Jesus Christ".

Can't remember who asked, but "hating Christ" doesn't explicitly mean saying "I hate Christ". We can hate Christ by exalting something else in His place or glorifying a contrary philosophy. Hollywood shows that they hate Christ in their actions.

But here's the rub. So what? There will always been people in the world who hate Christ. It's not a revelation. The Bible promised this would take place.

Gun-toting Liberal wrote, "Most of the sleaziest TV is put out by Fox anyway. How some people can support Fox News and blame liberals for Fox Entertainment is beyond me."

I've made this very point numerous times on this weblog. And?

Bijan: What black person didn't start their career singing in gospel choirs? That's like a black hollywood staple, "I grew up in the church". That fact means little when people are so far from the church now. In the case of Della Reese, I'm not talking about her as a person (although she's dabbled in some sketchy new-agey stuf fif you ask me). I was merely referring to the show "Touched by an Angel" itself. All of them. "Seventh Heaven" a supposedly wholesome show teeters and strategically never makes any mention of Jesus Christ and barely the Bible for that matter.

For your references to touched by an Angel...just because people say "Jesus" doesn't mean they're properly referring to Jesus Christ. There are plenty of false witnesses out here.

See my last post on "Jesus Walks" for more on this.

Tae, I'm busy. I'm moving, I'm leaving town, and I'm tired. I don't have time to drudge my way through your private interpretation of scripture. Link the scriptures please.

thank you.

tae - about Ms. Reese you said, "but please do not tell me she is false -- she is, at least to herself -- true." This is the entire problem with your argument. You are stating that just because it's true to her that I must take her teaching the truth?? Where is the logic in this?

You also said, "if you and rong and l-breezy want to tell the rest of us why we haven't earned the right to our own self-selected appelation, that is your right -- but it is not your right to deny any of us the right to any name we claim."

Hey I love the logic in this one. Even though I'm Male and White, I'd like you all to refer to me from now on as an African American Female. No, I will be leaving me beard on and there will be no physical augmentations done to change my appearence. This is just my "self-select appelation".

I'd be ROFLOL if this weren't so pathetically sad.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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