Reader Appreciation
November 26, 2004

(Yes there's a typo in my graphic, it's appreciation, I know. Shuddup okay, I'll change it later). A lonnnnnng time ago, I promised that I'd give my readers a present. Well, the time has now descended upon us and I will hold up my end of the bargain...sorta.

This past week, "we" here at headquarters began working on the "First Annual (until I get tired of it or I end this weblog or whichever comes first) Reader Appreciation Holiday Card", prepared and designed from scratch by yours truly with that extra flair of "cooky" and just plain silliness.

So here's how I'm gonna do it, the first 50 undecided number of readers to email their name and mailing address to shall receive this lovely handmade token of my appreciation in your mailbox.

Update 11/26: I love you people very much, so I'm going to excercise extreme patience when I say: Please email me more information than just "I want one". A mailing address is fairly favorable (and somewhat necessary) for this operation to go down. Perhaps it seems that I'm stating the obvious...yeah I thought so too 14 hours ago. But never underestimate the complicated nature of the blog reader's mind.

  • If you are international, I'll do my very best but I won't make promises.
  • If you are a man and you are married, for love's sake, tell your wife ahead of time so she doesn't look suspiciously upon some random black Seattle chick sending her husband a greeting card.
  • If you don't feel comfortable sending me (someone who has admitted to you that she urinated on herself at age 16) your address, that's perfectly fine...just don't expect a card.
  • Your address will not be sold to a third party (I mean really, what kind of operation do you think I'm running here?) but only used for this purpose, I promise.
  • Why just 50? a select number? Because I have bills people. Supplies cost money. So do stamps.
  • No powdery substances will be included. I'd never do that. It could totally ruin my credibilty.
  • If you've never ever commented before on this site, you too are still eligible for a card.
Lastly, please know this is in the true nothing-in-return-spirit. It's just me holding up my end of the bargain, showing ya'll that my weblog would be a little less pleasant if there weren't people stopping by to read every day.
Posted by Ambra at November 26, 2004 3:56 AM in Blogging
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And in the spirit of the season, may no one make any 'Snidely Whiplash' comments about marketing, expanding the brand, or anything of that ilk. But you may want to send that e-mail - when Ambra starts giving away Pontiacs, you will wish you had...

Judging by how many people have replied, I may get a card!


Well, all the response I've been getting is via email so it makes sense that there's no comments. After I posted this, I realized that a lot of people are enjoying the holiday with family and come Monday, I could be in trouble with a few longtime readers if I don't expand it from 50 cards to some other arbitrary number.

We'll see...

In other news, I didn't realize I had so many readers in the South.

Oh, and Scott, yeah would you believe Nykola magazine is next?


Please don't forget us in Holland! We check your blog every day. Surely I was among the first 50, surely. :)


"In other news, I didn't realize I had so many readers in the South."

ROTFL! I'm sorry, but that is hilarious on so many levels.

*wiping tears*

Ok, in case my guffaw above came off just a tad too grinchly, lemme say I think this is a wonderful idea, Ambra. Honestly. :)

Best of the season to you, too.

it's just that when I said I wanted one I didn't want to spend my time doing extra key strokes if I was out of the was I to know?

Sharon that was a very cute answer...but don't worry, you weren't at all alone. I was just making a joke of it, that's all. Forgiven..:-)

And Memer, it's a good thing my happiness doesn't rise and fall on whether or not you think this is a good idea. Then I'd reeeeally be in trouble.

The reason I said that was because most of the emails I get are from people on the Eastcoast *throws hands up representin*. Either that or the Midwest. It just kinda threw me to see some Georgias and Louisianas in my inbox.

Hmmm...I said "I want one", but I also included my address...does that mean I'm simple-minded??

Aw, I know there was a likely a reasonable explanation, Ambra. Just teasin is all ;-)

Ha ha.

Well, actually, the implication was that readers are complicated, not simple. Then again, I suppose it's possible to be so complicated that you're simple.

Yeah, my brain's hurting now so nevermind that thought.

Wow, can I guess that I wasn't too late after all in sending you my actual address?? I guess I'm simple on all fronts and not complicated at all. (Scratching my head: Ambra says send your address, I sent my address, simple stuff, so how can this be complicated?)

What does "throws hands up representin" mean?

I can't stand the suspense.... I want one so bad. It will be worth a big bunch of money on Ebay when you are POTUS.

Rob would you believe that you were the VERY first person to email on Friday at 5:42 in the morning Pacific Time? I'm certain that warrants some sort of recognition.

And you should be in suspense ya know. This is the best thing to hit the US postal service since the Val-pack coupons. Ha. Or maybe it's just me who gets that crappy junk mail.

Rob - I was thinking the ebay thing too but it just sounded to brash to ask Ambra for 2. 1 to hock and the other to keep. Perhaps if she reads this - please send 2 to me in GA!


Let's wait until Ambra is President or Sec of State or Dan Rather's replacement. At that point these will be worth more than the $28,000 grilled cheez sandwich. Be patient.

mj maybe it's just a young people thing, but whenever we get the chance, we represent. So say for example if we were in a large crowd of people and somebody said something about Seattle, I'd throw my hands up and make some noise. That's representin'.

Rob and Sharon, you guys are cracking me up. And for the record, I'd never become secretary of state or Dan Rather's replacement. Unless of course, they'd let me do fashion critiques on air or on the floor of congress.

Ahh memer, what's funny about folks in the south?

Since you removed the # restriction, I broke down. I must hang with the cool crowd.

Are you the one who draws the world-famous black-chick character?

Hey E,

Well, I wasn't really laffin at southerners directly, but.. oh, nevermind. If I hafta explain...

Anyway, I'm sorry I couldn't control my mirth (or, at least, sorry for laffin out loud here). Don't want to detract from such a thoughtful act.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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