Know Your Rebels: Dwight Howard
November 26, 2004

Rebel: Dwight Howard

Why you should fear him: As a high school senior at Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, he was the number one overall NBA draft pick of 2004 to the Orlando, Magic and has already staked his position on the court as being an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ out to change the negative image of basketball players. From the time that he was a little boy, he's had the vision to "raise the name of God within the league and throughout the world." For Howard, the NBA is his pulpit, but he plans on preaching through his lifestyle. Howard has an uphill battle ahead of him in a profession that seems to be breeding bad behavior (and infidelity). Howard however, has been open in interviews about remaining a virgin until married and desiring to set a standard of purity amongst a culture of womanizing and casual sex. Not too enveloped by the millionaire lifestyle, Howard is intent on staying humble and grounded by the reality of God's blessings. Plus he's 6-foot-10. He will crush you.

Age: 18 until (12/8)

Representing: East Point, Georgia

Status: A forward for the Orlando Magic, nicknamed "Choirboy"

Achievements: Winner of the 2004 Naismith Award, signifying the nation’s top high school player. Winner of the Morgan Wooten High School Player of the Year award. Named McDonald’s National High School Player of the Year. Named Co-MVP of the 2004 McDonald’s High School All-America game. Played in the EA Sports Roundball Classic. Named to the PARADE Magazine All-American Team.

Articles: On a Mission from God - ESPN, Howard has plenty of faith on and off court - USA Today

Posted by Ambra at November 26, 2004 2:25 AM in Culture
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Don't forget about Charlie Ward. Christian with a capital 'C', that one. Howard will not be alone at least. Onward Christian ballers.

Just a note of trivia that A.C.Green was one of the original carriers of the Christian banner and Godly examples in the NBA for his entire career.
We here in Phoenix (Suns) were one of the beneficiaries of his work (and also that of another great Christian and point guard Kevin Johnson).

ohhh yeahh! A.C. Green -- the orginial no-sex-b4-marriage balla. Boy, that sure got some attention back in the day (along with them greasy curls).

Clearly the young Mr. Howard is the Anti-Artest. (Or anti-Olawakandi- Michael, of the Minnesota Timberwolves- tasered into submission when unwilling to leave Indianapolis nightsport Tiki Bob's at 3:00 A.M.) Was concerned about the jump from the academy he had attended since age 5 to the NBA fleshpots. But progressing nicely. Has an excellent fellow rookie teammate- Jameer Nelson, four-year starter at St. Joseph's University, won practically all 2003-04 college player awards. And escapee from the mean streets of Chester, PA.

6'10" ?!?!? Goodness!

I do believe AC Green got a lot heat for being Mr Virgin. He used to go to my church a lot when he lived in LA and seemed like a good guy.

More power to Howard.

Well, this is series is about the younger generation. Thank God for the AC Greens and the David Robinsons, but I'm about who's next. Howard's only 18!! I'm lovin' it.

Oh an, I think AC Green is a phenomenal individual who now has the respect of his teammates who may've long ago taunted him for his stance on abstinence. But I will say this. Veronique Green (AC's wife) had to be one special lady.

Good catch A, especially since this teenaged wtiness didn't get NEARLY the pub LeBron James did upon entering the league. (???)

This is so refreshing...he's kinda cute too.

To clarify: It's refreshing that he stands for SOMETHING and that SOMETHING happens to be positive.

looks like he has his head screwed on right. like kiesha said, he is kinda cute.

I just hope his game stays consistent. If you say coming in the door that your game is gonna be your vehicle, you better keep that piece tight. The thing that lent credibility to Activator Curl Green was the fact that he remained consistent throughout his career, even setting a record for consecutive appearances in a game, I think.

That said, Dwight is in an excellent position, somewhat reminiscent of AC. With the resurrection of Grant Hill and Steve Francis, he'll have the opportunity to let his game develop without being looked at as the savior of the franchise, as were LeBron and 'Melo. Then, if he plays up to his draft position a couple years down the line, he'll REALLY have a bully pulpit.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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