I'm Sorry for This Too
November 29, 2004

In honor of the conclusion of what I've called "The National Month of Sorrow", I'd like to highlight this photo, with the following apology to the world:

"I'm sorry that the college culture in America is breeding stupidism, binge-drinking, useless partying and hapless young adults meandering around the streets with no purpose."

Posted by Ambra at November 29, 2004 4:33 AM in Culture
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Maybe it's art?

This is your brain on.....

At least he's clothed...

Will "stupidism" be found in the Nyktionary?

Why yes it will Steven.

you know, we played a game like this with my youth group one time. two contestants stood on chairs, then their teams duct-taped them to the walls, and whichever person stayed taped to the wall longest won.

all for the cause of Christ, of course. and yes, it was my idea.

And actually, it pains me to admit that were there to be a similar scenario where I was present, I'd probably be the one taped up on the wall as I'm a little adventerous like that. Minus alcohol of course.

I'd probably be the one taping you up there. :)

Geez Ambra, lighten up already. You are becoming one of those conservative curmudgeons.

BTW, I'm pretty sure that "useless partying" and "young adult" are oxymorons, are they not?

Vanyogan, remind me again why keep comments open on my site?

Comments like yours urge me to do otherwise.


What a shame.

Duct tape is too expensive to waste on pledges.

My question is this: What is that guy on the right trying to explain to the guy on the wall?

What's up with dude in the picnic table shirt?

In preparation for a fun activity for the kids i help lead at an ongoing outreach program, I was taped to the wall in a similar fashion (barr the hanging midriff and spotted pants, of course). The whole process was videotaped by my team, the point being for the kids to guess what was supposed to be happening.

Duct tape is a cheaper and healthier alternative to drinking i think. ;)

Looks like they are practicing for Abu Greib.

:ducks for cover:

Eh, that's not that funny. Had they taped him to a chair and left him in the middle of the quad, now *that* would be funny. >;-)

"Vanyogan, remind me again why keep comments open on my site?

Comments like yours urge me to do otherwise.


I forgot to underline curmudgeon...

Well Vanyogan, hate to say it, but you know where the door is....

(Sorry, but I'm not in the mood for people who don't know how to read my brand of humor...I'm tired of explaining it to people...for goodness sake, They got it *points to every other comment but Vanyogans*. I'm also not particularly fond of being called names on my own site.)

bothering people since 1981

Ambra, you make my point for me. What in my post set you off? 1) Obviously my choice of the word curmudgeon is not meant to be a serious comment. The word does not apply to someone of your age, well almost never. It's not serious. 2)The "oxymorons" are not serious, albeit they are oxymorons for most young adults. That would be my point. 3) The comment to "lighten up" was serious.

In any case, yes, I do know where the door is...


"The comment to 'lighten up' was serious."

And in a stroke of irony...he still doesn't get it.

No, "Useless Partying" isn't an oxymoron. There are many good reasons to party; there are also many useless reasons to party.

"Young Adult" isn't an oxymoron either by the standard of society. Categorically, I deem myself a young adult (as opposed to an old one), as do most universities as they've heaped certain responsibilities on young people who according to their exterior flesh and ability to procreate, wrack up thousands of dollars of credit, fight in a war, marry, and go to prison, are adults.

Well... congratulations. I readily admit that I was not an "adult" until my late twenties.

As for useless and partying, the question depends on the culture, and the person. For instance, people under constant stress, like college students, probably find utility in any party. I did. My last two years of school I carried 18 hours of jr/sr level courses per semester and pulled 12 hour days working construction on weekends. I found partying usefull under those conditions.

People who live a tough life, like Iraq, or Siberia, or the streets of Bogota, Manila, or Rio, would not find any party useless. It's a gift to find something to be cheerful about.

The axiom in my mind is that if one is in a party mood, then a party is not useless. The presumption is that folks not in a mood to party will not do so. Therefore, I see no accuracy in the term "useless party".

We're making this deeper than it needs to be.

Let me make my point a little more plain:

Any party that invovles people engaging in orgies and drinking themselves into oblivion is useless.

(of course, that's not what's happening in this photo, but that was my ULTIMATE point).


Aw man, you missed your chance!
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