Gotta Love Diplomacy
November 30, 2004

It's George and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! In what I'm certain was an effort at embracing the culture, President George Bush--shown here with Chilean President Ricardo Lagos (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) in Santiago last week--donned a traditional style poncho. Unfortunately, both he and Putin look silly next to President Lagos who wears his quite well.

I think this qualifies for a Fashion Faux Pas.

Posted by Ambra at November 30, 2004 2:04 PM in Politics
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It's like someone put some extra starch in Putin's pancho. He looks rediculous (to be fair, Bush doesn't wear it much better).

Putin: "I saw it in the window and I just had to have it!" All it needs is a curtain rod across the top.

All three men look as silly as the dude taped to the wall.

If it were Clinton, and he was shown wearing a dashiki, it would be called pandering.

"We just visited Martha, she made these for us in her spare time."

Darkstar"If it were Clinton, and he was shown wearing a dashiki, it would be called pandering."

Except that is not's a dashiki, it's a PONCHO. And although it's cultural, it's also trendy, either way, it just doesn't look good on our dear president.

If I ever see Bush wearing a Dashiki, I'd quit.

Bush almost looked photoshopped into the scene.


bahahah they look so so.. ehm.. so so ehm.. so WRONG!!!

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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