Now THAT'LL Preach
October 27, 2004

You'll notice that's a phrase I use often in my writing. I do so in real life as well. Since I use it so often, I figured I better offer the meaning of one of my most favorite phrases. The origin of "That'll preach" I am unsure of. It's just something I've always said.

It is among other things, an affirmation or form of co-signing similar to "Amen", "That's Right", "Right On", or "Preach on". The only difference is the phrase "Now that will preach" has a bit more depth. It's like saying "Now that's deep" or "There's a lot more that can be said there" or "I could take that topic and run" or "Just give me my soapbox and let me at it".

The suggestion when I use that phrase is that a topic, subject, or idea has been brought to the table that in and of itself is preach-worthy meaning its ponticatable qualities are a 10 on the scale.

Thus ends my Nyktionary lesson for the day. Try it in a sentence sometime.

(P.S. Unrelated, but if anyone can find a solo picture of what I've now dubbed "The Kerry/Edwards Memorial 'Hope is on the Way' Church Pew Fan", I'd be more than grateful)

Posted by Ambra at October 27, 2004 1:02 AM in Blogging
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I heard that phrase when I was going to school in Louisiana.

Speaking of Nyktionary...


That implies a corollary for the reverse case, along the lines of "that dog won't hunt":

"That sermon won't preach!"

Feel free to use. Credit optional but appreciated. Donations accepted. Remember the Maine.

Mark, I take it you went to school around a couple o'black peeps?

Yes yes Lori, it's coming I promise. Thanks for the idea by the way.

And Sigivald, I just may be using that someday.

Yes, but I heard the phrase from white people. It is remarkable how Black and Deep South lexicons are so similar.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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